Self Love

Your higher Self has loved you despite your flaws.  Can you do the same?

Eliminating Darkness

The best way to remove external darkness is to remove internal darkness.  As we each stop attracting it, the energies will cause it to simply fall away.  While it is here, it serves a valid purpose of revealing our own darkness and propelling our soul growth.

Message for Messengers

Those who are so determined to teach often fail to listen, thus depriving themselves of their own lessons, while at the same time, distancing those who are not ready for their information.


Watch this video to find out why taking pharmaceutical drugs is almost never a good idea.  Also learn how they have already damaged your body.  Are Your Medications Damaging Your Gut?

The Root of Disease

The vast majority of health problems today start in the gut.  If you want to get healthy, you have to address the damage that has been done to your microbiome, along with the cascading effects.  The Microbiome Medicine Summit 2 is a good place to start.  Watch for free May 8-15, 2017.

Hay House World Summit

Sign up for the free online Hay House World Summit, featuring 100 speakers for 18 days.  It starts Saturday, May 6.  These speakers are extremely inspirational.  You will be uplifted.

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