Every time you do an activity that you have been dreading, notice how it is not nearly as bad as you anticipated.  Eventually you will stop dreading future tasks and be able to enjoy the present moment.

Benefits of Victimization

Although there are truly no victims, a person who finds himself in a victim situation is benefited in two ways:

1.  He has the opportunity to recognize that he has something to learn or let go of on a soul level, as he attracted the situation.

2.  Although he can choose to keep feeling like a victim, he will eventually or immediately obtain a strong desire and intention to take back his power from those in which he has given it.  This in turn will change his experience.

Fr. Solanus Casey

Father Solanus Casey, a priest in Detroit who was considered to be too unintelligent to be a full priest, is now up for for sainthood, due to his many miracles, especially with the sick.  He also “knew” when it was someone’s time to go.  He was laughed at when he put an ice cream cone in a drawer, but then pulled it out fully in tact four hours later.  The key to knowingness and transcendence is to realize that we do not know.  Fr. Solanus was also very grateful and very trusting.  He often advised people to “thank God ahead of time.”  He was never limited by what he was taught, or by the physical rules that most of us have come to accept as reality.

Forgiveness Can Cure All of Your Problems

Once upon a time there was a little boy who’s sister’s careless playfulness caused him to break his leg in two places.  He was in the hospital for a long time, but he eventually recovered.  Or did he?  He may have recovered on a physical level, but he buried the emotion of resentment toward his sister, which remained with him for lifetimes and caused him to dislike people and also to feel like a victim.  This feeling of being a victim then caused him to find himself in a victim situation on countless occasions.  He continued to blame others, while increasing his perception of victimhood.  He never realized that his own buried emotions had caused the problem.

Meanwhile, his sister felt so badly about the accident that she ultimately buried her emotion of guilt, in order to escape the feeling.  Lifetime after lifetime, she easily felt extremely guilty about every little thing she did, all because she could not find a way to forgive herself.  She lost her self-confidence and her self-respect.

If you doubt the concept of reincarnation, you may want to review the more than 3,000 scientific studies conducted by Dr. Ian Stevenson, in which very detailed memories of past lives dictated by young children were fully verified.  Also consider that on many occasions you have observed an emotion coming from within yourself that you could not explain.  Psychiatrists often label this an illness and mask it with a drug; but we all experience it on occasion, and the cause of it can always be found within the subconscious mind.  You simply do not consciously remember it.  The feeling could be from early childhood, but the vast majority of the time, the cause originated in a past life.

Another problem with such buried emotions is that within each subsequent experience from the initial lifetime onward, any time one of the souls mentioned above was feeling negative in any way, a dark entity could attach itself to the buried emotion and exacerbate the problem.  Do dark entities really attach to us?  Although science cannot confirm this, as all consciousness is beyond the scope of our known physical reality, my training and experiences tell me this is so, beyond any doubt whatsoever.

As human beings, physical well-being is excessively important to us.  We don’t like harming other people or being physically harmed.  We can’t stand it when people die, even though most of us recognize that death is nothing more than a transition into another form.  Because of what happens on this temporary, physical level, we often kick ourselves over regrets or blame others for what they’ve done.  But the dark entities that have attached to us know better.  From their view, it is obvious how unimportant physical well-being is in comparison to our emotional reactions.  Although physical well-being seems significant from our standpoint of a finite life, it is still temporary and will not last beyond the current lifetime.  On the other hand, the emotional results of physical experiences can last a very, very long time.  They can affect us on both mental and physical levels.  The only reason that people are suffering today, mentally or physically, is that at some point in their experience, they have failed to allow, forgive and let go.  This may apply to themselves, to others, or to an event.  Forgiveness heals them all.

So why should you forgive yourself or anyone else?  Well, for one thing, this life experience was designed to help us learn and grow.  Every time you regret something, you make a choice to change who you are, and you literally become somebody different.  Therefore it makes no sense to judge yourself based on who you were or what you did.  You are no longer that same person.  And how wonderful it is that the other soul willingly allowed the experience both for the sake of your growth, and to get an idea of what is happening within his subconscious mind that attracted the negative experience, so that he can use this opportunity to grow, himself.  In terms of forgiving others, perhaps the “victim” should feel grateful for the opportunity to help another soul while he observes his own challenging lessons that only point him in the direction of his perfect growth opportunity (or even his timely transition from this lifetime).  Note that physical well-being is not necessarily the most ideal condition for a soul’s perfect life.

There is truly no such thing as a victim.  Quantum physics has proven that we attract our experiences.  You cannot harm someone who did not ask for it on some level, and still no true harm is ever done, as we are evolving souls and not physical bodies.  This world has been beautifully designed by the powers that be.  Most of us fail to see that.  We have been so busy looking at the physical experience of one lifetime, that we fail to discover the combined emotional lessons from all of them.  There are many reasons to forgive yourself and others.  It doesn’t matter how you choose to do it or how long it takes you, but you will be happier the sooner that you do.

Everything you have ever done is OK.  You are still loved by many that you cannot see and do not remember.  You have been forgiven by all souls who have learned how to love.  Now if you simply forgive yourself, all others, and everything that has ever happened to you, you can gradually dissolve these energy blocks, and you will be transformed into the loving being that is your true nature.  You will feel amazing, and your physical experience will improve.

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