Please note:  This is no longer a hypnotherapy business, but the message is the same.  This website will be changing in the near future in order to reflect future goals to help you learn to help yourself and improve your life experience.

Are you here?

Are you hurting mentally or physically?  Do your thoughts and emotions bring you anything other than peace?  Do you have negative thoughts about yourself?  Do you know that not all of your thoughts come from you?  Do you realize that any negative feelings that you have in any given moment are telling you that there is something going on deep within you that you need to address?  Do you know how to address these issues?

Buried Emotions & Beliefs

Your inability to accept all things has created your emotional blocks. Buried emotions and attachments within your subconscious mind / energy bodies / memory cells, which may or may not have originated from you, are the primary issues keeping you from feeling peace and experiencing good health. Buried emotions manifest themselves into physical problems, as the negative energy within you takes on new forms to make itself known. There are various ways to release buried emotions and change subconscious beliefs that are not serving you. If you want to find your true, healthy and happy self, you must release all of the fear-based emotional baggage that you carry around on a daily basis, usually without realizing it. You may also want to free yourself from limiting beliefs, often inspired by the misperceptions of general society.

Imagine, from both a conscious and a subconscious level, having/experiencing…

  • freedom from unwanted thoughts (e.g. “You’re not good enough.”)
  • freedom from unwanted feelings (e.g. stress, fear, depression, resentment, anger, jealousy, hurt, or guilt)
  • freedom from all fear (aside from fight or flight)
  • freedom from disease
  • freedom from lack (of time, money, etc.)
  • more purposeful manifestations of the desires that you put forth (as you rid yourself of apposing subconscious intentions)

Imagine feeling…

  • relief
  • relaxed
  • free
  • safe
  • confident
  • loved
  • appreciated
  • respected
  • whole
  • empowered
  • unlimited
  • happy
  • healthy

It is said that if you change your thoughts, you change your life; but many people don’t realize that your subconscious thoughts and emotions impact 88% of your decisions.  They are a huge part of you!  Most people do not know how to find peace, and much of this work can be done on your own once you have the proper training.  Few teachers and practitioners show you how to accomplish this.  It is helpful to understand the types of energies that you may run into, which is also generally not disclosed or understood.  Spiritual hypnosis is a modality that can dig deeper into a specific issue that you have had trouble finding or releasing on your own.  With training and practice, you can use this same method on your own using self-hypnosis (a light, self-guided meditation).

How The Releasement Process has helped me (so far)

  • Hemangiomas — Common hemangiomas are small skin lesions.  But my rare disease can better be described as large blood clots within the veins, usually beneath the skin.  I have had four hemangiomas removed from my mouth area.  Although doctors claim that 20% of hemangiomas return, all four of mine came back—two from the same place in my lip on the side of my mouth.  Hemangiomas are not life threatening, but they often harden or cramp up into a ball, which is extremely uncomfortable.  When my lip hemangioma returned for the second time, I felt like I had a one-centimeter marble in the side of my lip for two days.  The Releasement Process took care of this.  This hemangioma has not hardened since, even a year later.  I also got rid of a very large one in my left knee the very day that it came.  That day I had trouble walking.  Although I have not finished addressing my hemangioma issues, I have gotten them to a point that they rarely ever bother me, and I have put this problem on the back burner as I have had bigger concerns.
  • Stress — I had my blood tested about 10 years ago, and I was informed that my blood cells were stressed.  Most of my stress has been internal, even when things were calm in my life.  I had noticed that my shoulders were tense every single day.  I would also grab clumps of hair in the shower while using conditioner and paste it to the wall so that it would not go down the drain.  I often counted the strands of hair to be 50-75 by the time I finished my shower.  This began as a teenager and continued into my early 40s.  I now lose between 1-10 strands of hair in the shower per day, and my shoulders are always relaxed.
  • Morning sadness — Every single morning I awoke feeling an over-whelming sadness that I could not explain.  I am not a morning person, and the feeling would continue on until I felt fully awake.  This problem changed over night, and has not returned in more than five months.
  • Claustrophobia — I visited Universal Studios for the first time in 2011.  I became very uncomfortable on certain rides when I was strapped in.  I used The Releasement Process that night and did not react at all when strapped in on the exact same rides from the previous day.
  • Brittle nails, night sweats and leg cramps — This was actually caused by eating too much spinach.  My Potassium/Calcium ratio was off.  I was led to get a hair analysis done, and the results showed me the problem.
  • Severe headaches — I didn’t even know the cause when I got rid of this problem.  While The Releasement Process gave me immediate relief, sometimes lasting as long as a month and making me think it was over, other events caused me to switch from Clear Network to DSL.  The extreme EMF appears to have caused the problem.

What about health issues caused by heredity?

People tend to think that certain illnesses are passed through the DNA. In reality, the emotions that a person’s parents are holding onto influence the subconscious mind of the child starting from the moment of conception. After birth, the negative energy from a parent could be transferred to the child during a time when they are both in a negative state.  The new negative energy then affects the child in the same way that it affected the parents. Therefore, you do not have to be stuck with a problem that you inherited.  Once you release the energy block (which is easy to do during hypnosis or self-hypnosis), the body repairs itself .

How I am different from other hypnotists:

  • I teach you to release buried emotions and attachments on your own, so that you may heal yourself.
  • Spiritual hypnosis is a very effective way to find and release buried emotions and attachments, and also to change subconscious beliefs. Spiritual hypnosis finds and releases the energy causing the problem, thereby removing the belief that is not serving the client, prior to attempting to add more beneficial suggestions. Therefore, spiritual hypnosis is effective long term, and physical problems often heal themselves as a result. Also, any hypnotist that attempts to find the source of a problem may run into a spirit attachment, an energy claiming to be from a past life, or some other phenomena that may not be understood or accepted by the hypnotist. Hypnosis is spiritual work, and therefore a spiritually-minded hypnotist is usually a better choice than a medical practitioner.
  • I have studied countless spiritual books. This has been my passion, and I have become an expert in this area. I understand the higher ways of thinking, which helps me to know exactly what to say to a client under hypnosis to help him address the extremely various problems that come up. I am also spiritually connected during the session, and I feel that many of my words are guided from a higher source.
  • I was a paranormal researcher for ten years prior to becoming a hypnotist, so I am very familiar with and comfortable with unusual experiences and negative attachments.
  • Some hypnotists implant false memories in order to get over a tragic incident. They make the client believe that it never happened. This may help address the problem at hand, but it does not address the soul lesson, and there is a good chance the person will have to go through a similar experience all over again. If a person resists a situation, then he will continue to experience that type of situation until he has finally accepted it. I walk the client through acceptance, releasement, and then choosing a better experience. This heals the soul.
  • It is a common belief, even among life coaches, that nobody can ever be fearless. This is false. Obviously, fight or flight fears will come and go; but once you address your buried emotions and correct any beliefs that are causing you to be fearful, you truly can be fearless.

About Me

OriginalShortenedMy name is Vicki Luibrand. I am a spiritual teacher and hypnotherapist. I have a Doctor of Divinity in Spiritual Healing Arts, and I am certified with the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH). I am also certified to practice PSYCH-K®, which is a method of changing a person’s subconscious beliefs outside of hypnosis. I teach the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), but I prefer the lesser known Releasement Process, which is another quick and effective way of finding, accepting and releasing buried emotions, as well as external spirit attachments. I do energy work as well, but although all types of energy healing and chakra balancing are very useful for speeding recovery, healing temporary problems and relieving physical pain, I have found them to be only temporarily effective for most long-term illnesses, as they do not release the buried emotions and attachments associated with the disease. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mathematics, and I worked in the computer industry for 20 years. The 10 years I spent as a paranormal researcher introduced me to phenomena beyond our physical perception.

To hear my voice or to check out sample audio clips of my hypnosis CDs, visit www.vickiluibrand.com.

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  1. Yvonne on said:

    Vicki is a wonderful Spiritual Teacher, Hypnotist, and Guide. She truly works with Spirit and from her heart during her sessions. Such a beautiful website very informative!

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