Never Be Satisfied

Certainly be grateful for all that you have, and accepting of all that is, but always expect more.  Infinity is available, and to be satisfied with what is, is to settle for much less than you are.

Couldn’t Happen to Me

The human experience that you judge (cannot see yourself in) is exactly the type of experience that you need to teach you to release fear and realize that every experience is neutral; and its purpose is creativity, expansion or growth.

Do you know yourself at all?

With so many challenges in our lives, sometimes it is really nice to have some time alone with ourselves; although some people avoid such opportunities, as it forces them to face themselves head on.  Why is time with oneself so wonderful?  Why is it so challenging?  Who are you, anyway?  Let’s take a look…from your perception, not mine.  Take a moment to expand your consciousness or your way of thinking to a more open and inquisitive perspective.  Then read on…

Do you know what is real?

Do you know who or what you are?

Do you perceive that you are in control of your experience and/or your destiny?  If so, how is that going for you?

Does it seem that something is beyond your grasp, or is there something you have been unable to achieve?  Do you know why?

Do you know who you can trust?

Do you know what to believe or do you choose all of your beliefs based on your best judgement?  If you choose them based on judgement, do you recognize that any or all of your beliefs could be wrong?

Do you know your next move?

Do you know what is about to happen to you?

Has your body ever done something without you consciously deciding upon an action, such as reacting to potential danger or simply getting out of bed?

Do you understand every emotion that you feel?

Can you explain emotions in terms of physics?

Do you know where your thoughts come from?

Do you understand your biggest problem and how to address it?

Have you had a problem that got resolved without you doing anything?

Do you know your role in this life in respect to the experiences and needs of others?

Do you know what is going to inspire you or tweak your curiosity a year from now?

Do you know precisely what is going on within your physical body?

Have you always been correct in the assessments of the needs of your physical body?

Did you know you have micro-organisms living in your skin?  If so, did you know this before you heard or read about it?

Do you truly understand love?

Do you really know or fully understand your partner (or did you know a former partner if you are currently single)?

Do you really know and understand yourself?

Does anybody truly know you at all?

Do you love the self you have created?  If not, do you know why?

Do you tend to feel inferior to others?  If so, do you know why?

Do you know why you are here (on this planet, in this lifetime)?

Do you know who you are to become and how you will get there?

Have you chosen to become something more advanced than you have yet experienced?  If so, has that decision manifested?  If not, do you know why?

What DO you truly know about yourself?

Might you be some kind of puppet or lab rat of some more advanced being(s)?

Is it possible that something bigger than you (or more aware) is directing your life experience?

Is it possible that something else is living you?

Perhaps it is time to stop worrying about our lives and instead develop an inquisitive, yet trusting relationship with whatever might know us better than we appear to know ourselves.  If an intelligence can keep us alive while we ourselves have so little concept of what it takes to make our physical bodies tick, then perhaps this intelligence understands and maybe even “runs” us far better than we understand ourselves or can manage to control our experiences.  Maybe it is time to give up and surrender to that which is beyond us and appears to be directing our lives.  Perhaps it is time to stop fighting what is and simply ask for more information…ask to understand who and what we are…ask for clear guidance…ask for a better experience…ask for a path that will quickly take us to our greatest possible selves…ask to know ourselves at the utmost intimate level…ask for love to envelop our experience in the most advanced form it can take…ask to discover what is possible beyond our current knowledge and experience…ask to know.

Of course, there is no sense in asking if you are not receptive to the answers and the potential new experiences.  It takes allowance to open your energy field in order to create and receive anything at all.  So if you start asking for more, you may want to prepare yourself for a wild ride, because you obviously have no clue what can possibly happen.

Life’s Pitfalls

The nice thing about being thrown into something undesired is that you can be certain you are exactly where you are meant to be.

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