When you feel torn over a dilemma, unless your feelings are properly resolved, the part of you that doesn’t get its way will split off and become a buried emotion.


Manifesting works best when you create from a place of love.  In other words, create in a way that serves all.

The Power of Belief

The power of belief is so strong that it can convince a divine being of light, made in the image of his Creator and from the same elements as the universe, that he is unworthy.


Appreciate every day.  You have no idea what possibilities are currently being created for you, or when your purposeful manifestations will come to pass.

Vaccinations from an Infant’s Perspective

Children up to the age of six are always in a natural hypnotic state.  This means that they are easy to influence, more intuitive, more aware, and better connected to realms beyond our physical experience.  In other words, they tend to know things they have no physiological way of knowing.

When a parent takes a child to get his first vaccination, the child obviously knows that he is being jabbed with a needle.  He may or may not also be aware that the vaccine is full of dangerous toxins and known diseases.  He may tune in to the good intentions or reluctance of his parent.  He will likely tune into the stranger that injects him with the substance.  He probably knows if the doctor believes that he is doing something honorable.  He will certainly know if the doctor is purposely harming him for his own profit, whether it be the profit from the vaccines or the profit from the illnesses they will cause in which his immune system can no longer fight against because it has now been compromised.  The child will not know the details of the intended harm or the specific damage it can cause.  The child will wonder why his parent thought this was a good idea.

By the time the parent takes him to the same doctor for the fifth or tenth time for still more injections, the child may stop trusting his parent.  It may be obvious from his perception that this parent fully intends to harm him, especially if the vaccines have already made him sick.  An infant can easily see any negative or self-serving intention of his doctor, and he may assume that his parent can see it, too.  He may never trust his parent again, or perhaps not anyone.  If this has been his perception, he will certainly believe that any future doctor or hospital visit, no matter how vital, is purely for the purpose of causing him harm.  He may become rebellious or depressed.  Or he may choose to bury the emotion and forget everything that happened in order to remove this horrible burden from his daily experience.  This buried negative energy will later develop into illness.

External Energy

Pay attention to the energy in your office, retail stores, grocery stores, etc.  Avoid people and places that energetically bring you down.  You’ll feel it if you are purposefully aware.

Did you hear it?

People can say inspirational things to you all day long, but you will only hear that in which you are ready.

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