Let Go of World Peace

There can be no peace in a world where fear exists.  Once a person releases all fear, he transcends this world.  This world was never intended to be a place for peace.  It was intended to be a place for growth and transition.  The establishment of peace can only come from within.

Updates On All 3 Health Summits

The discount price of $79 for The Heal Your Gut Summit is good through 11:59 P.M. U.S. eastern time on Wednesday.  Learn the causes and solutions of the vast majority of health problems today:


The Fat Summit started yesterday (Monday, Jan. 25), including cutting edge information about heart disease.  Register for the free online event here:


Or purchase and watch at your own pace:


The Metabolism Summit Starts Monday, February 1.  Find out why your weight problems are not your fault, and what to do about it.  Register for the free online event here:


Or purchase and watch at your own pace:


Two More Days to The Fat Summit

The Fat Summit starts January 25.  Eating more fat has been shown to improve brain function, help prevent dementia and reverse type 2 diabetes. Register for the free week-long summit here:  https://qo274.isrefer.com/go/fatsummitreg/believeinhealth/

Anxiety and Depression Is Usually a Gut Problem

So many people, lately, are looking for a hypnotherapist to help them with anxiety and depression.  Although there are emotional problems behind this, please understand that this is all part of the health pandemic going on today.  Imbalanced gut bacteria, caused mainly by antibiotics and GMO, has resulted in allergies, hormone imbalances, and low-level neurotransmitters.  You must improve yourself physically as well as emotionally to fully recover.  1 in 2 people currently have chronic health problems, and most of them start in the gut.

Here are the links to the “Heal Your Gut” summit going on right now:

Own all of the expert talks to watch at your own pace:


Or, register for the event now at the following link:


Your Focus Is a Strong Creator

Focus not on where you are heading, but on where you choose to be.  In addition, focus not on where the world is heading, but on how you would like it to be.

The Heal Your Gut Summit Links

The Heal Your Gut Summit starts in one week—January 18.  To own the 30+ expert talks at an early discount and watch at your own pace, click here.

To register for the free online event, click here.


What is the point of me?

Everyone at some point in his lifetime begins to wonder about his purpose.  But for many people, this simple question that can guide someone on his path has become more of an obsession or need to know, especially if they are currently feeling unworthy or insignificant, or if they look at their lives and see only the small impact they have thus far made.  Not knowing your purpose or direction can feel very depressing.  Many people today are struggling with such thoughts and emotions, wanting to know why they are even here.  So why are you here?

You are here to experience.

First and foremost, you are here to have fun and to discover what it feels like to succeed, fail, harm, be harmed, love, fear, hate, struggle, etc.  You are here to discover the human experience, along with the benefits and drawbacks of free will and strong emotion.

You are here to create.

You are unlimited in your creative possibilities.  You are here to tap into your creative power and discover yourself at depths unimaginable to the normal human perception.

You are here to know relationship.

It is through relationship that we learn the most.  We learn to serve and to be served.  We discover the best and the worst within ourselves.  Use relationship to help you to comprehend love and to discover your worst of faults in order to better yourself.

You are here to grow.

You are here to learn from your experiences and to grow as a soul.  Learn what works and what doesn’t.  As you grow, you let go of things that once seemed important, and you find your way back to your true self.  Once you have grown tired of playing around within the human experience, whether it be in this lifetime or perhaps the next, then your purpose is to find your way back to total peace by letting go of everything you are still holding onto in this world.  You simply allow and forgive it all.

Although our purposes in life are generally very simple, if ever there was a time for a larger purpose, it is now.  A shift in consciousness is taking place, and individual words and actions are uniting us together for the ultimate goal of helping each other to recognize that the way of being we have come to know on this planet is no longer desired.  Once you are finished playing the game, your primary purpose is to grow yourself into a place of peace.  This alone will do the world a tremendous service, as your positive energy vibration will be felt strongly by others and will influence their energy to match yours.  Your secondary purpose is to play your individual role in the grand awakening that is taking place…to help others grow, as they have helped you.

We are united energetically.  You may feel alone right now, but you are an extremely important piece of the puzzle.  And although it may be very challenging to see a blank future, keep in mind that you are a creator by nature, and your future is created with desire and intent.  If this comes from the core of your being, then you are in the right place.  You do not need to know your specific role at this time.  Knowing the future would spoil the game, so we are not privy to such information.  Simply grow yourself and see what transpires.  Also, listen for the voice within…whether it be in words, inspiration, curiosity, desire, or creation.  Trust the direction of the higher being within you, and your perfect path will gradually unfold.  And if you take a wrong turn?  Don’t worry.  You will keep hitting the same brick wall, or perhaps a different one, until you find yourself in the right direction.  When in doubt, stick to working on yourself until your obvious path appears.  And if you find yourself failing miserably?  So what?  So you experienced and learned a little more.  Good for you!  You cannot do wrong in this game.  You can get further from your self or closer, but ultimately, you will know your true self again.  The only harm in putting off your growth is that you take a little more time to know suffering before you remember and experience the ultimate love.

The Deliberate Attack On Human Health

For as long as 30 years, many kindergarten forms have asked parents whether or not their child was born of a C-section or was premature. The reason for this question is that scientists have been well aware that children of C-sections miss out on the beneficial gut bacteria in the mother’s vaginal tract, and premies are loaded with life-threatening antibiotics that destroy their beneficial gut bacteria.  This causes both health and behavioral problems in children.  If scientists have known about this for 30 years, then why are they still giving out antibiotics like candy to premies, children and adults; and why are they not supplementing with probiotics?  Also, why has the rate of C-sections soured to roughly 30%?  The deliberate attack on human health in America and many other countries; via antibiotics, vaccines, GMO, chemotherapy, statin drugs, and other dangerous drugs and chemicals; is far more wide spread than the holocaust of World War II.  The first step to resolving any problem is to get out of denial mode and acknowledge what is.  The reason that so many people are suffering with physical and mental health issues today is because we are being deliberately attacked, all in the name of profit for the corporations that have bought their way into power.

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