Emotional Empathy

If your heart goes out to someone who is suffering, and you feel emotional as a result; this does not imply that you are more caring than someone who does not feel the other’s pain.  It means you have a buried emotion—a buried longing—to be of service where you once could not.  Instead of needing to help, see the situation as the perfect experience for that person.  Appreciate that he is growing in a way that only experience can teach.

Feeling of Love

Once in a great while, you meet someone who triggers that “love” feeling within you.  It is a common misconception to believe that such a person is the source of this feeling as apposed to a trigger of what already lies within you and that you can connect with in other ways.  People sometimes believe that attachment to someone is a sign of love, but attachment is always about fear.  Love is free and needless.

Believe In Your Potential

Most people have trouble believing in their true potential, as they focus on their flaws and their negative subconscious feelings about themselves.  They see where they have gone wrong, and rarely realize where they have progressed.  They see themselves as unworthy and limited, mistakenly believing that the imperfect human is what they are.

In reality, we are far more than what meets the critical eye.  The flaws and imperfections cloud our true identity.  Our true identity lies behind the human experience and the human flaws.  Our true identity stems from consciousness, exists for creation, and has unlimited potential.  We are creative beings at our core.  If you fail to see that within yourself, look at somebody else.  How many Youtube videos have you seen where someone accomplished something that amazed you?  Have you ever looked at an artistic creation and been in complete awe that any human could be that talented?  Has a potential Olympian shocked you with his daringness and courage?  Have you wondered how anyone could have come up with such brilliant mathematical or scientific formulas and concepts?  Has any piece of writing brought out emotions in you that you didn’t even know were there?  You have thought of these beings as other people, but every soul was created with the same potential—the same creative energy stemming from pure consciousness—while experiencing it in unique and various ways.  If another person can accomplish something that completely amazed you, realize that you are perfectly capable of accomplishing something just as great.  Follow your intuition and your passion, and you will find that your potential is unlimited, in whatever form it chooses to take.

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