What You Value

Releasing your ideals, including the one that suggests that light must prevail over darkness, is key to transcendence.

Resolve Relationship Issues

Notice patterns in your life in terms of relationships in order to discover some aspects of your subconscious mind.  If you have been a victim, accept that you have also been an offender at some point in your life experience; then relate to, understand and forgive the offender in your life, along with yourself.  If you have been judged, recognize that you have likely judged another; then relate to, understand and forgive the one judging you.  If you keep meeting people who turn out to be controlling, recognize the controlling part of yourself; then address this issue with understanding, love and forgiveness.  Take any relationship issue, and realize that you have at some point been on the other side of the fence.  Otherwise, you would not have attracted the experience.  Forgiveness releases your buried emotion and changes your experiences.


Not everyone is going to love you, understand you, or respect you.  In the end the only relationship that matters is the one between you and you.  Stay true to yourself and your path, and don’t concern yourself with the perceptions of others.  That is not your responsibility.

Holding On

Don’t be afraid to close a door that once served you well.  Time spent for purposes of obligation or reminiscence rather than inner joy and learning is time lost.  Sometimes you have to close a door in order to see a brighter path.  Rest assured, love shared behind the door remains intact, whether or not it has your current focus.

Judging Good and Bad

“The very need to set standards and define the good is the forerunner to human conflict and war.” ~Jeshua Ben Joseph

Love my body? Yeah, right!

The concept of loving our bodies is becoming more and more popular, and for good reason.  Probably the best reason is simply that positive thoughts and emotions sent out from our core have positive effects, while negative energy sent out has negative effects.  But when someone tells you to love your body, and you recognize that you currently do not, how do you just turn those feelings around?  Why should you love your body, especially when it appears to be working against you?

I believe there are three different categories we can address in terms of body “issues”:

  1. A feature, such as height, baldness, or nose shape.
  2. Weight, which is generally controllable, yet often difficult to manage.
  3. Health, including general health issues, physical disabilities or pain.

People tend to blame their features and health problems on heredity, but science has been proving that our thoughts and feelings change our DNA (http://www.naturalnews.com/042157_dna_transformation_science_epigenetics.html), and also that heredity has nothing to do with it (http://www.healthfreedoms.org/genetics-research-fraud-your-genes-do-not-determine-your-health/).  Although you may have some resemblance to your parents, your features are generally caused by your personality traits.  The Chinese have documented the meaning of facial features in much the same way as astrological charts.  Some features that you do not like may actually speak quite positively about your personality, while others could be revealing to you some subconscious beliefs and personality quirks that you need to address.  So your body did not cause you to look this way.  You caused your body to look this way!  Isn’t it wonderful that your body is revealing so obviously to you the mental features that make you stand out from others, and which ones you need to address?  Also consider that even if you do not care for a particular physical trait that you have, other people may.  So change your perception, thank your body for the information, and then address any flaws.

In terms of weight and health, you may be surprised to find that your body is working for you and not against.  Not only have you fed it unhealthy foods, heavy metals, pesticides, and pharmaceutical drugs; but you have brought to it buried emotions that are currently attached to your energy bodies, causing negative energy to wreak havoc on your system.  Your body has been fighting for you against these negative forces as best as it can under these undesirable circumstances.

Everything has consciousness, and under hypnosis you can actually speak with the consciousness of each of your organs.  They will tell you, from within your subconscious mind, what they have been up against; and you would be surprised to discover what an ally they have been in keeping you alive, despite these negative forces that you caused and they continue to struggle with.  So have some compassion for your body!  It is doing a lot of work for you under some horrific circumstances.  Appreciate everything it has done for you, and then perhaps treat it a little better to make its job easier.

A disability may also have been caused by a buried emotion, including one that brought a physical toxin into your life experience; or it may simply be a soul choice to have the opportunity to do extraordinary things under limited measures.  In this case, your body is still working for you in the best way that it can.  Allow the experience, release any emotional issues that may have contributed to it, and accept your path.  Then use this opportunity to demonstrate the amazing potential of an unlimited soul orchestrating a profound and inspirational experience from what appears to be a very limited human body.

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