Easter Message

Happy Easter!  Remember to use this time to consider your own awakening.

One more week!

My workshop in Lawrenceville, GA is a week from today.  There is still space left.  Learn how I brought my cat and dog allergies down 90% (so far).  Learn how to heal yourself physically.  Start feeling better every day.  Learn the different types of subconscious beliefs you have that are dragging you down, and find out how many of each type you have.  Learn how to find and remove them.  Learn to track your progress.  Eliminate your karma with this short, daily process.  Release the past that is still in your subconscious present so that you may become enlightened.  The cost is $100.  Contact me (Vicki) to register or for any questions.  (678) 481-0909

How to Feel Better About Anything

If you want to feel better about something, find a way to love the experience.  As soon as you can get your mind to convert its view, you will feel better.  Even if it makes no sense to you, try it anyway.  You will be surprised.

Pins and Needles

Do you have a constant feeling of pins and needles in your arms or throughout your body?  A vibration similar to your foot falling asleep?  This is a sign of a spirit attachment by a dark energy or demon.  Don’t assume that this is normal.  See a hypnotherapist and get it released.  This will likely relieve you of other issues as well.

Cooking Oils

Olive oil is very healthy, but it loses its nutritional value when cooked.  Instead use coconut oil (healthiest) or grape seed oil.


The world is your mirror.  So if you perceive that someone is doing something that you don’t like, look at yourself and ask yourself if you are doing the exact same thing, or if you tend to.

Advice for Empaths

Empaths:  You are good at picking up emotional vibrations from people and knowing their feelings, but don’t assume that because you’ve picked up on one piece of the puzzle that you know the whole picture.  You may be missing some more subtle or conflicting emotions.  Don’t make negative assumptions about people without verifying the whole story.  Always give people the benefit of the doubt.

Humans are poisonous

The buried, subconscious negative energy in human beings can not only bring other people down, but causes animals to be afraid of us.  ”Man is more unclean and poisonous than a snake.” ~ Baba Ji


When you desperately need a miracle, you ask for and expect it.  Why not before you become desperate?  Why not every day?  Be sure to convince your subconscious mind that you are worthy of receiving miracles.

Ego World

“The world actually worships the ego in the name of God.” ~ Baba Ji

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