When you hit a road block, stop looking so hard in the same direction.  Step back and see it differently.  Your answer or your new path will appear.

Please sign to save a cancer curer

The doctors who are curing cancer are the ones doing alternative treatments.  These doctors who dare to go against the establishment in order to save lives consistently have their medical licenses threatened.  Please sign this petition to save this caring and successful doctor:  Sign the petition on to support Dr. Burzynski here

A Better Way to Help

Handing someone the truth or the answer is not always helping.  Instead, help him to find a reason to see out of his box.

Triggers of Your Unexplained Thoughts and Emotions

Has there ever been a time when you were alone and words came out of your mouth without you even realizing that you were speaking until after the fact?  Have you been surprised at what you said?  Do you sometimes have a negative thought pop into your head out of the blue?  Have you suddenly felt a strong negative emotion, such as anxiety or depression, for no apparent reason?  I have always said that these are buried, subconscious thoughts and emotions.  But what triggers them when there seems to be no explanation?  Some people, especially empaths, believe they are picking up these experiences from other people.  They consequently respond by using various methods for psychic protection.  So which is it?  Your subconscious emotion or someone else’s conscious one?

In most cases there is a logical reason when buried beliefs and emotions choose to surface, but often that is not the case.  We are constantly given opportunities to correct such issues, and the specific problem or learning experience that continues to present itself is generally the most important thing we are to be correcting at the time for our highest good.  In those cases, it is simply the Self calling your attention to the next problem.

But as many of us have come to realize, we are all connected—one consciousness; and we can pick up on the thought or feeling of another or of a collective group.  We all have some level of empathic abilities, especially among people to whom we are close; although for some people, these incidences are much more profound.  Subconsciously hearing someone else’s thought or sensing his emotion may or may not trigger a strong negative emotion in the empath that senses it.  The reason we sometimes feel such a strong negative response from what appears to be an outside or unknown source is that, in such cases, we have a buried emotion that relates to another person’s current thoughts or feelings.  This is called a sympathetic vibration.  Just as plucking a guitar string causes the neighboring strings to vibrate at a sympathetic frequency, our emotions can feel an energetic vibration and respond accordingly.  Thus, it is not the other person’s emotion we feel at all.  It is our own buried emotion that is reacting to the reminder.  That said, a person can detect another person’s thoughts and feelings without being negatively affected.  If he has zero buried emotions that resonate with the other person’s situation, then he would not feel any need for protection.  On a side note, even if someone was deliberately trying to harm him at a psychic level, he would not be harmed if he were in a positive place.

The next time you feel an unexplained emotion that you have not been having recently, ask the people closest to you or in proximity if they are feeling the same emotion.  Also, go read the news.  If a massive disaster just happened, many people could be feeling the same emotion.  If a disaster occurred that seems to have nothing to do with your surprise emotion, it is possible that it might still be your trigger.  For instance, the location of the disaster might trigger a past life part of you that lived there, even though it is experiencing a completely different emotion.

No matter what triggers your thoughts and emotions, remember that if you are thinking or feeling negatively, then something is hurting within you, and you need to address it within yourself.  Also, if you feel excessively emotional about a particular situation, such as a loss, then the experience is triggering subconscious memories for you.  Do not think there is something wrong with you.  If you are not emotionally handling a situation reasonably well under the circumstance, rest assured, you have a good reason.  The reason lies within.  The solution is to address the hidden, hurting part of you, find forgiveness and let it go.

Money and the Law of Attraction

Is the Law of Attraction working for you in terms of money?  Contrary to popular belief, conscious and subconscious thoughts about money are only part of the causes of your financial situation.  Do you see yourself as having value?  Do you see yourself as fortunate?  Deserving?  Worthy?  Significant?  Poor views of self-worth are likely the biggest cause of lack in this world.  Your value lies not in your accomplishments, but in your capability as a soul, which is unlimited.

Message for Teachers and Students

There is a fine line between educating and brainwashing.

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