Common Fault of the Loving

Just as those on the path of the self (dark) tend to discount the importance of others, those on the path of service (light) tend to discount the importance of self.  These souls often place more time and importance on what others desire or expect from them, allow themselves to be taken advantaged of, seldom set boundaries, often lack confidence, and sometimes put up with abuse.  Honor and respect both self and others alike.  Those on the dark path tend to understand the significance of self so much better than those on the path of light.  That much they have correctly understood, but they then serve self at the expense of others, which is where they get out of alignment.

Spiritual Evolution a Necessity

We have reached a point in time where spiritual evolution is REQUIRED for survival—both individually and collectively.

Why You Have Social Anxiety

While autoimmune disorders make some people more susceptible to feeling their buried emotions than healthy people, we all have them.  We bury emotions that we cannot handle or accept at the time that we get them.  These can be large or small traumas.  You have had past lives where you have been beaten, bullied, raped, robbed, imprisoned, physically restrained, chased, deceived, judged, choked, stabbed, shot, lynched, burned (perhaps at the stake),  and maybe even forced through electric shock “therapy.”  Of course you have social anxiety!  Your subconscious mind has seen that people are cruel and cannot be trusted.  Take the time to mentally face and resolve these issues.  Tell your subconscious mind to always stay calm and know intuitively who you can trust and how best to respond instead of putting up fear-based defenses.  You will gradually feel better.

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