Lacking Direction

When you lack direction, you are actually in a place of immense freedom and limitless possibilities.  Enjoy not knowing the exciting new opportunities that are about to enter your experience, and trust that the universe always provides.

Reversing Physical Affects of Stress

“Stress” causes the caps on the ends of your DNA strands to dismount, and the strands to fray.  ”Compassion” releases a hormone that repairs DNA that was damaged by stress.


“Freedom is the absolute lack of concern about yourself.” ~ Florinda Donner


When you set goals based on what others have been able to accomplish, you limit yourself to ONLY the best of the human experience thus far.


When you are willing to settle for less than what you want, that is exactly what you will get.


When outcomes become more important than the journey, the lessons, the kindness and the compassion, then you are caring too much in all the wrong places.

Dream Big

Here is an example of what one human mind can create.  Imagine how glorious life would be if we all had more hope and allowed more of our creativity to shine.

Allowing Injustice

For the vast majority of us, when we see or hear of an injustice, it gets under our skin.  Whether it be a kidnapping, a criminal trial that we disagree with, or the discovery that we are being poisoned by our own government (with GMO, chem trails, vaccinations, fluoride, etc), it is easy to get up in arms.  We immediately judge the situation as wrong.  We feel angry.  We feel sorry for all of the so-called victims involved, sometimes including ourselves.  And then we often bury these negative emotions and poison ourselves with our own judgement.  You can never rightfully judge somebody or some situation, and these buried emotions will remain attached to you and continue to harm you, probably making you even angrier the next time.  And it is nobody’s fault but your own.

I’m not suggesting that you change your morals and start believing that these people acted out of a place of love.  I’m not suggesting that you agree with their actions, or that you give up your plans to remedy the situation in any way that you see fit.  But unless you allow people their free will…unless you allow the injustices to occur…then you will be giving up your power by allowing yourself to be controlled and manipulated by external circumstances.

Feel free to recognize that the act was unkind or unloving, but also acknowledge that the experience taught everyone involved exactly what they needed to learn at the time.  As physical beings, we place far too much emphasis on what happens to the physical body or in our physical experience.  Death, which is nothing more than the shedding of our earthly vehicle and another transition in our experience, is seen in this world as the greatest of tragedies; when in reality, the greatest tragedies are the failure to live our own purpose and the failure to learn our own lessons.  This world was never designed to function perfectly for the benefit of life.  It was designed to function imperfectly for the growth of every soul.  So be OK with injustice.  Attempt to change it if you like, but not until you accept it as the perfect experience at the time for all who attracted it.  In this life experience, EVERYTHING is OK.  And until we let go of our disapproval—until we forgive the emotion—we will attract even more injustices into our own experience.

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