My Best Advice

Everything that everyone has ever done is OK, including you.  We came here to explore and expand.  Until we learn to accept evil, we cannot release our hearts from judgement, and we cannot know love.  Forgiveness is simply releasing judgement.

The Beginning of the End

The world around us is falling apart, and the only way out is in.

Ready for Growth

“The ego loses its dominance when the soul grows tired and weary of struggling all the time for an ever elusive treasure.” ~ Jeshua Ben Joseph

Responding to Negative Emotions

Don’t like your negative feeling?  Try loving it.  If you can love the idea that you’ve gotten yourself to feel frustrated (or whatever negative emotion you’ve managed to create), you will diffuse the emotion.  You can either “love through” the negativity by approaching the same issue with a loving perception and feel the positive and negative emotions meet head to head, or else love the experience of the negativity itself (perhaps even laugh at yourself).  Either way you will dissolve the unwanted feeling.


Instead of trying to escape life with good times, try using time to improve your life/self, until you no longer have the desire to escape.

Are you giving away your power?

Most people don’t really think about their internal personal power, yet they tend to give it away on a daily basis without even realizing it.  Do you?  Be honest with yourself.  Have you given or do you continue to give your power away to the following common sources:

  • Advertisements — Whether doing a commercial, placing an ad online, or arranging products in a store, advertisers go to great lengths in order to catch the attention of your subconscious mind and manipulate you into buying their products.  There is nothing wrong with advertising, and we are often very happy with the products we have bought from them, but would you have sought out the product and bought it if it was not presented to you in the fashion that it was?  Think about it.  Television would not still be bombarding consumers with pharmaceutical commercials that advertise and disclose their poisons if this bogus advertising did not work.  If the people who buy these drugs were concerned about their problem to begin with, they would have researched it in advance and found a much safer alternative.
  • News media — News media tends to be very biased toward political parties; and they often hide real news, especially in terms of new studies related to health, because their advertisers want you to continue to believe the old, conflicting ones.  But the most common way that they take away people’s power is by evoking conflict.  They want to make you angry and emotional.  They tend to show negative news, and they tell you that you should be horrified, furious or appalled.  Yet, a person who has learned to always maintain a loving state would never feel those negative emotions.  If you feel horrified, furious or appalled, you need to work on yourself.
  • Doctors — If you blindly trust your doctor’s advice, including the prescriptions he gives you, then you have given away your power.  You have also given him your power if he told you there was no cure or no hope, and you believed him.  There are things that doctors don’t know and things that they are not allowed to tell you.  People have died or developed serious illnesses due to the advice or drugs given to them by their physicians.  You are the only one who suffers the repercussions of your medical choices.  Be skeptical and do your research.
  • Religion — Does your religion, another group you are involved in, or an individual you have a relationship with tell you that you are unworthy?  Do you believe it?  There is no easier way to take away another’s power than to convince him to deny his own worth.  If it is true that you were created in God’s image, then it stands to reason that you are an awesome, powerful creator.  If you have come to see yourself as small, then you have given away your power.  Change your perception.  You are a great, powerful being of light.
  • Opinions of others — If you accept negative opinions of others as your truth without doing a serious self-check, then you do not see yourself as the great being that you are.  Learn to respect yourself.  Never let another define you.  Remember that what he sees is a reflection of his own issues and may have nothing to do with you.
  • Actions of others — If you find yourself getting upset over the action of another, whether it be something you saw on the news or something unkind that someone did to you personally, then you have given your power over to that person.  Nobody can take you out of your positive place besides you.
  • Belief — If you are torn between your moral values and a genuine desire from your soul, then you have given your power away to belief.  Your deep feelings are your internal guidance system.  They inform you of what you are being guided to do by your highest self.  If your belief is in conflict with this, then ask yourself where your belief came from.  Chances are that it was handed down by another person or organization early in life, and you chose to accept the belief as your own.  Letting go of beliefs that you never consciously decided upon or that no longer serve you is the first step to growth.
  • Your thoughts — It is a misconception to think that all of your thoughts come from you.  Channelers, people with ESP, and people who hear voices in their head can tell you otherwise.  If you have a fear-based thought, such as “I’m not good enough to accomplish that,” then assume the thought did not come from you and do not give your power to it.  You are good enough to accomplish anything, so long as you have the passion behind it, which will tell you that your highest self is on board.

Listen and learn, but be ready and willing to drop the advise or perhaps manipulation of others.  Trust in yourself.  Believe in your power.  Remember that you alone determine your destiny.

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