This Thanksgiving, be grateful for all of the things in your life that you do not like.  They are all telling you something and can lead you to your greatest changes.

Addressing Guilt

Everything you have done is OK.  Reading that, how does it make you feel?  It is a true statement, as this world was created to be a learning experience.  Close your eyes and repeat the sentence in first person:  ”Everything I have done is OK.”  If you feel emotional, keep repeating it until you feel better, which will be when your subconscious mind accepts the statement as true.


Everyone is born as a doormat for other people’s perceptions, and most people continue to be doormats throughout their entire lives.

“Hypoallergenic” Detergent Causes Rashes from GM Corn

Seventh Generation laundry detergent gave me a rash from four ingredients derived from genetically modified corn, yet they claim to be natural and hypoallergenic.  I’m not the only one.  See my full article at


“…to forgive means to choose to release another from the perceptions you have been projecting upon them….  The opposite of forgiveness is judgement…”  ~ Jeshua Ben Joseph

Unique Way to Release Buried Emotions

It is so important to release your buried emotions.  Aside from hypnotherapy, PSYCH-K, EFT, and the Releasement Process, you can also do it through creativity.  Check out this young man’s unique form of releasing:

Disappointed In Someone?

If someone has disappointed you, then you apparently set expectations that were not yours to set.  Allow EVERYONE their free will and you will keep yourself in a happy place.

Exploring a New World

Have you ever gone to see a doctor, telling him you were in pain, and after all of the expensive tests and lab work, he tells you that you are fine?  He may even write down in your file that you are a hypochondriac, but the truth was that he couldn’t find anything wrong with you based on what he knew.  Often times when this happens, the patient finds out from another doctor down the road what his problem really is.  Other times it is never discovered, but that does not make the problem any less real for the patient, and it does not mean that it didn’t really exist.

Or have you had a doctor that diagnosed your problem precisely, but then told you, “There’s no cure.”  You left feeling disappointed and hopeless, and maybe later discovered that there are actually herbs out there that could help you, or perhaps some alternative remedies.  Just because a doctor doesn’t know of a cure does not mean one doesn’t exist, but that is generally the terminology used, as only drugs and surgery can be labeled as cures in the medical field.

And then some problems that have no obvious cause have been given their own disease, such as depression.  Just because a person does not know why he is depressed, does not mean that there is no cause.  It simply means that the scientists that are analyzing this type of situation haven’t discovered it yet.  There is always a cause, but whether it be a physical or mental issue, it often lies within the subconscious mind, which even science will tell you impacts 88% of your decisions.  If we know that so much is going on in the subconscious mind, then why is science still looking for all of its answers in the physical realm?

The metaphysical realm includes the subconscious mind, psychic-ability, auras, meridian lines, ESP, intuition, ghosts, energy work, etc.  Many people don’t believe in these; but for some people, this is their every-day reality.  Some people assume that everybody has ESP on occasion, but for many it is either non-existent or so rare that they can safely call it a coincidence.  People in general have a tendency to assume that everyone experiences the same reality, and this often results in disagreements about basic truths.  And yet people on both sides of the coin have put much effort into the attempt of changing their negative thoughts and emotions to that of happiness, hope, joy, and love for life; only to find it extremely difficult, not realizing that the negativity is actually at a subconscious level.

As I dig deeper into my own subconscious mind, I have discovered so much, and yet I still realize that I am only hitting the tip of the iceberg.  We have a whole different world of energy beneath this world of form that is defining our experiences.  I believe that conventional scientists have hit a brick wall; and that quantum physicists, energy workers, light workers, and others who are willing to explore the whole of what we are; are about to disclose an entirely new world, or rather, a more encompassing perception of the current world that most of us have been witnessing from an extremely limited view.  Just imagine if your world and your perceptions were to double in size to see the entire world of energy, and emotional cause and effect, beneath what you have thus far been able to perceive.  I believe that is where we are headed.  Exciting discoveries are just sitting there, waiting to be found.  So many people have become bored and frustrated with the limiting life that they have known.  Perhaps their lives are about to turn upside down, and exciting new opportunities and discoveries will fill the air with a new sound of hope.

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