Definition of Compassion

To allow people to have their own experience without judging them or placing your perceptions upon them. ~ Author unknown

Ultrasounds are unsafe

Here is a good article on the dangers of ultrasounds:

Food for thought

If you believed that there was only one life, and then you die and are completely gone, how would you live differently?  Should there be a difference?

GMO in most probiotics!

Probiotics help digestion, heart disease and asthma; but most of them contain genetically modified corn, which has been shown to cause tumors in rats, and allergies in humans.  Do not consume probiotics that contain Maltodextrin.  This article recommends SunBiotics:

See for yourself what your consciousness is capable of

Check this guy out:  I’ve always believed these things could be done, but I’ve never seen anyone do it before.  Here and there I have experienced mind reading, and I took a spoon bending class and had some luck.  But this man has it down.  So take a look at what you, as a human being, are capable of doing.

Notice everything

Get out of your head and be more observant. This will keep you present and make it easier for inspiration to guide you.

A Christian teaching that is mentally abusive…

Many churches teach people that they are unworthy…even have them declare it out loud every Sunday.  I have met many people who have left their religion and still continue their battle with that embedded subconscious belief that makes them feel small and creates lack.  These religions honestly believe this is true, yet they also believe that we were all created in the image and likeness of God.  In truth, you cannot conceive how worthy and deserving you as a soul really are.

The flaw in the scientific study of free will

Scientists have concluded that we don’t have free will, because their studies show people physically responding to their commands prior to hearing the question. They recognize that the subconscious mind is responding first, but they mistakenly believe that the subconscious mind is not part of who we are. We are composed of superconscious, subconscious and conscious. In the end only superconscious survives, but these all play a part in free will.

I’ve always lived by this motto…

Always do the right thing, and you’ll never have a reason to feel bad about yourself.

Addicted to someone?

If you feel you have become attached to someone, keep in mind that feelings of attachment come from the ego and not from the spirit. This especially becomes a problem when the person does not treat you well, or you can no longer be with him or her. If you want to break an addiction, you must change your focus. Stop thinking about that person. If the person comes to mind, stop the thought and think of something else instead. Put your attention on the aspects of the person that you like, and those you would like to see in future partners. There is no need to be attached to the form of a human body, when you can get the context you are looking for from somebody else. Although you may believe you will never find another kindred spirit, studies have shown that the average person falls in love 3 times in his or her lifetime. Allow this door to close, let go of the need to be with someone, and trust that someone better is on the way.

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