When you’re not moving, it tends to feel like you’re not getting anywhere.  But next to trauma, stagnation is your greatest opportunity for growth.  Appreciate the opportunity to grow without the trauma, and use your time wisely.

Your thoughts

“Don’t Believe Everything you Think” ~Wayne Dyer

From Emotional to Physical

Sometimes when you release one or more related buried emotions, your issue or energy block immediately disappears.  Other times the answer or opportunity shows up in your experience, and it is up to you to act upon it.  For a better experience and improved Law of Attraction, remove your subconscious blocks.

Energy Exchange

You may have heard the term co-creation to describe how two or more of us contribute to a particular experience.  It is a difficult concept for us to grasp, as most people who are familiar with the Law of Attraction are still struggling with the idea that we are responsible for all of our own experiences, individually.  So yes, our thoughts and feelings, both consciously and subconsciously, contribute to our daily experiences—emotionally, physically and experientially.  And sometimes external attachments come along and accentuate our existing problems.  But for many of us, our biggest problems lie in our relationships with others, and often times the problem appears to exist entirely with the other person.  Yet this is NEVER the case.

We emit energy on a continuous basis.  Much of this energy comes from our current thoughts, feelings and belief systems; and even more of it comes from our subconscious minds.  These energies encounter the energies of others, and they often result in disconnect, conflict, accidental disaster or even criminal activity.  When you butt heads with someone or have a miscommunication, the problem actually begins on an energetic level.  You might be tempted to blame someone for being irresponsible, irrational, or even a poor listener; when in reality you are bringing those traits out of that person due to your own less than ideal energy.  Any time something undesired happens between you and someone else, you are both responsible on an energetic level.  Your job is not to blame or correct, or even to feel guilty.  Your job is to take the learning experience and see it for the lesson that it is.  Then reach deep into your mind and discover what is going on with you that caused you to attract this experience.  Never blame someone else, or yourself for that matter, for an unpleasant experience.  Appreciate every lesson, as you can use each one of them to improve yourself, as well as your experiences.

Now let’s observe this from a grander scale.  Most Americans struggle with debt, and thus, the collective consciousness has attracted to itself a government that has gone way into debt.  The need to control in the world has attracted great oppression.  Focus on war and violent movies and video games has attracted more war and more violence, especially to those focused upon it.  The world is filled with drama due to individuals who think of themselves as victims, who then attract those who enjoy deceiving and victimizing.  Then we have large corporations poisoning the population with GMO, heavy metals, pharmaceuticals and other toxins.  But the toxins that we attract as individuals are those that resinate with our energetic vibration.  And as we are unaware of the poisons entering our bodies, we also do not realize that our energy manipulates them to cause the medical conditions that coincide with our subconscious beliefs.  So while these big corporations do not have our best interest in mind, they are harming us only in the ways that we have been mentally harming ourselves.  Their actions have matched our vibrations perfectly.  It is easy to want to blame those that are causing intentional harm; but in reality, they have simply responded to our energetic requests.  If we want to have healthy, happy, peaceful lives, we need look no further than our own minds and actions.  Nobody is capable of harming us without our energetic consent.  We can choose to try and change injustices, but the only changes necessary lie within ourselves.  This is ideal, because the self is the only one we are capable of changing anyway.


Expect Solutions

Instead of desperately seeking an answer to your problem or accepting expert opinions that there aren’t any, know that the answer will present itself in due time.  Believe it and expect it.  There is always an answer.  It is up to you to connect with it, and your mind plays a huge role in this task.

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