Science and Religion

“Science without religion is lame.  Religion without science is blind.”  ~ Albert Einstein


If you find yourself questioning everything you say and do, you might have a buried emotion from childhood (this lifetime or another) where you were over-corrected and led to believe that you couldn’t do anything right.  Bring that part up from your subconscious mind and convince him that he has done everything right, and he can fully trust himself.

Purpose of Relationships

“The purpose of a relationship is to decide what part of yourself you’d like to see ‘show up,’ not what part of another you can capture and hold. There can only be one purpose for relationships, and for all of life: to be and to decide who you really are.”  ~ God via Neale Donald Walsch


“For what you cannot accept, you will judge.  And every judgement is the attempt to murder what you have decided has no right to be.” ~ Jeshua Ben Joseph

When is a buried emotion not a buried emotion?

I often talk about releasing buried emotions and attachments.  When I speak of buried emotions, I am talking about a time in this life or another, when you did not resolve a negative emotion, and instead, that part of you split off into a separate being and hosted itself in your energy bodies, still at the same age and having the same experience as it did when it split off.  These are known as “parts”.  When I speak of attachments, I am referring to various types of spirit attachments that do not belong to you, but also managed to attach to your energy bodies.  For instance, a negative energy that does not have a human source can attach to you when you are in an open or weakened state and you have a “part” that vibrates a negative emotion that this new energy either has itself or desires to emphasize within you.  Without a “part” to attract it, such an energy cannot attach to you.  It can only hurt you in the ways in which you are already hurting yourself.  Even earth-bound spirits (ghosts) only attach to people with similar vibrations.

On the other hand, if an energy from a human source intends to harm you and you have opened yourself up to this energy either during a weakened state or through sex, then you become the recipient of that intention, and the part of the other (called a soul-mind fragment) joins you and brings a dark energy with it.  Intention of harm is a call to a dark energy, and it becomes bound by the one who called it.

Now suppose you were the one who intended harm on another.  That intention calls a dark energy and the owning part splits off.  If the person you intend to harm is vibrationally receptive to this curse, then the part and the dark energy will attach to him; although someday they will both come back to you, and you will be the recipient of your ill-intent, unless the “victim” is somehow able to diffuse the negativity by convincing this part to to forgive the situation.  This is unlikely, but sometimes possible.  If the other person’s vibration is currently not receptive to this curse, then the part and the dark one whom it called upon remains with you, causing you continuous harm, for lifetimes, until you finally address the issue.

So when is a buried emotion not a buried emotion?  When you have cursed yourself.  It falls into the same category because it is a part; but instead of having buried an emotion, you had intent to harm, and you are now being harmed yourself as a result.  I believe that the term “karma” refers to buried emotions, whether it be the result of intent to harm or any other negative emotion that one holds onto.  So start letting go and always have the best intentions for everyone, no matter how much harm they may be causing.  Remember that only love can dissolve evil.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to release such karma every day, in your own time?  I release between 3 and 9 entities (parts and attachments) each day in a 30-60 minute meditation session.  I am gradually experiencing the benefits and working on a better way to teach this process to more people.  So keep an eye on future newsletters.  I will be speaking more about this over the next year.  It’s time that people knew how to heal themselves—physically, mentally and spiritually.

“If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you.  If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you.”  ~ Jesus Christ, Gospel of Thomas

Which is hardest to trust?

Which is hardest for you to trust?  God?  The universe?  The world?  Your physical body?  Your self?  Others?  Your future?  Decide to forgive all of these and learn to trust each.  They all lead you to the answers that you seek, as well as the lessons you need to learn.

Immunity Problems

Immunity problems can be caused by a subconscious need to defend yourself.

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