Don’t Settle

If you don’t accept the options that aren’t good enough, better opportunities will come.  Demand more and you will receive it.

Hope for America

Good news!  While the majority of Americans continue to dwell over  the social issues between the Republicans and the Democrats, refusing to acknowledge that the bigger agendas of both parties are killing their own people, a new political party has just been formed.  The Canary party is focused on health freedom and eliminating the poisoning of the planet as well as the human species.  For more information, visit

Stopping Negative Emotions

The next time you feel sad, ask yourself why you are choosing to feel this way.  You will likely recognize that feeling this emotion was a choice based on your perception.  You can do this with any negative emotion.  On the other hand, if the feeling is just sort of there for no clear-cut reason, then you are likely uncovering a buried emotion from your subconscious mind.  You can release this using EFT, the Releasement Process or hypnosis.

Emotional Causes of Circulation Issues

Blood issues are often caused by anger.  Circulation issues can also be caused by feelings of separation, such as feeling left out, not wanting to be part of a group, or disapproval of someone.  Keep in mind that these are likely subconscious emotions.


The reason we feel frustrated is that sometimes it seems that we will never find the answer or get to where we hope to be.  Frustration is a lesson in patience and trust.  No problem lasts forever.  Taking a break from a problem you are working on can remove the feeling of frustration, and once that is gone, then the answer often pops right up.

Emotional Causes of Headaches

If you have problems with headaches, chances are that you have buried emotions related to stress.  You may subconsciously believe that things are too hard and you can’t take it any more.  You may have had a past life head trauma, or you may have the subconscious belief that something physically hurts.  Resistance and sadness can also play a role.

Emotional Causes of Blood Sugar Problems

Some subconscious emotional causes of blood sugar problems might be anger, fear, resistance to loss, guilt, or even having seen the flow of blood in a serious situation.

Causes of Health Problems

There are two things that cause your health problems:  your buried emotions and the foods that you eat.  But your buried emotions are attracting the foods that you eat, so there is really only one root cause.


“Be the change that you want to see in the world.”  ~Mahatma Gandhi

How Not to Solve a Problem

“You can’t solve a problem with the same mind that created it.”  ~Albert Einstein

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