Spiritual Progress

Nothing gives you a better indication of how well your day is going than how you feel.  The same can be said about how well you are progressing spiritually.  In general, how close are you to feeling peace?  If you’ve found peace, how close are you to feeling bliss?  Growth takes time, but its unlimited potential will ultimately take you to experiences and emotions beyond what you have dreamed.  Focus on a finish line of blissful unknowingness and you will get there faster.

Do you give too much?

“Much that is given seemingly unselfishly is an unconscious call for attention, love and recognition from the receiver of the gift.  When you are always caring for and giving to others, you are simply hiding from yourself.”  ~Jeshua Ben Joseph

More On Struggle

“If you seek results through struggle, you will receive the energy of struggle back to you.” ~Jeshua Ben Joseph


“Heart based consciousness…is a type of consciousness that releases the idea that struggle will solve anything.” ~Jeshua Ben Joseph

Why Change Your Beliefs, and How?

What are the chances that there is a religion on this planet in which all of its written and verbally communicated beliefs are 100% accurate…that not one belief was influenced in any way by the perceptions of the people that created it…that every language translation was accurate…that every person involved in its assimilation was in a good place with no desire to add his own influence in any way?  What are the chances that you were born into such a religion, or that your parents somehow understood which beliefs were accurate within your religion and which were not?  Would it be easier to be born of no religion or God concept and then seek out answers that resonate with you later in life?  I do not have the answers to these questions, but I can tell you that personal growth stems from the ability to change your perceptions, whether or not that constitutes a change in religious belief.

Ask yourself….  “Who am I today compared to who I was as a child?  What percentage of my beliefs are exactly the same, and why have I embraced them?  Do I identify myself by my beliefs?”

If you identify yourself by your beliefs, it becomes even harder to let them go, as it is quite scary for most people to lose what they consider to be their very identity.  But let go we must if we ever want to find ourselves and the true answers to the mysteries that we seek.  Letting go might simply mean becoming unattached to a belief and allowing new ideas in.  You can always re-embrace a concept that still serves you, but becoming unidentified with it is growth in and of itself.

It isn’t easy to change our way of thinking.  It requires not only learning new concepts (from within ourselves or from external sources), but deciding to agree with them, and then hearing them and contemplating them enough times that the new ideas create new grooves within our brains.  This is why so many generations have passed, consumed with the same belief systems, yet unable to find true happiness and wondrous experiences within their lifetimes.

So where are you?  Are you happy with your life experiences?  Do you feel good about yourself?  Wherever you find yourself today, your beliefs have brought you here.  So if you are unsatisfied with your current experience, then perhaps it is time to question some of your beliefs.  Start with soul-searching.  Question the beliefs that were initially handed down to you from all sources.  Let go of the ones that do not resonate with you or make logical sense to you.  Be willing to let go of all beliefs and start over if that will be helpful to you.  Discover new beliefs that do resonate with you or perhaps are confirmed by multiple sources, science, or especially personal experience.  If your new beliefs make you feel good, bring you positive experiences, and confirm themselves as time passes, then perhaps you are growing in the right direction.  In the end it does not matter if our beliefs are “right”.  It matters that we truly discover ourselves, and that ultimately, our experiences improve because of it.

Do not let new concepts pass by you.  Sit with them and decide if they are something you would like to embrace and become.  So many opportunities for change and growth quickly die off due to forgetfulness after a new concept lifts our hearts, and then no effort to pursue it is continued.

Forgiving Yourself

God loves your mistakes…not just because they cause expansion, but because love is all He knows.  Therefore, you may as well love them, too.

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