Are you any different?

Are you the same person you were five years ago?  If so, why aren’t you growing?

Your Primary Purpose

Your primary purpose in life on Earth is to experience all things desired.  This leads to learning, growth, and ultimately a greater desire to be more loving.

Poor Choices

Sometimes it is difficult to respect poor or misguided decisions that loved ones make, but the worst choices are the greatest opportunities for growth.  Love all decisions.  Growth is the goal…not necessarily “easy” or our perceived sense of “right”.


You’ve heard it before…you create your own experiences.  If you’ve never noticed this to be true, consider that you may be subconsciously creating a block to this universal law.  If you are hesitant to believe in what is generally referred to as, “The Law of Attraction,” consider these other sources that state the same principle in slightly different terminology:

  • Jesus:  “Ask and you shall receive.”
  • Buddhism:  Karma
  • Albert Einstein:  “Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it.  Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality.  It can be no other way.  This is not philosophy.  This is Physics.”

Once people begin to understand and accept this fundamental law, they generally start putting out intentions and affirmations of things they desire from a confident vibration of trust and gratefulness.  This is absolutely the right track, but consider these two things:

  1. If you have a subconscious belief or emotion that is asking for the opposite of what you desire, you won’t get very far.  You have to address any subconscious blocks.  You energetically attract what you put out, like a magnet, both consciously and subconsciously.
  2. Instead of purposefully attracting only basic desires like money, companionship and direction; consider that every emotion and experience you have in your every day life is telling you where you are, along with what you do and do not want.

Most people focus on the big picture, but how about the little ones?  Did you wake up in a bad mood today?  Did your internet connection go down?  Did your eye-glass fall out?   Did your zipper break?  Did you run over a squirrel?  Did somebody irritate you?  Did you hurt yourself in some way?  Did you accidentally harm another?  Did you lose something?  Are you struggling too hard in every day life?  Do you have an excessive amount of bugs in your house?  Do mundane tasks consume your time?  Do you feel like you lack time?  Are you getting enough sleep?  Do you feel inferior or unworthy?  Did someone or something cause any negative emotion today?  Do you find that people are unreceptive to your ideas?  Do you feel like you are being held back or repressed?  Did you receive a package with missing items?  Did you have a communication issue with someone?  If ANYTHING happened today that you did not want, then that is a clue that you are not where you desire to be.  Address each issue consciously or subconsciously, as each will affect the other.  You have the ability to turn your world around, but first you have to recognize where you are at.  If you are feeling powerless, then address that.  You actually have all of the power that you need to get to where you desire to be, but first it helps to recognize where your desires are off.  Remember that everything…EVERYTHING…is a clue.

Teaching Others

Beliefs in this world are hard-core.  Teaching with words often serves little to no value, as the words just hit a wall.  The best way to get a point through a closed mind is to demonstrate.  Be the example.  Be the evidence.  This can also empower you to more purposefully become the message you wish to portray.

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