The reason people tend to hate themselves so much is that they are used to being perfect souls, and it is frustrating to be in a human body designed to make mistakes.  We heal when we learn to appreciating the experience of error and find self-love via forgiveness.

How People Cause Their Depression

“All depression stems from resistance, the obstruction of the flow of awareness, the attempt to limit the unlimited.” ~ Jeshua Ben Joseph.

Perhaps my own words would be easier to understand for some:  Aside from any hormonal issue caused by a physical health problem that might make it easier to fall into depression; depression is caused when you refuse to accept something, when you cannot see that you have a satisfactory option because a staunch belief has limited you, and/or when you fail to recognize the power that you have to bring yourself into a better circumstance simply with the use of intention.

The Beauty of Conflict

The other night I heard yelling outside of my window that went on for 20-30 minutes.  I was very surprised to hear the commotion in my otherwise quiet neighborhood.  Eventually I looked out the window in order to make sure it was not something that required my attention, and I saw that my neighbor’s young adult son was screaming at her.

Throughout the entire ordeal, I never heard her yell back.  I don’t know whether she was in a good place, in shock, embarrassed, or what.  I suppose most of the neighbors probably saw it as a terrible act and judged the situation in a negative way.  I observed my own reaction, seeing it for the beautiful experience that it was.  I heard only one sentence out of the yelling, and it was quite clear to me that emotions that had been buried for a long time had finally come to surface.  His true feelings were coming out.  He was finally being honest and taking back his power.  It was unimportant whether or not it was an appropriate time and place.  Something bigger was happening.  Right then and there, he was getting his inner-most feelings out, deciding he was worth more than he previously gave himself credit for, mentally obtained his worth, and finally began a completely honest relationship with his mother.  It was beautiful, and I hope that his mother was able to see that.  Despite the difficult breakthrough, perhaps they can finally have a more honest, open, loving and respectful relationship with each other.  Perhaps she learned something; perhaps she didn’t.  But you cannot choose to respect someone as he is until he is bold enough to empower himself and let you know just what that is.

That evening I witnessed a young man growing into himself…letting go of the fears that kept him from truly knowing himself and obtaining his true potential as a unique soul.  He had come to terms with who he was, and he wasn’t going to let anyone hold him back.  It was beautiful.  It was clear to me that their relationship caused him to flower.  Perhaps he had previously viewed her as his adversary, when in reality, she was his perfect tool.  Whatever it was that she did “wrong” helped to bring him to respect and empower himself.

What if all of our experiences were literally designed and created by our own souls from beyond this human existence?  What if every experience that we perceive as good or bad was requested and decided upon by our greater selves, with the higher self knowing that the disasters, the conflicts and the inflicters would help to bring out the best of us?  What if we knew, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that each of our souls chose our every experience for our benefit?  Wouldn’t it suddenly become easier to just relax and accept all things?

Our Perception of Reality

“Reality is the greatest story ever sold.” ~ David Wilcock

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