Persistent Negative Thoughts and Emotions

Don’t get frustrated if you keep releasing the same negative thought or emotion and it keeps coming back to haunt you.  We usually have many causes for the same thought or emotion.  Although it may seem that you are not getting anywhere, you are actually addressing your current most significant issue.  Once it is fully addressed, you may discover that another problem falls away with it.  You really are progressing.

Your Health Direction

Many people believe that either a person is healthy or they are not.  Many people also consider themselves to be healthy, even though they have some minor health problems that clearly say something is not right.  Health changes daily.  Either your daily choices make you healthier or they make you sicker.  If you keep choosing to get sicker, then once you finally see the problems you have been creating, it takes longer to undo.  In today’s toxic environment, you need to take action in order to keep your health.

Have You Made Your Choice?

Many people believe that the so-called “end of times” are upon us.  Some see it as judgement day.  Others see it as a spiritual awakening.  Some believe physical planetary changes are upon us.  Even if you do not believe such changes are here, I think everyone is noticing a split in the mentality of the people on this planet.  If you find yourself at one end of the extremes, you are especially noticing how difficult it has become to communicate with various people.

It seems to be a common belief that because the majority of people are generally good-natured that most people will wind up on the higher path and experience a better future reality.  I’m not so sure about that.  Just looking at the types of movies that are still coming out that people are obviously enjoying, I tend to think that most people are currently choosing to keep the status quo…the status quo being continuous struggle and drama—what some of us might describe as Hell.

For many years now, I have been monitoring myself in order to get to a better place inside.  I have become so used to doing this that more recently I have started to notice various choices that others are making on a daily basis that indicate which end of the scale they are currently choosing.  You could simply say that choices for love will take you to the better future experience, but a great many people think they are making loving choices when they are not, especially when they have grown up in an environment where love was conditional.  For instance, one might try to control another’s choice because he believes he knows best.  Yet, love allows freedom and mistakes, whereas limitation attempts to block the soul journey.

I would think that the list of possible choices being presented to each of us, giving us the opportunity to choose or create a more loving reality, is endless; but let me state a few that I have observed in others that have told me what choice they are currently making with each decision:

  • to feel victimized or to know their own power
  • whether or not to speak their truth
  • whether or not to get sucked into another’s drama
  • to be willing to listen to a new concept or hold tight to former beliefs
  • whether or not to view and love themselves and others equally
  • to control the choice of another or allow him his free will
  • to attempt to control their own path as apposed to following the one presented to them
  • whether or not to respect themselves and others enough to be 100% authentic
  • to hold onto someone or something or to let them go
  • whether or not to react negatively to another’s unloving choice or action
  • to reject their experience or another’s as wrong or unfortunate, or to see it as perfect
  • whether or not to see those that bring out the worst in them as the perfect blessing to help them discover themselves

I have also noticed that when someone does not make the loving choice, the same opportunity shows up in a more challenging form…over and over again, until the lesson has been learned.  Each one of us is declaring to the universe where we are in each given moment and whether or not we are ready for a grander experience.  People choosing “no” are being kicked while they are down.  People choosing “yes” are experiencing new challenges and quickly advancing from within.  I have caught myself getting excited to see someone finally choosing the higher path.  Therein lies my judgement.  A “no” choice is a perfect free-will path.  One path is not better than the other.  It just is.  Imagine the joy that can come from loving every choice of every soul.  Every decision for love opens us up to immense love and joy from within.  Why not choose love?

Beliefs Defined

“Beliefs are nothing more than opinions.” ~ Serapis

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