How to Respond to a Problem

Every problem is a door.  Be grateful for being notified of the spiritual block that caused it, and use it to re-create yourself.

What Belief Determines

Belief does not determine what is.  It does determine your acceptance level of what is, how you react to situations, what you experience, how prepared you are for events, your behavior, whether or not your expression of love is distorted, etc.  It can limit you or expand you.  You decide.

No Functional System In Third Density

We can never have a functional system in a 3rd density, path of the self world.  So long as the vast majority of people care more about themselves than the collective, no system can work long-term.  Most people are run by their egos.  We cannot change others.  We can only expand ourselves into a better reality by choosing to love and serve others, as well as ourselves; and by discovering and letting go of our own egoic problems.  The path to a better world is individual.

Resistance to Truth

Nothing will keep someone from learning the truth more than the arrogance that they already know it.

2017 ~ The Year We Have Been Waiting For

Every Little Thing

One of the many things I have learned on my physical and spiritual journey is that the answer is rarely just one magic bullet.  There may be some of these along the way, but it’s every little thing you do that makes a difference in both your over-all health and your spiritual vibration.

We are in the middle of a war that started in ancient times and has accelerated greatly in recent years.  This is a war of light verses dark.  It was the dark side that managed to hold most of the ancient secrets and keep them from us for so long.  They have been winning the spiritual war for a very long time, preventing us from accessing higher consciousness due to suppressed knowledge, science and history; chemical toxins; and emitted negative energy frequencies.  The majority of the people in the world remain clueless that they are even being harmed and manipulated, or that there are very dark souls on the planet that have altered the systems we use in a very negative way.  Why?  Because darkness knows to stay hidden.  In order to survive, it must live in secret, and it will gladly kill to ensure that happens.  Because it is hidden from our every-day experience, people think it does not exist, or at least is not affecting them.  And the vast majority of people remain completely closed to, and defensive against, a new idea or belief, even though a person cannot grow without changing the mind.

In order to transcend the negative attacks, start working on the little things.  Consume healthy, high vibration foods.  Avoid putting harmful food or chemicals in or on the body.  Avoid EMF, WiFi and cell phones.  Avoid negative thought and quickly correct any negative emotion that comes up.  Avoid people who bring you down, disrespect you or are unsupportive.  And detox.  Get these chemicals out of your body.  But be careful when combining them.  Your liver can only handle so much, and detoxifying generally means feeling worse in order to feel better.  Below are some things I am using or have used to detox.  Remember that fluoride calcifies around the pineal gland, blocking higher consciousness, among other problems it causes.

  • Tamarind fruit to remove fluoride
  • Nascent iodine to remove fluoride
  • DMSA to remove heavy metals, including Mercury
  • EDTA to remove heavy metals, plaque from the arteries, and fluoride
  • Magnesium Malate to remove aluminum nanoparticals inhaled via chemtrails
  • PurBlack Shilajit to remove radiation (Other forms of shilajit contain heavy metals.  You may also consider Potassium Iodide.)

If you’ve ever been tested for heavy metals and thought you were in good shape, think again.  The only full proof heavy metals test is a biopsy, and you have to be dead in order to get that.  The metals that have settled in your body tissue may show up a little or not at all.  Everyone has some level of heavy metals.  Try chelating with DMSA (best for mercury), BioSil, or EDTA (cheapest in price and still effective); then note your side effects.  Your body will tell you.  Or you can get a urine test while chelating if it helps you to see the numbers.  Many common root causes of health issues today remain hidden from doctors and patients alike, and this is one example.  Fluoride is another.

It appears to be illegal in the US to get off the grid, as many have tried and gotten arrested.  The electric companies keep a barrier of negative frequency surrounding our homes.  Try to spend more time outside.  It is impossible to escape everything that is being done, but the more you do for your body, mind and spirit; the higher your vibration will be.

The Turmoil Continues

I am personally very happy to see 2017.  For various reasons, I believe this is the year we have been waiting for…the year much more light is shined to expose much more darkness…the year insiders on the positive path finally rise up and make their move (note that this has already begun at a subtle level)…the year many sound beliefs are dismantled…the year higher, more noticeable frequencies come to the planet…the year many people begin to awaken and experience reality differently…and the year the light and the dark go head to head, in order to finally turn this planet toward a positive path.

This does not mean it will be easy, nor does it mean that we will find resolution by the end of the year.  I mentioned before that people are going to start leaving the planet.  Sure enough, we discovered that death rates in all age groups started rising last year.  Doctors are saying children born today are not expected to outlive their parents.  And starting in November, many people were seeing both celebrities and personal acquaintances pass on.  I lost some old friends as well.  I expect this to continue, and probably accelerate, especially among those who are not taking care of their physical bodies and emotional attitudes.

Please keep in mind that all experiences are lessons.  It’s OK if it is time for someone to leave this physical life, even if it is a dramatic change that alters your current reality.  Trust the timing and the apparent need for your situation to change.  You are still very connected to everyone at a higher level and can access that if you open yourself up and truly believe it.  Use every experience that feels negative as an opportunity for growth, and you will get through the year much easier than most.

In recent years, whistleblowers and journalists of alternative media have served as heroes of our time.  They have been on the fore-front of the path of the light—the path of service.  They continue to be attacked.  Their drones have been shot down at Standing Rock.  Some have been arrested.  Disinformation against their journalism and their testimony has been rampant.  Then The Washington Post admittedly pointed to an anonymous source in order to label this media as fake news, even though the act of creating news without an identifiable source is by definition, fake news.  Since then, Congress has been working diligently to bring down these alternative media sources—anyone that does not adhere to the controlling government agenda.  Many of these websites claim they have been hacked and temporarily brought down.  Soon they might be brought down for good.  Facebook, Twitter and Google are now required to suppress this honest information or pay a fine.  Similar YouTube accounts are being hacked and taken over, and YouTube has not been supportive of the original copyright.  One account, Anonymous, was simply taken down without warning.  We are losing freedom of the press.  Government control will continue to tighten in the coming year, but the positive new energies will get us through the rocky times.  The dark side has lost its grip.  They are very scared, partially because so much verifiable evidence has come to light in terms of the massive pedophile ring.  The New York Times—another truly fake news source—has gone so far as to state that pedophilia is not a crime (but only a disease), in an attempt to protect the many guilty parties among the power elite.  They are attempting to turn our minds toward sympathy and understanding prior to the demands for their arrests.  Mind control has been the name of their game all along.

If alternative media is taken down, fear not.  Other groups—government insiders and conscious minds alike—are about to step up to the plate.  We each have our role, both personal and global, and every role is perfectly designed.  The most important thing to keep in mind is that this is our greatest opportunity for growth.  Our greatest faults will be right in front of our faces.  See every seemingly negative experience as an opportunity to grow and change.  Send love to all who you recognize as being in a state of fear, or who try to bring you down, as this is a good way to turn your energy around.  Do not take their faults personally, or they will in turn become yours.  As you see suffering, recognize that the troubled souls are in good hands, and their lessons are helping them, too.  As you change your way of thinking accordingly, you will flow with the new energies and enjoy the benefits.  Learn to keep your positive place and find your strength.  Trust.  This is just a game, and you—your soul—remains eternally safe.

Higher Consciousness and Divine Intervention

In times of turmoil, many turn to prayer.  This is very wise, as we cannot be helped if we do not ask, due to the firm law of free will.  Many do not believe that divine intervention is possible.  If you ask, but you do not believe you will be helped, you will not be.  You must be open and trusting; and if you really want to see results, feel the emotion of love or gratitude with your prayer.  I have experienced very obvious divine intervention many times, both for myself and on behalf of others.  Emotions of love, trust and gratitude make all the difference.  You do not need to be gifted to ask for help, but you must be willing to allow the help to reach you.

Many people have been raising their vibrations and are about to awaken into higher consciousness, choosing to serve the collective mind above the self, as we are clearly lost without it.  The mind that is awakened to the collective view and has expanded beyond normal human consciousness will certainly have capabilities beyond that which humanity is accustomed.  That said, do not expect these awakened souls to fix the world that is experiencing the very energies it has attracted.  What we will experience is perfect just the way it is, even though it will be very challenging at times.  No, the purpose of the expanded mind is to assist individual souls in choosing love over fear, in letting go of a belief, or in getting beyond whatever might be blocking their progress.  Even a divine being is not permitted to interfere with someone’s staunch belief or to perform an action in front of an observer that they believe to be impossible, as the free will choice is to not know.  Nothing is impossible.  We simply have limited knowledge, and therefore, limited beliefs.  Open your mind and you may just experience what appears to be a miracle.

Try not to take this year’s crazy events too seriously, and use them as an opportunity to grow by leaps and bounds.

Incidentally, the transcript of the primary video that YouTube is suppressing, by physically taking down the account of the group Anonymous and all copies of the video, can be found at the link below.  This is credible information, although it is unclear at this point if it will actually be implemented.  Please familiarize yourself with the issue in case it comes into fruition prior to exposure that will come out in the documentary, “Unacknowledged,” in early Spring.  And do not support any war that our governments try to scare us into, even where they use advanced, suppressed technology to make it more believable and instill more fear.  They serve corporate interests only.  There is no real threat.  The real danger is in the fear itself.

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