Before you existed

Imagine a time when your consciousness did not exist.  Can you?  How long can you hold that thought?  If you have trouble, could it be that there has been no such time?

What kind of pleasure?

Do you prefer to be externally stimulated or internally stimulated?  While external stimulation may feel more gratifying at the time, internal stimulation is lasting, because it changes you.

Why we must be right

The reason we hold tight to our beliefs and love to judge others accordingly is because the ego feels empowered when we think we know better than others.  It fears the idea of being powerless and defeated.  Yet to find a new belief and recognize we have been wrong is to grow, become right-minded, and thus actually become empowered.  When we do this, no negative feelings arise.

Never Need Another

The human species was clearly not designed to survive alone.  Perhaps that is why so many people have fears of abandonment, aloneness, and unmet physical needs.  We become dependent upon each other, perhaps due to our emotions and our love for each other.  Then we start to believe that we cannot live without one specific person.  Or we believe that we cannot make it on our own because we do not know how to do something, and we fail to trust that such needs will be magically met.  Then we hear stories of others in such situations; and sure enough, someone came along to handle the fear, and everything turned out fine.

As emotional creatures prone to attachment, it is often difficult to see the higher design, and know, and trust, that all of our future needs will be met.  Why wouldn’t they, if we have already put out the intention that they will be?  If we were really so fragile, would we as individuals or as a species have survived this long?  Release your fears.  If you look at your life and that of others, you will notice synchronicities where someone or something just happened to come along at the right time and place to handle various concerns.

So let go of your attachments.  Let go of your dependence on specific people or groups, as their primary focus is to grow themselves, and they might not currently be your best fit.  Trust the nature of your being and the physical and spiritual creativity that will always appear and handle the task for which you purposely chose to no longer be dependent.  When you choose to let go, miracles (in the form of people, information, capabilities, etc.) do come along.

If you feel a need to be loved, then you are lacking love for yourself.  If you feel a need for someone specific to love you, then your disillusioned need for love, acceptance and control is the problem.  Another person’s perceptions of you have nothing to do with you.  They are based solely on himself and what you bring up in him.  Accept that others are learning in their own world, and choose to extend your love only to those whom are receptive.  Let go of your fear.  Let go of your control.  And…

  • Never need another to love you.
  • Never need another to like you.
  • Never need another to be a certain way.
  • Never need another to understand you.
  • Never need another to appreciate you.
  • Never need another to truly know you.
  • Never need another to respect you.
  • Never need another to trust you.
  • Never need another to believe you.
  • Never need another to believe in you.
  • Never need another to approve of you.
  • Never need to prove yourself to another.

All that matters is that you do these things for yourself, and that that is good enough.  Someone once pointed out to me, “The only person you have to live with is yourself.”  No one else is always with you.  No one else is focused upon you.  Be yourself.  Love yourself.  Accept yourself.  And trust the power in yourself to manifest everyone and everything that you might need.  Yes, intention and trust do work.  I can’t prove it to you, but I can gratefully declare…it has been proven to me.

The Shift

For those of you who want to know more about “the shift” that has already begun, and for those who wish to know what you can do to help heal the planet, I strongly recommend this article or video.  I have great respect for Little Grandmother.

Letting Go of Conflict

Never mind those who choose conflict.  Free yourself by withdrawing your energy from it and recognizing that your will cannot be infringed upon unless you have called it to be.

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