Always a Choice

In tough times, a person can choose to feel helpless or powerful.  That choice will determine his direction, future and well-being.  Most people tend to feel helpless in these situations, not realizing that they are making a choice to relinquish their power.

When will this be over?

If you’re feeling frustrated because a difficult time in your life seems to be taking forever to come to an end, keep in mind that this time is taking you through valuable lessons.  Don’t rush the journey.  The more you learn now, the better things will be later.

What is God?

What is God, Source, or whatever you choose to call our omnipotent Creator?  I don’t claim to be an expert on this subject, nor can anyone whose mind has not yet awakened into full knowingness.  In fact, my perception on this topic has gradually changed over time, sometimes in extremely fine ways.  My perceptions are unimportant.  My hope in this article is to get you to discover your own inner-knowing by expanding your mind to new thoughts and imaging.  If you have issues with the term “God,” feel free to change it to your preference.

Were we made in God’s image?  Does that imply spiritual image or physical?  Which characteristics do we share?

Are we children of God?  If so, does that simply mean “created by,” some genetic resemblance, or are we more like a sub-God, like a child of a parent node in a computer menu?

Are we under God, separate from God, one with God, part of God, all of God, and/or over-seen by God?

Does God reign over us and/or guide us?

Does God judge us or love us?  (Note that these are mutually exclusive.  It is impossible to love and judge at the same time; thus, you cannot logically choose both.)

Is God or are we a system of souls?  An inter-webbing of souls?  Is there a hierarchy?  Is there a top notch?

Are there an infinite number of souls?  Is there just one soul with multiple forms, aspects, views and experiences?  Is this soul God?

Do all souls work together intricately on a higher level as if they were one single soul or one big team?  Is there an over-soul that does not experience, but simply hangs back and observes, judges and/or appreciates?

What is not God?

Is God simply consciousness itself, choosing to create and experience as different groups, individuals, forms and feelings?

Now that your mind has expanded out of firm belief and into an appropriate place of wonder, close your eyes and ask yourself, “What is God?”  Allow the answer to come to you.  Or perhaps a better question might be, “What is?”

Another Day

Every day is a new opportunity to change who you’ve become thus far.

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