If you find yourself feeling angry or hateful, know that you alone created that feeling. Before responding to the emotion, see the other person’s view (which may or may not be misguided by ego and past experience), and convert your emotion to compassion. Do this with new experiences as well as with old emotions that resurface.

Do these words resinate with you?

Are you doing these things?  If any of these words or phrases trigger even a small amount of emotion in you, rest assured, you need work in that area.  Get yourself comfortable with this way of being.

letting go
letting go of the need for specialness
letting go of the need to be understood
staying in observation of how you are truly being

Definition of Forgiveness


Improve Your Experience

Our circumstances bring out our biggest flaws.  If you want to have better experiences, look at the flaws your experiences keep bringing out and correct them (e.g. stress, frustration, victimhood, jealousy, anger, or any other negative feeling).  Otherwise the experiences will continue to get worse until they finally get your attention, and you modify your response to them.

Correct the “victim”

Parents often correct one child for insulting the other, but they seldom correct the other child for choosing to accept the insult as his or her truth.  The hurt feelings are caused by this choice.

Energy Shift — Meditation or Releasement

One difference between doing a regular meditation and a releasement is that a regular meditation gives you wonderful, positive energy; and a releasement drains you.  Today I released three past life experiences where I lost somebody to death—all different situations and relationships.  I can’t say I’ve ever bent over crying in horror before.  I am completely exhausted, but I’m looking forward to seeing the resulting changes in my daily moods.  One regular meditation causes a temporary, positive energy shift.  One releasement is permanent, positive change.  I recommend both.

The Metabolic Power of Pleasure

This is a really good article on how pleasure and stress affects the nutrients your body absorbs, your appetite and your metabolism.

Ignore the part of the study on cholesterol, as it is flawed.  You can check out my comment on the page for more information on that.

Bad Mood

If you find yourself in a bad mood for no apparent reason, you could actually be picking up the emotions of someone else, or you may have picked up a negative spirit attachment.  If you also lack energy, or if it persists, the latter is more likely.


Some people are so determined to not believe in possibilities beyond their current perception that they limit themselves to a life that disappoints them.

View of the World

See the world as one that provides.

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