Self Destruction

Both low self esteem and the desire to harm someone can cause the body to mentally and physically destroy itself.


The more controlling you are, the less control you actually have.

Fear and the Gut

You probably know that you are not very connected spiritually when you feel fear, but did you know that subconscious feelings of fear can also block your gut feelings?  Not only that, but they can cause physical problems in your gut.

Fixing a Problem

When you “fix” a problem, whether it be by going to the doctor to get drugs or surgery, getting plastic surgery to stop being bullied and feel better about yourself, getting a job you don’t want so that you can pay the bills, or continuously moving or switching jobs because you become restless; you may be able to get by a little easier for a while, but your problems will not go away, as the lesson to address the root emotional cause must still be addressed.  Go ahead and get your temporary “fix” if you need some relief, but remember that you still need to resolve the lesson that the problem brought to you, or it will come back, possibly in a different form.

Journey or Enlightenment?

It is said that we can achieve true enlightenment with a simple decision and realization of who we really are.  But did you know that to become self-realized before your planned time is to give up and take the easy way out?  If you had the opportunity to become self-realized now, or to first fulfill your designed journey of greater learning for yourself and others, which would you choose?  Which option would an enlightened mind choose?

A Reason to Love Everyone

Even the most negative soul has a positive purpose.  Everyone you meet teaches you something about yourself, and through your energy exchange, reflects to you what is buried within.

Our Biggest Lesson

The most important lesson I have learned in my life is the same lesson the world as a whole is struggling to learn the most:  allowance.  The biggest problem in this world is that people are controlling.  They expect everyone to believe and act as they do.  They are convinced that their beliefs and perceptions are superior to those of others and that everyone should follow them.  They are judgmental.  They are resistant.  Many even force their will upon others.

Not only are people controlling of other people, but they also attempt to control events, experiences and outcomes.  And almost everyone attempts to take control of their own lives, only to find themselves dissatisfied because they did not follow their intuitive source.   All of our problems are created when we do not allow.

To allow does not mean to abstain from action when you or someone else is being harmed.  The concept of allowance is based more on your mentality than on your physical actions.  To allow is to be loving, understanding and compassionate.  To allow is to forgive.  To allow is to accept what is.  To allow is to appreciate even the most challenging lessons and the most difficult people.  To NOT allow is to bury an emotion that puts a ding on your soul by storing the negative energy in your energy bodies.  The negativity remains there and creates similar emotions, negative experiences and eventually, disease.  This becomes your continuous experience until you either learn the lesson from new experiences, or you pull the emotion back to the surface, forgive the person or situation involved, love and accept it for what it is, and then let it go.  Always, always, always allow.

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