Improve your subconscious mind before it dominates

I just finished a book called, “Enlightenment Ain’t What It’s Cracked Up to Be”, by Robert K. C. Forman.  The author went through training to become enlightened, and although he experienced very beneficial shifts and the wonderful silence of the mind, he never fully got over all of his anxieties.  It was clear to me that, although he had some natural releasements of some buried emotions and became open to consciousness introduced to him during his meditations, he likely had many subconscious beliefs that he never quite learned to address.  Another book, written by Swami Rama, a student of Babaji, claims that when a person is near death, the conscious mind fails, and the subconscious mind dominates, often causing the elderly to become sad or grumpy.  I’ve read articles about pregnant women or women going through PMS where the hormones become a vehicle for them to release the emotions that are still stuck deep within them.  We all have “junk” that needs to be released, and all of it must be released in order to permanently leave this earth.  All of these feelings tell us that there is still something we need to address, generally much more than we realize.  There are various ways to accomplish this, such as the releasement process I have mentioned and I teach, the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), PSYCHE-K®, and hypnotherapy.  Physical karmic experiences can also result in releasement.  Once in a while we might release through a dream that addresses a surfacing issue.  And sometimes even a realization that we don’t have to think in a negative way about something, followed by a direct conscious decision to think differently or accept an unpleasant experience as perfect, can trigger a releasement and spiritual shift.  If you find yourself in an emotional state due to corrective thinking, you can be pretty sure that you just let go of one of your many karmic issues.

It may seem overwhelming to try to jump from average human experience to Christ consciousness.  For most of us, it’s better to just aim for a better, healthier life, by simply addressing one thought/belief at a time, in whatever way we can.  Just make sure that you are releasing karma (unserving subconscious beliefs) rather than adding to it.  It’s easy to say that we choose a life of love and peace over fear; but making more specific choices such as having compassion for someone who is angry with us or embracing the experience of a lack of finances, might be a bit more challenging.  Learn to release control.  Let go.  And embrace every thought and experience that comes your way.

Why your pet is sick

Often times, if you have a buried emotion that is causing you subconscious stress, instead of your own body picking up the resulting illness from the negative energy, your pet will take on the problem.  So if your pet gets sick, figure out if the problem really belongs to the pet, or if your pet is letting you know that you have something big to release.

Medically Unexplained Illnesses (MUS)

According to Karen Rommelfanger, Director of the Neuroethics Program at Emory University, one in five patients who visit general practitioners are affected by “medically unexplained illnesses” (MUS).  They are basically told that their symptoms are all in their head.  In truth, all chronic illnesses start in the subconscious mind.  But it especially makes sense in cases of MUS that the symptoms would be caused by a spirit attachment of someone who had such a problem in life, or a past life trauma that the person has yet to deal with.  So first the patient should accept that the problem really is in his head (even though he’s not making it up), and then he should find a hypnotherapist that can help him dig into his subconscious mind, find the problem and remove it.

Enlightenment is a destructive process

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Aspartame renamed to AminoSweet

Watch out for the label AminoSweet, and never buy anything that contains it.  It is Aspartame.

Our experiences

Into everything we see, think or do, we carry our enormous set of assumptions, beliefs, habits and expectations. ~ Steven Katz

Definition of Enlightenment

“Enlightenment is a shift in the relationship between consciousness and its objects.” ~ various texts

Caring too much

Sometimes we stress ourselves out because we care so much.  But caring too much is ego.

Emotional causes of allergies

Allergies got you down?  Try releasing the feeling of resistance toward anything and everything, both at a conscious and subconscious level; especially resistance to life or to any smell.  Decide to accept all things.

Disliking something can hurt you

The primary key to enjoying all of life, keeping yourself in a good place, preventing negativity from embedding itself in your subconscious mind, and dare I mention enlightenment, is to accept all things.  If you have a negative feeling that you do not resolve, you bury it and cause yourself future problems.  And if you decide “I dislike _______”, not only will you find it difficult to enjoy this experience in the future, but you may have other problems as well.  The subconscious mind is like a child, and it often generalizes the subject of your experience.

For instance, if you decide you dislike socializing, you may later find it difficult to meet or get to know people.  If you believe your relationship caused you emotional pain, your subconscious mind may assume that all relationships cause pain and may keep you from finding a mate.  If you are a woman in an abusive relationship, you may decide that the situation is unsafe; but your subconscious mind may take this to mean that being with any man is unsafe, and you could develop digestive problems every time you are with a male partner.  If you are a man who has been in a relationship for too long, and you lose interest in sex with your partner, your subconscious mind may conclude that you dislike sex, which could cause you to have sexual disfunction issues even after you have moved on to someone else.

So make wise and positive decisions, be true to your authentic self, and then love everything you experience.  The experiences that you dislike could be exactly the ones that you need to improve yourself or your life, so love them all.

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