Emotional Agony

Always find a way to accept death (and everything else).  Buried emotional agony or resistance can cause you physical agony or physical resistance/immunity issues down the road.

Perception and Relationships

If you release every perception you have about everybody, from the past or present, accurate or not, how would that change your relationships?


Often times when you discover the buried emotion and possible accompanying attachment to a problem, you will notice a direct cause of your specific problem.  For example, an immunity problem may be caused by a subconscious need to defend yourself, or headache problems may be caused by a past life head trauma.  Yet other subconscious issues are related to general harm, and they are not limited to a particular part of the body or experience to manipulate.  For instance, if you have a buried emotion that is still kicking yourself over something you did that you judged as stupid, or another that still feels guilty for accidentally harming someone, then any dark energy that attached itself to this part can cause you harm wherever it chooses, provided you have another contributing part that is causing the seemingly new or existing problem.  They can hop around as they please, which can make it more difficult to find the direct and indirect causes of a problem.  Have you ever gone to a doctor or alternative health practitioner and thought that you resolved a problem, only to see a new problem appear shortly afterward?  If so, you probably have hoppers.  In fact, I think we all do, as there can be many causes of them.  Anyone’s energy can be balanced with the appropriate tools, but if you do not remove all of the underlying causes, then the problem energy will re-appear, either in the same form or a different one, begging for your attention.

If you use the Releasement Process, you focus on the problem you are currently experiencing, and you keep running into parts having to do with “general harm,” then going after an indirect cause of the problem may be more beneficial than continuing to target the hoppers.  You can specifically use the term “indirect,” or you can do some guess work.  For instance, 40% of the population has a mutation in their genes that results in a 30% decrease in the body’s ability to detoxify, repair DNA and suppress viruses.  (See the MTHFR Test at blogs.naturalnews.com  for more information.)  If your problem might be caused by malabsorption, then go after that and see if anything comes up.  Consider all of the people throughout history who have suffered and died from malnutrition or starvation.  It’s no wonder that so many people have been born into this lifetime with this gene problem, as many people are still holding onto these past life parts.

We all have many problems to address.  Some are physical, some emotional, and some experiential.  They can all be addressed by daily life and experience, but it is so much faster to heal yourself and your life by purposely looking deep within at your problems and forgiving each of them.


Know when to persist (soul mission) and when to give up (ego); but also know that you are strong enough to handle anything, as long as it takes, to accomplish the goal of the soul energy that calls for your resilience.

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