Don’t limit yourself by your beliefs.  If you believe that you are not grand enough to achieve a certain desire within this lifetime, then you will surely never see it.  Instead, without even knowing how, decide to demonstrate that you have no limits, and that your potential is as grand as you are.


A hemangioma is a non-life-threatening clot of blood vessels at the end of a vein.  It is considered a benign tumor.  The common kind are minor skin lesions.  Less common hemangiomas can be much larger; can appear in joints, lips, tongues, etc.; can turn half of a person’s face blue (extreme condition), and its only known treatment is surgery.  Doctors do not know what causes them.  They claim they are hereditary since they often originate near the time of birth (but there is not much evidence to support this), and that hormones from birth control pills can cause them to increase in size.  Here is some lesser-known information:  A hemangioma can appear in a place of a past life trauma that has yet to be resolved.  Mouth hemangiomas can be caused by having the desire to speak your mind, but withholding your thoughts instead.  The energy stays within and takes on such form.  Hemangiomas tend to inflame/swell/harden/cramp when a person’s blood sugar is too high.  So if you have a hemangioma, eat smaller meals, watch your carbohydrates, and get plenty of exercise.  Also attempt to find and release the emotional cause.

High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure can be caused by anger, blame and resentment.  If you see injustice in your life, it is because you have caused injustice at some point in this lifetime or another.  And your belief that the world is unjust causes you more of the same.  Remember that you do not experience anything that is not coming from your own mind, so let the world and the people in it off the hook, as they were simply fulfilling your karma and confirming your own beliefs.  Love and embrace the craziness that you have created, and then this cycle will end.  If you are angry about injustice that has been done to others, recognize that they created it, and therefore it is perfect just the way it is.

Need to defend yourself

Do you ever feel the need to defend yourself?  Why?  This is an indication that someone has triggered something deeper that you can let go of.  Relax in the knowledge that nobody needs to understand or accept where you are coming from.  Trusting yourself is enough.


Life can be better than you’ve ever imagined.  Ask the universe, “What else is possible?”

Kidney Stones

92% of kidney stones are made up of Calcium.  60% are composed of Calcium and Oxalate.  The primary cause of these stones is a Magnesium deficiency.  Magnesium, with the help of Vitamin B6, removes excess Oxalate from the body.  Doctors, if they tell their patients anything at all, suggest that they avoid Oxalate-forming foods, but it is totally unnecessary to change your diet for Calcium-Oxalate stones if you start taking Magnesium, and perhaps Vitamin B6.  Calcium has also been blamed for stones.  The Calcium in the stone comes from your bones, not from Calcium intake.  The Calcium in milk does not support your bones, and may actually cause osteoporosis.  You may want to cut out dairy.  Get your Calcium from vegetables such as broccoli.  Magnesium gets absorbed better with Calcium, so it is wise to take the two together, especially along with Vitamin D.

Lower Back Pain

One cause of lower back pain is the feeling or belief within the subconscious mind that you are burdened.  Is it any wonder that so many people have back pain today?

Don’t always trust the gifted

Most people who have metaphysical gifts have your best interest in mind; but beware of some who are gifted, but not heart-centered.  Gifts in the hands of the manipulative are psychically dangerous.  Trust your intuition, but don’t always trust the thoughts that find their way into your head.

View of Self

When you see yourself in disappointment, you are rejecting God and His creation. By loving yourself, you embrace all that God is.

Feeling Upset

If you’re feeling upset about something, then you are thinking about it incorrectly. Allow yourself to feel the emotion, but then correct your perception of the event or circumstance.

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