When the Truth Unfolds

In order to discover the truth, you must first have the desire to know where you are wrong.

Transactions and Exchange

Our society was built on the concept of financial transactions and exchange.  In the very near future, people will continue to give and receive, but these actions will not necessarily go hand in hand.  We are shifting the concept of prosperity to one that is based on care and compassion.  You can help to create this abundance mentality by letting go of any beliefs related to fair and equal exchange.  Exchange is unnecessary and often leads to lack.

Do you know how much you serve others?

You have no idea how much you serve others.  We work as a collective; and little suggestions, deeds, questions and expressed thoughts can trigger responses that will lead to just the right person getting the message he needs to hear.  Much of our service is done collectively, rather than individually, and we have no way of knowing the impact that we have had.  We are now both serving and healing collectively more than ever.  Thank you for the very significant role you have played on this journey.

Transitioning from the End of Times to the Beginning

The War Against Us

Last week, as another 4th of July passed, my flag continued to sit in my garage, full of dust, as the majority of Americans celebrated the false belief that we live in a free country—a democracy.  We don’t.  We haven’t in more than 100 years, and that has become exponentially obvious in recent years, and even weeks.  We are distracted and entertained by an election that will do absolutely nothing.  We have seen time and again that the promises of presidents and congressmen become obsolete once they are in office.  There is obviously more going on than we know.  It seems that once they get into office, they find they are caught up in a corrupt system that they can do nothing about, and so they toe the line of the power elite and the corporate donors behind them, against the best interest of the people.  Even the names of the bills they create tend to do exactly the opposite of what they claim to do in their very titles (e.g. The Affordable Health Care Act), purposefully causing deception.  Congress has now just approved the third so-called DARK Act (Deny Americans the Right to Know).  It claims national GMO labeling, while doing exactly the opposite.  It also takes away any possibility of any meaningful labeling at all, while at the same time completely killing Vermont’s GMO labeling law that was voted in by the people.  Congress knows that 90% of consumers want this transparency.  Obama promised it in his first campaign, and he is under immense public pressure to veto the bill; but he will likely sign it anyway and proudly claim that we now have a national GMO labeling law.  Yet the optional, measly barcode still will not give us any reliable information, and it will leave pretty much everyone in the dark.  No, your vote does not count.  They have made that blatantly clear, even without the purposeful presidential primary blunders.  European leaders also just approved a renewal of glyphosate against the science and overwhelming demands of the people.  We are experiencing an increasing number of false flag events at the expense of people’s lives, both within the country and outside of it; all which seem to happen when there is a news story that needs covering up.  The US government has attacked all of us in many other ways as well, denying us our freedom, our health, our well-being, and in many cases, our lives.  The power elite have waged a war against all of us.  Standing up for individual rights has gotten people killed or imprisoned.  If a war against us has already been started, then why haven’t we fought back?  The reason is because they have done so much damage without us realizing it, that it is too late to win any kind of war.  They are well prepared for resistance.  They have even militarized the police, and the CIA has been encouraging police departments to hire officers that are borderline psychopaths (http://yournewswire.com/cia-police-job-applications-favour-psychopaths/).  Perhaps this has led to some of the bizarre police incidents, lately.  I know that many officers would never turn against the people and their rights, but every individual has his own fears and his own choices.  How can a police officer serve the people without empathy?  In addition, the media-driven “divide and conquer” tactics are unfortunately falling right into place, as everyone is literally blinded to the enemy behind the enemy.  Fighting is both futile and self-defeating.  Fighting within the system for individual laws and justice has exhausted our energy and strengthened theirs, while merely slowing down their takeover.  We cannot win with the old “fight” mentality, and we cannot win within the system.  The whole system needs to come down, and we’re going to have to bring it down both mentally and physically…from within.

If you want to go on celebrating freedom, first let go of the illusion that any part of this physical world is experiencing it.  Then start celebrating the upcoming human unity, where we take back our planet and our freedom from the power elite…without fighting and without force.  Start celebrating the freedom we are finding within our own consciousness that is driving this obvious shift from a world of control to a world of love and respect.  The apocalypse has clearly begun, and that’s a good thing, because that means it’s time to take action that will ultimately result in everyone being cared for and loved.  There has never been a time where the choice between love and fear in each moment is so important.

Some people who are waking up to the fact that we have problems (to say the least) are placing responsibility on others to take care of them, such as seemingly brave politicians or the younger generation.  I disagree with this mentality.  Everyone is or will be personally affected by these problems, and everyone’s energy is influencing what is occurring.  Like it or not, we are all involved.  If you are alive today, then you are either part of the change or part of the resistance.  Take your pick.  We have hardly begun to see the massive challenges that are about to be presented.  What are you doing about it personally and collectively?  Step one is to wake up to the problems.  We’ve been doing that.  Step two is to create the change.  We have reached step two.  Let’s get to work.

Why the World Is Going Mad

Individuals everywhere have been springing up lately doing crazy things.  The worst of people is coming out like never before.  What’s happening and what can we do about it?

Wherever arguments, emotional outbursts or even lunacy transpire, we need empathy and understanding to help us out.  We generally believe ourselves to be right and others wrong, but even when our ideas are clearly the ones supported by love, it helps us to release our own anger and forgive others if we could just understand what is going on in their minds.  For some reason, everyone’s buried emotions are showing themselves more than ever, bringing out their worst faults, and we can expect this to continue and to get stronger.  The reason for this is that the vibration of the planet is increasing to a higher frequency; and such negative emotions, and even people with low vibrational energy, cannot survive in a vibration resinating with so much positive energy.  This is the utopian shift we are moving toward, and not everyone is going to make it.  Not everyone is ready for a loving world.

So who is the enemy behind the enemy?  Who wants to bring out our negative emotions?  Who is really pulling the strings at the higher level?  Actually, it isn’t so much a “who” as it is a “what.”  This may be difficult to accept for those of you who are new to what I am about to explain, as it is human nature to resist unfamiliar concepts that have not been confirmed by our limited scientific capability.  And it doesn’t help that this is beyond our extremely limited human perception.  But if you open your mind to the possibility of what I am about to describe, perhaps it will help you to understand why someone you know is suddenly acting so strangely and triggering the worst in you.

There are beings in the energy world beyond our physical sight and sound that literally survive off of the energy we emit when we are upset.  Every time you feel a fear-based emotion, you are feeding something that is harming you…something that is subconsciously manipulating you for food.  This emotional energy food source is known as loosh, and without it, these beings will die.  They know your weaknesses and which buttons to push to bring out your strongest emotions.  They are capable of manipulating your mind to perceive reality differently or jump to false conclusions.  Since so many people are permanently releasing their buried emotions and raising their vibrational energy, the food source of these beings is running low, and they are getting desperate.  There are different kinds of invisible entities…three of which I am aware.  Many people with keener senses have seen the plasma beings with their naked eye.  Plasma beings feed on loosh.  They were created by another species and do not have souls.  Plasma beings do not permanently attach to people, and therefore I have no personal awareness of them.  The entities that attach to people are dark energies and extraterrestrial (E.T.) energy beings, the latter which also feed on loosh.  All three are bringing out our worst emotions.  I first learned about dark energy and E.T. attachments in my hypnotherapy training, and I have spoken to many of them through clients when they were the cause of the presenting problem.  While releasing my own spirit attachments in deep meditation, I took the time to ask more questions.  Some of the E.T.s claim that they are playing us like lab rats.  They are learning by manipulating us.  I later heard about this from other sources, which verified what I’d been told.  All three of these entities drain our energy.  Dark energies and E.T.s can only attach to us and harm us where we have a buried emotion that they can emphasize.  We are always the root cause of our own harm, so never see yourself as a victim.  While some of these negative E.T. attachments want to harm us, others claim that they are helping us…that without them we would be complacent in our so-so reality and never advance.  I initially resisted that suggestion, thinking they might be trying to manipulate my view in their favor, but I now believe they are right.

No matter the source of the excessive human drama, isn’t it time to accept that we all have crazy thoughts and emotions that are coming out to be forgiven as apposed to being judged?  Isn’t it time we stand together and help each other get over these fears and subconscious attacks within our minds where it all begins?  The real enemy is beyond our human perception, and focusing on it is pointless.  Let’s learn to love and empathize with all that we can feel and see.  That is where our true power lies.

Freeing Ourselves Individually

All change starts at the individual level, and while we always seek self improvement, this is the most important time to choose love over fear within each moment of our lives.  Every aspect of our lives influences the other.  There is a collective consciousness of the universe, the planet, the human species, the ecosystem that makes up the human body, etc.  When you bring the vibrational energy of any one of these up, it influences all of the others.  That is why it is now easier to change than ever…because so much is happening and so many of us are growing.  That is also why people often speak of body, mind and spirit.  One influences the other.  They go together.  And when you make a change with one, you tend to make a change with the other.  The key to all change and improvement is to let go.

Let go of all of your belief systems—big and small—everything you have been taught.  (Much, and perhaps most of it, have been lies, anyway.)  Also let go of anything you believe identifies you, such as sex, race, religion, nationality, occupation, and body image.  Let go of any perceived separation between you and others.  Let go of judgement.  Beliefs are more responsible than anything else for keeping us bound to the illusions that we have created.  Return to a place of innocence and wonder.  Start seeing everything from a higher perspective, and always recognize that you still do not truly know.

Let go of your emotions.  Notice where you feel emotional, and notice when someone or some event pushes your buttons and triggers a negative emotion or response.  Use the craziness you are witnessing as an opportunity to discover where you yourself need healing.  Facing and releasing these emotions by finding forgiveness and a corrected perception will bring you peace and raise your spiritual vibration.  Generally speaking, if you feel badly about something for more than just a few moments, then your view of the situation and your related subconscious memories need correcting.  If you find yourself moved to tears as you address an internal issue, then you know you are releasing the emotion.

Let go of bad habits.  Learn to love yourself at the physical level.  Spend your time on what serves and uplifts you.  Be yourself more than ever before.  Perhaps shift your focus to service and change.  Avoid alcohol and drugs, which can bring you down and attract the dark entities.  Make necessary diet and exercise changes.  Eat to serve the needs of your body instead of following the physical cravings that are not serving you.  If it will help you, read my recent article on how I beat my life-long sugar addiction:  http://www.believeinhealth.biz/how-i-beat-a-sugar-addiction/

Let go of negative influences.  If a person or job is bringing you down, then make the necessary changes to free yourself from that negative experience.  Avoid music with negative lyrics.  Listen to music that uplifts you.  Or spend more time in silence.  Stop watching negative drama or gun fights on TV.  The vast majority of the movies available to us are negative.  Don’t you find that strange?  Could it be that the purpose of this is to bring out our negative emotions and subsequent loosh, or to collectively manifest war into our experience by getting us to focus on it?  Take control of your reality.  Use your time wisely.  When you are in a negative place, you leave yourself open to negative attachments.  Positive feelings are your best protection.  Learn to feel good in all situations.

Freeing Ourselves Collectively

In order to free ourselves from the corrupt systems, we will first free ourselves from that which runs it—money.  Money is the tool behind it all; and without money or any perceived value supporting it, all of the corrupt systems will come to an end.  Money didn’t always exist.  People used to live happily without it, collaborating as communities.  Then money and interest was introduced as a form of control.  Its very design ensures that the number of poor people will continue to increase.  It has turned abundance into debt and slavery.  But what enslaves us more than anything is the belief that we need it, or some form of it.  We don’t.  So first let go of this belief, and then shift your focus to the new utopian world.

Imagine a world…

  • that has no bills
  • that has no taxes
  • that has no debt
  • that has no need for insurance policies
  • that has no banks
  • that has no theft
  • that has no war
  • that has no computer ads or popups
  • that functions based on a resource-based economy
  • that has clean air, water, soil and food
  • where the IQs of each generation improve along with health
  • where all farm animals are treated with kindness
  • where appliances are built to last
  • where forests increase in size
  • where energy is clean and free
  • where discoveries are shared and not owned or suppressed
  • where there are no patents and no blocking of better inventions
  • where there is no need for competition
  • where diseases are cured and not just managed
  • where doctors recommend certain foods and supplements more often than they prescribe drugs
  • where most drugs have zero side effects
  • where nobody wants your money because money is worth nothing
  • where you never have to place a value on anything
  • where you have more time on your hands to do what you love
  • where you are always taken care of and provided with all that you need
  • where you have ample opportunity to share your gifts

There are several movements involving collaboration that I know will all help in this transition, but the UBUNTU movement is leading the change and includes the vital step of ultimately abolishing money altogether.  It is the one movement I am aware of that has a plan to both work with and undermine the existing, corrupt system; and it needs all of the publicity and support it can get.  Please watch the two videos in the following link if you have not already seen a presentation on this movement.  This speech was recently made in London.  http://www.ubuntuparty.org.za/2016/07/michael-tellingers-ubuntu-presenteation.html

If you find yourself saying, “But that will never work, because…,” remember that small problems are solvable and that we create our reality.  If we desire this and we focus on it, then it will happen.  It is a law of the universe.  Albert Einstein once said, “Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it.  Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality.  It can be no other way.  This is not philosophy.  This is physics.”  Our thoughts and emotions have immense power.  If you think it can’t work because we have too many dark souls here, remember that there is more to this reality and to this earthly shift than you currently understand, and get ready to watch some amazing events take place that will assist us in this transition.  The higher energies and angelic beings are ready to help us now more than ever, but it is up to each of us to choose and to make the change.

It is such a privilege to be living here at this time.  We have ample and unique challenges coming out to help assist us in our growth, as well as the opportunity to shift the consciousness and the human experience to a loving, utopian state.  Your thoughts, feelings, and perceptions from here on out will determine the outcome.  No matter how bad things look, and no matter how hard things get, always choose love and trust, and everything will work out for you.  You can make this an awesome time.  The choice is yours.

Who Are You Trying to Help?

Most people try really hard to help others to improve themselves and their life experience.  Few people truly work to improve themselves—the only person they have any power to change.

How I Beat My Life-Long Sugar Addiction

My Diet Background

I had been a sugar addict ever since I could remember.  I ate sugar cereal practically every day growing up, thinking it was healthy, and I was constantly going after sweets in the house.  I didn’t like vegetables.  By the time I was in my twenties and responsible for my own meals, I forced myself to have just one vegetable every other day.  I knew my diet was bad, but I now see it as so much worse than I believed it to be at the time.  I would often drink juice, which was mostly sugar, believing that was healthy, too.  At one point, when a glass juice dispenser at work damaged the bottle, causing red juice to appear on my hand while I was drinking it, I switched to Mountain Dew to avoid drinking glass.  I also ate a lot of candy.

At one point I discovered that the milk and sugar I was consuming were partially responsible for my horrific allergies and asthma.  I don’t recall how I initially cut back on sugar then, but I managed to cut back enough to feel better.  I was slowly improving other basic diet principles as well, purposely opening my mind to the idea that maybe some vegetables could taste good now, and just trying to eat better in general.  Eventually I started to improve my diet exponentially, and I learned that it was Monsanto’s rBHT hormone in the milk that I was so allergic to.  I’ve cut dairy out almost entirely, and I now stick with raw.

My big diet changes started when I learned about the dangers of hydrogenated oils.  I instantly dropped many foods from my diet.  Then it was high fructose corn syrup (HFCS).  Then I learned about genetically modified organisms (GMO) and got rid of those, along with any animal that had eaten it.  Several times I discovered I was still eating them and cut back some more, such as when I discovered Whole Foods uses HFCS instead of honey in their honey peanut butter grinder.  (Yes, really.  How is that even legal?)  I cut gluten out almost entirely, and then MSG.  Now I have several pages of food ingredients found on labels that I won’t eat.  I gave up trying to find anything healthy in regular grocery stores, outside of the health section and produce isle.  For a while I still consumed way too many sweets, but I had switched to cane sugar and Stevia.

Why I wanted off of Refined Sugar

The primary reason I wanted to give up refined sugar was because I was so addicted.  The more I ate, the more I wanted.  I felt like a slave to my cravings.  It also made it difficult to maintain my weight, although I managed OK.  It didn’t help my PH balance, and I learned that it causes inflammation, which leads to a host of diseases.  I believe diabetes is its most well-known direct cause.  I also knew that cancer cells feed on it, and a later study would show that sugar itself can cause cancer directly.  On top of all that, I recognized that it is a low-vibration food, not good for my body, and likely keeping me from advancing spiritually.

Studies show that sugar is harder to give up than cocaine.  It is a physical addiction due to the pathogens in the body that require it for survival, especially candida.  The pathogens cause the cravings.  I was ready to get rid of them, balance my system, and feed the beneficial bacteria in my body instead of the ones that destroy health.

I Waited Until I Was Ready

Although I had cut back on sugar a couple of times, I still had a long way to go as of a year ago when I really decided to make some big changes.  Once I decided I no longer wanted to be a slave to sugar and I wanted to treat my body better, I had to face what I was about to give up.  I don’t see how anyone can get off of such an addiction until he/she decides that the benefits outweigh the risks.  I was planning to change my taste buds.  Once I was off of sugar, I wouldn’t like it much any more, would I?  I took note of the ecstasy I felt when the cravings were strong and I satisfied them with a brownie.  It is literally a high, albeit a short one.  Was I ready to give up that appreciation I have enjoyed for so long?  Was I ready to give up the brownies themselves?  Yes.  I wanted to be healthy.  I wanted balanced gut bacteria.  I wanted to let go of need.  I was ready to move on from that life experience and enter into a new state of being.  I was ready for a new me.

The Different Methods I Used


Back when I gave up HFCS, I had to give up Mountain Dew.  I only drank it at work, when I was focused on other things, so switching to something less tasty wasn’t that difficult.  At the time I would bring bottled water to work in order to stay clear of the chlorine and fluoride in the tap water.  Little did I know that my bottled water contained unlisted fluoride and was also full of BPA.  None the less, instead of Mountain Dew, I would drink a bottle of water with 8 drops of Stevia in it to satisfy my sweet tooth.  As I got used to drinking less sugar, I found I only wanted 7 drops of Stevia, then 6….  Eventually I got down to 1 drop of Stevia, until it finally wasn’t even worth the trouble of adding any at all.

Start With the Fuel

Since the sweetest of sweets would fuel my cravings the most and worsen my addiction, those were the first to go.  Anything that fueled my addiction or was extra sweet was out.  I simply stopped buying those products and never looked back.

Cold Turkey

Most sugar addicts would say that they could never give up sugar cold turkey, but in my opinion, it’s actually easier than slowly getting unhooked.  Think about it….  When do you tend to get sugar cravings?  It’s after you’ve had other sweets or maybe consumed too many carbohydrates.  Give up the carbohydrates and the cravings aren’t as severe.  I went on two candida diets, for 17 and 18 days.  I did it hard core, which meant no sugar, almost zero carbohydrates (fiber excluded), no molds (cheese, potatoes, etc.), no alcohol (which turns into sugar), no beans (except green beans), no processed meats, and no fruit.  I was careful to stick with mostly alkaline-forming foods, which was challenging on such a diet.  I ran into a few problems on these diets:  (1) I started out losing weight too quickly, and I didn’t have that much to lose.  I subsequently started eating coconut kefir and that helped.  (2) I started getting leg cramps because I wasn’t getting enough potassium.  I finally started to allow myself bananas (which aren’t bad and help in terms of fiber), and I later realized that pumpkin seeds would have helped in terms of both potassium and weight.  (3) On one of the diets I wound up covered neck to ankle in eczema.  The candida was dying.  I continued anyway, and the eczema disappeared.

After both diets I discovered my taste buds had changed significantly.  I no longer liked some of the sweets I gave up for the diet, and I didn’t want them bringing back the addiction, so I immediately gave them up or altered my recipes.

Find Substitutes

It’s hard to give up foods and do without, feeling as though you are lacking (although in time the feeling does dissipate).  It is much easier to substitute with other foods and drinks, even if you do not appreciate them nearly as much.  I found that once I got used to my new substitutes, they easily became my new treat.

I once heard someone suggest that you can simply substitute fruit for sugar.  I thought, “I’m sorry, but a strawberry is not going to satisfy the craving for chocolate.”  Here are some fruits that do:  Dried figs, dates and tamarind fruit.  I also like to make a low-carb nut-butter mix with low sugar chocolate.  What constitutes dessert is all a matter of perception.  I even finally got myself to drink coffee.  I searched online for suggestions of what to put in it, and someone suggested nut butter.  I now enjoy organic coffee with lightly toasted almond butter, coconut sugar, maca powder (for taste and alkalinity), and homemade hemp milk.  I also use a little coconut sugar in my oatmeal.  I sweeten it further with raisins and banana.  Most of the time I eat eggs for breakfast.

So what could I drink after something sweet, like a date, to wash it down, instead of the can of cane sugar grape soda that I was drinking over a period of several days?  Water didn’t cut it.  And how do I put out the fire in my mouth from a spicy meal if I can’t have organic ice cream?  Instead of the soda, I started drinking coconut water.  Initially I didn’t like it as well.  Now I like it better.  This would also be a good substitute for milk.  After most of my meals, especially the spicy ones, I now eat a homemade peppermint patty with refined coconut oil, peppermint oil, organic raw honey, cacao powder and a touch of spirulina.  My dessert is my new coconut oil supplement.  Now I have one less pill to take.

Many people are under the impression that health food doesn’t taste good.  First of all, you can train your taste buds with habit.  Second, just as with unhealthy foods, you have to try several things you don’t like before you run into something delicious.  It also helps to find new healthy recipes instead of trying to modify the old ones.

Soil Based Organisms (SBO)

The last thing I did was take Soil Based Organisms (SBO), a probiotic yeast that kills candida and other pathogens.  I believe this helped as well, and had I started taking them sooner, I think it would have made my quest much easier.

A 100% Ban Is Not Required

Most of the foods I have given up for health reasons are 100% off my diet, except for the occasions where I am out of town and find I really don’t have much choice.  (Even then, I still won’t consume any allergens.)  But with sugar I am not quite so strict.  For five months now, refined sugar has been out of my daily diet, and I don’t miss it one bit.  Looking at a plate of gourmet candy does not entice me at all.  I even tasted a friend’s tiramisu, and I hated it.  I am still struggling to find mints that do not contain sugar or processed sweeteners, but that is a small problem to tackle.  I also decided that I still enjoy half a bottle of Virgil’s Root Beer with beef or lamb, so I’ve decided to allow myself that pleasure.  That little bit does not trigger the old addiction like an alcohol addiction would.  Those pathogens that caused the cravings are long dead.  At this point I avoid sugar primarily because I don’t want it.  The addiction is gone and nothing is more freeing than letting go of need.  On top of that, instead of kicking myself over bad habits, I feel good about myself, knowing that I am doing so much for my health and well being; and it’s easy.

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