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Let Go of Your Need to Serve

I live for ah-ha moments. While most of the population experiences resistance and mentally defends their current belief systems when they hear or think a new thought, I literally feel a high when I realize my existing belief was off, and I have grown one step closer to the divine mind. Because I have had the desire to know where I have been wrong and have been so open to the higher teachings, I get ah-ha moments frequently. I am now going to share my latest one with you…

The need to serve is still a need. And in order to advance ourselves, we must let go of need. Like many others, I have wanted to do my part to help people, to spread the truth, and to improve the world. We want to be on the path of service, after all, do we not? Well, Spirit has corrected me on my definition of service.

In order to have the desire to help resolve the problems of the world (to end suffering, improve experience, or any other reason) one must see problems in the world to begin with. This world is designed in such a way that the energies are constantly responding to provide everyone with exactly what they are putting out. It is already perfectly designed to fulfill every desire and every need. It does not need fixing. Each individual has the capability of changing his mind and his thoughts in order to improve his experience. While some people may doubt that this is actually so, I have been witnessing this for a long time in my personal life as I continue to release countless buried emotions and subsequently receive all of the answers to which I have been seeking. While some manifestations take time to get to me, I often receive a response to my requests (both intentional and miscreated) within 1-3 days. While I was initially skeptical of the Law of Attraction, I have reached a point in my experience where for me, there is no fact more sound than this.

In addition, in order to fulfill such a need for service, other souls must choose to have needs that you can fill in order to satisfy your desire. Therefore, by wanting to help people and address the problems of the world, you are actually co-creating the suffering in the first place. Wow! What a concept! As with most of my messages from Spirit, this teaching was confirmed for me shortly afterward by another source. The Abraham channelings by Ester Hicks made exactly the same point.

No one needs help. Everyone gets what they ask for, whether it be something that they like or dislike. What they ask for will always be fulfilled by someone or something. While you can certainly assist someone, your assistance is never required in order for another person to receive what it is they are asking for. That said, you can sometimes make it easier for the universe to fulfill a request.

Here is a related message I received prior to this:

There are no mistakes.
There are no problems.
There is no best or worst.
There is no right or wrong.
There is only creation
There are no mistakes.
—preferred and not preferred
…all expansion.
Do not pass judgement on creation. Love all types.

So what, then, is service about? True service is to fulfill your own deepest passion and allow those who choose to benefit from it. Therefore, when you serve, you are primarily serving yourself, but to the benefit of others. The path of the self, on the other hand, is service to self to the detriment of others. And no, others do not even have to be part of your current passion for your soul to serve in its creative desires. Remember, no one needs help. We do not need to save the world. How is that for a burden off of your shoulders?

Now you might be thinking about the collective direction of the world. You still have to share this planet with everyone…at least for now. From the looks of things, this world is still headed in a very negative direction. If un-preferred experiences continue to be attracted (e.g. more war, financial collapse, food shortages, crime, slavery, etc.), won’t you have to suffer at the hands of what others are attracting to the planet?

As I stated previously, the one thing in this world that I know to be sound is the Law of Attraction, and you cannot experience something that you have not attracted. You have probably noticed that the consciousness of people on the planet has been splitting. Those who are choosing to grow themselves are finding it hard to even communicate with those who are determined to keep the status quo. And there is so much that we cannot see. Our souls will eventually have to split into different experiences, different timelines, and/or different dimensions; and we may not even notice. Not only have such events been prophesied, but science is beginning to show us that the planet is advancing to a higher dimension and a higher density. Specifically, muons (which are similar to electrons) are about to become more compacted; thus moving faster, and resulting in a higher vibrational frequency. But is this necessarily a one-way shift? Perhaps the multiple dimensions of the solar system, corresponding to the colors of the chakras, will continue to co-exist simultaneously, and we are simply coming upon a point of transition, where different souls can simply veer into their chosen frequency. We are certainly at the end of a cycle, as we watch the activities of the sun (sun spots and solar flares). We are also seeing changes in the continuously increasing Schumann Resonance. It used to remain steady at a frequency of 7.83 Hz. While this has been increasing for several years; this year, for the first time, it has spiked at a frequency greater than 36 Hz. The poles have also started to shift, along with weather patterns. And each season seems to come earlier than the one prior. Obviously, we are in a process of great change.

You are never a victim of a collective creation. Whatever you are personally asking for, both consciously and subconsciously, will determine your future. It always does. So allow the rest of the world to do as it chooses. And if it chooses to completely destroy itself, so be it. It is just one experience in unlimited creation, and you do not necessarily have to partake.

Now ask yourself… What is your deepest passion, and how would you like to express it? There can be no better way to serve than to share your love, joy and creativity with others, as you desire, simply because it makes you feel good.

2017 ~ The Year We Have Been Waiting For

Every Little Thing

One of the many things I have learned on my physical and spiritual journey is that the answer is rarely just one magic bullet.  There may be some of these along the way, but it’s every little thing you do that makes a difference in both your over-all health and your spiritual vibration.

We are in the middle of a war that started in ancient times and has accelerated greatly in recent years.  This is a war of light verses dark.  It was the dark side that managed to hold most of the ancient secrets and keep them from us for so long.  They have been winning the spiritual war for a very long time, preventing us from accessing higher consciousness due to suppressed knowledge, science and history; chemical toxins; and emitted negative energy frequencies.  The majority of the people in the world remain clueless that they are even being harmed and manipulated, or that there are very dark souls on the planet that have altered the systems we use in a very negative way.  Why?  Because darkness knows to stay hidden.  In order to survive, it must live in secret, and it will gladly kill to ensure that happens.  Because it is hidden from our every-day experience, people think it does not exist, or at least is not affecting them.  And the vast majority of people remain completely closed to, and defensive against, a new idea or belief, even though a person cannot grow without changing the mind.

In order to transcend the negative attacks, start working on the little things.  Consume healthy, high vibration foods.  Avoid putting harmful food or chemicals in or on the body.  Avoid EMF, WiFi and cell phones.  Avoid negative thought and quickly correct any negative emotion that comes up.  Avoid people who bring you down, disrespect you or are unsupportive.  And detox.  Get these chemicals out of your body.  But be careful when combining them.  Your liver can only handle so much, and detoxifying generally means feeling worse in order to feel better.  Below are some things I am using or have used to detox.  Remember that fluoride calcifies around the pineal gland, blocking higher consciousness, among other problems it causes.

  • Tamarind fruit to remove fluoride
  • Nascent iodine to remove fluoride
  • DMSA to remove heavy metals, including Mercury
  • EDTA to remove heavy metals, plaque from the arteries, and fluoride
  • Magnesium Malate to remove aluminum nanoparticals inhaled via chemtrails
  • PurBlack Shilajit to remove radiation (Other forms of shilajit contain heavy metals.  You may also consider Potassium Iodide.)

If you’ve ever been tested for heavy metals and thought you were in good shape, think again.  The only full proof heavy metals test is a biopsy, and you have to be dead in order to get that.  The metals that have settled in your body tissue may show up a little or not at all.  Everyone has some level of heavy metals.  Try chelating with DMSA (best for mercury), BioSil, or EDTA (cheapest in price and still effective); then note your side effects.  Your body will tell you.  Or you can get a urine test while chelating if it helps you to see the numbers.  Many common root causes of health issues today remain hidden from doctors and patients alike, and this is one example.  Fluoride is another.

It appears to be illegal in the US to get off the grid, as many have tried and gotten arrested.  The electric companies keep a barrier of negative frequency surrounding our homes.  Try to spend more time outside.  It is impossible to escape everything that is being done, but the more you do for your body, mind and spirit; the higher your vibration will be.

The Turmoil Continues

I am personally very happy to see 2017.  For various reasons, I believe this is the year we have been waiting for…the year much more light is shined to expose much more darkness…the year insiders on the positive path finally rise up and make their move (note that this has already begun at a subtle level)…the year many sound beliefs are dismantled…the year higher, more noticeable frequencies come to the planet…the year many people begin to awaken and experience reality differently…and the year the light and the dark go head to head, in order to finally turn this planet toward a positive path.

This does not mean it will be easy, nor does it mean that we will find resolution by the end of the year.  I mentioned before that people are going to start leaving the planet.  Sure enough, we discovered that death rates in all age groups started rising last year.  Doctors are saying children born today are not expected to outlive their parents.  And starting in November, many people were seeing both celebrities and personal acquaintances pass on.  I lost some old friends as well.  I expect this to continue, and probably accelerate, especially among those who are not taking care of their physical bodies and emotional attitudes.

Please keep in mind that all experiences are lessons.  It’s OK if it is time for someone to leave this physical life, even if it is a dramatic change that alters your current reality.  Trust the timing and the apparent need for your situation to change.  You are still very connected to everyone at a higher level and can access that if you open yourself up and truly believe it.  Use every experience that feels negative as an opportunity for growth, and you will get through the year much easier than most.

In recent years, whistleblowers and journalists of alternative media have served as heroes of our time.  They have been on the fore-front of the path of the light—the path of service.  They continue to be attacked.  Their drones have been shot down at Standing Rock.  Some have been arrested.  Disinformation against their journalism and their testimony has been rampant.  Then The Washington Post admittedly pointed to an anonymous source in order to label this media as fake news, even though the act of creating news without an identifiable source is by definition, fake news.  Since then, Congress has been working diligently to bring down these alternative media sources—anyone that does not adhere to the controlling government agenda.  Many of these websites claim they have been hacked and temporarily brought down.  Soon they might be brought down for good.  Facebook, Twitter and Google are now required to suppress this honest information or pay a fine.  Similar YouTube accounts are being hacked and taken over, and YouTube has not been supportive of the original copyright.  One account, Anonymous, was simply taken down without warning.  We are losing freedom of the press.  Government control will continue to tighten in the coming year, but the positive new energies will get us through the rocky times.  The dark side has lost its grip.  They are very scared, partially because so much verifiable evidence has come to light in terms of the massive pedophile ring.  The New York Times—another truly fake news source—has gone so far as to state that pedophilia is not a crime (but only a disease), in an attempt to protect the many guilty parties among the power elite.  They are attempting to turn our minds toward sympathy and understanding prior to the demands for their arrests.  Mind control has been the name of their game all along.

If alternative media is taken down, fear not.  Other groups—government insiders and conscious minds alike—are about to step up to the plate.  We each have our role, both personal and global, and every role is perfectly designed.  The most important thing to keep in mind is that this is our greatest opportunity for growth.  Our greatest faults will be right in front of our faces.  See every seemingly negative experience as an opportunity to grow and change.  Send love to all who you recognize as being in a state of fear, or who try to bring you down, as this is a good way to turn your energy around.  Do not take their faults personally, or they will in turn become yours.  As you see suffering, recognize that the troubled souls are in good hands, and their lessons are helping them, too.  As you change your way of thinking accordingly, you will flow with the new energies and enjoy the benefits.  Learn to keep your positive place and find your strength.  Trust.  This is just a game, and you—your soul—remains eternally safe.

Higher Consciousness and Divine Intervention

In times of turmoil, many turn to prayer.  This is very wise, as we cannot be helped if we do not ask, due to the firm law of free will.  Many do not believe that divine intervention is possible.  If you ask, but you do not believe you will be helped, you will not be.  You must be open and trusting; and if you really want to see results, feel the emotion of love or gratitude with your prayer.  I have experienced very obvious divine intervention many times, both for myself and on behalf of others.  Emotions of love, trust and gratitude make all the difference.  You do not need to be gifted to ask for help, but you must be willing to allow the help to reach you.

Many people have been raising their vibrations and are about to awaken into higher consciousness, choosing to serve the collective mind above the self, as we are clearly lost without it.  The mind that is awakened to the collective view and has expanded beyond normal human consciousness will certainly have capabilities beyond that which humanity is accustomed.  That said, do not expect these awakened souls to fix the world that is experiencing the very energies it has attracted.  What we will experience is perfect just the way it is, even though it will be very challenging at times.  No, the purpose of the expanded mind is to assist individual souls in choosing love over fear, in letting go of a belief, or in getting beyond whatever might be blocking their progress.  Even a divine being is not permitted to interfere with someone’s staunch belief or to perform an action in front of an observer that they believe to be impossible, as the free will choice is to not know.  Nothing is impossible.  We simply have limited knowledge, and therefore, limited beliefs.  Open your mind and you may just experience what appears to be a miracle.

Try not to take this year’s crazy events too seriously, and use them as an opportunity to grow by leaps and bounds.

Incidentally, the transcript of the primary video that YouTube is suppressing, by physically taking down the account of the group Anonymous and all copies of the video, can be found at the link below.  This is credible information, although it is unclear at this point if it will actually be implemented.  Please familiarize yourself with the issue in case it comes into fruition prior to exposure that will come out in the documentary, “Unacknowledged,” in early Spring.  And do not support any war that our governments try to scare us into, even where they use advanced, suppressed technology to make it more believable and instill more fear.  They serve corporate interests only.  There is no real threat.  The real danger is in the fear itself.

Transitioning from the End of Times to the Beginning

The War Against Us

Last week, as another 4th of July passed, my flag continued to sit in my garage, full of dust, as the majority of Americans celebrated the false belief that we live in a free country—a democracy.  We don’t.  We haven’t in more than 100 years, and that has become exponentially obvious in recent years, and even weeks.  We are distracted and entertained by an election that will do absolutely nothing.  We have seen time and again that the promises of presidents and congressmen become obsolete once they are in office.  There is obviously more going on than we know.  It seems that once they get into office, they find they are caught up in a corrupt system that they can do nothing about, and so they toe the line of the power elite and the corporate donors behind them, against the best interest of the people.  Even the names of the bills they create tend to do exactly the opposite of what they claim to do in their very titles (e.g. The Affordable Health Care Act), purposefully causing deception.  Congress has now just approved the third so-called DARK Act (Deny Americans the Right to Know).  It claims national GMO labeling, while doing exactly the opposite.  It also takes away any possibility of any meaningful labeling at all, while at the same time completely killing Vermont’s GMO labeling law that was voted in by the people.  Congress knows that 90% of consumers want this transparency.  Obama promised it in his first campaign, and he is under immense public pressure to veto the bill; but he will likely sign it anyway and proudly claim that we now have a national GMO labeling law.  Yet the optional, measly barcode still will not give us any reliable information, and it will leave pretty much everyone in the dark.  No, your vote does not count.  They have made that blatantly clear, even without the purposeful presidential primary blunders.  European leaders also just approved a renewal of glyphosate against the science and overwhelming demands of the people.  We are experiencing an increasing number of false flag events at the expense of people’s lives, both within the country and outside of it; all which seem to happen when there is a news story that needs covering up.  The US government has attacked all of us in many other ways as well, denying us our freedom, our health, our well-being, and in many cases, our lives.  The power elite have waged a war against all of us.  Standing up for individual rights has gotten people killed or imprisoned.  If a war against us has already been started, then why haven’t we fought back?  The reason is because they have done so much damage without us realizing it, that it is too late to win any kind of war.  They are well prepared for resistance.  They have even militarized the police, and the CIA has been encouraging police departments to hire officers that are borderline psychopaths (  Perhaps this has led to some of the bizarre police incidents, lately.  I know that many officers would never turn against the people and their rights, but every individual has his own fears and his own choices.  How can a police officer serve the people without empathy?  In addition, the media-driven “divide and conquer” tactics are unfortunately falling right into place, as everyone is literally blinded to the enemy behind the enemy.  Fighting is both futile and self-defeating.  Fighting within the system for individual laws and justice has exhausted our energy and strengthened theirs, while merely slowing down their takeover.  We cannot win with the old “fight” mentality, and we cannot win within the system.  The whole system needs to come down, and we’re going to have to bring it down both mentally and physically…from within.

If you want to go on celebrating freedom, first let go of the illusion that any part of this physical world is experiencing it.  Then start celebrating the upcoming human unity, where we take back our planet and our freedom from the power elite…without fighting and without force.  Start celebrating the freedom we are finding within our own consciousness that is driving this obvious shift from a world of control to a world of love and respect.  The apocalypse has clearly begun, and that’s a good thing, because that means it’s time to take action that will ultimately result in everyone being cared for and loved.  There has never been a time where the choice between love and fear in each moment is so important.

Some people who are waking up to the fact that we have problems (to say the least) are placing responsibility on others to take care of them, such as seemingly brave politicians or the younger generation.  I disagree with this mentality.  Everyone is or will be personally affected by these problems, and everyone’s energy is influencing what is occurring.  Like it or not, we are all involved.  If you are alive today, then you are either part of the change or part of the resistance.  Take your pick.  We have hardly begun to see the massive challenges that are about to be presented.  What are you doing about it personally and collectively?  Step one is to wake up to the problems.  We’ve been doing that.  Step two is to create the change.  We have reached step two.  Let’s get to work.

Why the World Is Going Mad

Individuals everywhere have been springing up lately doing crazy things.  The worst of people is coming out like never before.  What’s happening and what can we do about it?

Wherever arguments, emotional outbursts or even lunacy transpire, we need empathy and understanding to help us out.  We generally believe ourselves to be right and others wrong, but even when our ideas are clearly the ones supported by love, it helps us to release our own anger and forgive others if we could just understand what is going on in their minds.  For some reason, everyone’s buried emotions are showing themselves more than ever, bringing out their worst faults, and we can expect this to continue and to get stronger.  The reason for this is that the vibration of the planet is increasing to a higher frequency; and such negative emotions, and even people with low vibrational energy, cannot survive in a vibration resinating with so much positive energy.  This is the utopian shift we are moving toward, and not everyone is going to make it.  Not everyone is ready for a loving world.

So who is the enemy behind the enemy?  Who wants to bring out our negative emotions?  Who is really pulling the strings at the higher level?  Actually, it isn’t so much a “who” as it is a “what.”  This may be difficult to accept for those of you who are new to what I am about to explain, as it is human nature to resist unfamiliar concepts that have not been confirmed by our limited scientific capability.  And it doesn’t help that this is beyond our extremely limited human perception.  But if you open your mind to the possibility of what I am about to describe, perhaps it will help you to understand why someone you know is suddenly acting so strangely and triggering the worst in you.

There are beings in the energy world beyond our physical sight and sound that literally survive off of the energy we emit when we are upset.  Every time you feel a fear-based emotion, you are feeding something that is harming you…something that is subconsciously manipulating you for food.  This emotional energy food source is known as loosh, and without it, these beings will die.  They know your weaknesses and which buttons to push to bring out your strongest emotions.  They are capable of manipulating your mind to perceive reality differently or jump to false conclusions.  Since so many people are permanently releasing their buried emotions and raising their vibrational energy, the food source of these beings is running low, and they are getting desperate.  There are different kinds of invisible entities…three of which I am aware.  Many people with keener senses have seen the plasma beings with their naked eye.  Plasma beings feed on loosh.  They were created by another species and do not have souls.  Plasma beings do not permanently attach to people, and therefore I have no personal awareness of them.  The entities that attach to people are dark energies and extraterrestrial (E.T.) energy beings, the latter which also feed on loosh.  All three are bringing out our worst emotions.  I first learned about dark energy and E.T. attachments in my hypnotherapy training, and I have spoken to many of them through clients when they were the cause of the presenting problem.  While releasing my own spirit attachments in deep meditation, I took the time to ask more questions.  Some of the E.T.s claim that they are playing us like lab rats.  They are learning by manipulating us.  I later heard about this from other sources, which verified what I’d been told.  All three of these entities drain our energy.  Dark energies and E.T.s can only attach to us and harm us where we have a buried emotion that they can emphasize.  We are always the root cause of our own harm, so never see yourself as a victim.  While some of these negative E.T. attachments want to harm us, others claim that they are helping us…that without them we would be complacent in our so-so reality and never advance.  I initially resisted that suggestion, thinking they might be trying to manipulate my view in their favor, but I now believe they are right.

No matter the source of the excessive human drama, isn’t it time to accept that we all have crazy thoughts and emotions that are coming out to be forgiven as apposed to being judged?  Isn’t it time we stand together and help each other get over these fears and subconscious attacks within our minds where it all begins?  The real enemy is beyond our human perception, and focusing on it is pointless.  Let’s learn to love and empathize with all that we can feel and see.  That is where our true power lies.

Freeing Ourselves Individually

All change starts at the individual level, and while we always seek self improvement, this is the most important time to choose love over fear within each moment of our lives.  Every aspect of our lives influences the other.  There is a collective consciousness of the universe, the planet, the human species, the ecosystem that makes up the human body, etc.  When you bring the vibrational energy of any one of these up, it influences all of the others.  That is why it is now easier to change than ever…because so much is happening and so many of us are growing.  That is also why people often speak of body, mind and spirit.  One influences the other.  They go together.  And when you make a change with one, you tend to make a change with the other.  The key to all change and improvement is to let go.

Let go of all of your belief systems—big and small—everything you have been taught.  (Much, and perhaps most of it, have been lies, anyway.)  Also let go of anything you believe identifies you, such as sex, race, religion, nationality, occupation, and body image.  Let go of any perceived separation between you and others.  Let go of judgement.  Beliefs are more responsible than anything else for keeping us bound to the illusions that we have created.  Return to a place of innocence and wonder.  Start seeing everything from a higher perspective, and always recognize that you still do not truly know.

Let go of your emotions.  Notice where you feel emotional, and notice when someone or some event pushes your buttons and triggers a negative emotion or response.  Use the craziness you are witnessing as an opportunity to discover where you yourself need healing.  Facing and releasing these emotions by finding forgiveness and a corrected perception will bring you peace and raise your spiritual vibration.  Generally speaking, if you feel badly about something for more than just a few moments, then your view of the situation and your related subconscious memories need correcting.  If you find yourself moved to tears as you address an internal issue, then you know you are releasing the emotion.

Let go of bad habits.  Learn to love yourself at the physical level.  Spend your time on what serves and uplifts you.  Be yourself more than ever before.  Perhaps shift your focus to service and change.  Avoid alcohol and drugs, which can bring you down and attract the dark entities.  Make necessary diet and exercise changes.  Eat to serve the needs of your body instead of following the physical cravings that are not serving you.  If it will help you, read my recent article on how I beat my life-long sugar addiction:

Let go of negative influences.  If a person or job is bringing you down, then make the necessary changes to free yourself from that negative experience.  Avoid music with negative lyrics.  Listen to music that uplifts you.  Or spend more time in silence.  Stop watching negative drama or gun fights on TV.  The vast majority of the movies available to us are negative.  Don’t you find that strange?  Could it be that the purpose of this is to bring out our negative emotions and subsequent loosh, or to collectively manifest war into our experience by getting us to focus on it?  Take control of your reality.  Use your time wisely.  When you are in a negative place, you leave yourself open to negative attachments.  Positive feelings are your best protection.  Learn to feel good in all situations.

Freeing Ourselves Collectively

In order to free ourselves from the corrupt systems, we will first free ourselves from that which runs it—money.  Money is the tool behind it all; and without money or any perceived value supporting it, all of the corrupt systems will come to an end.  Money didn’t always exist.  People used to live happily without it, collaborating as communities.  Then money and interest was introduced as a form of control.  Its very design ensures that the number of poor people will continue to increase.  It has turned abundance into debt and slavery.  But what enslaves us more than anything is the belief that we need it, or some form of it.  We don’t.  So first let go of this belief, and then shift your focus to the new utopian world.

Imagine a world…

  • that has no bills
  • that has no taxes
  • that has no debt
  • that has no need for insurance policies
  • that has no banks
  • that has no theft
  • that has no war
  • that has no computer ads or popups
  • that functions based on a resource-based economy
  • that has clean air, water, soil and food
  • where the IQs of each generation improve along with health
  • where all farm animals are treated with kindness
  • where appliances are built to last
  • where forests increase in size
  • where energy is clean and free
  • where discoveries are shared and not owned or suppressed
  • where there are no patents and no blocking of better inventions
  • where there is no need for competition
  • where diseases are cured and not just managed
  • where doctors recommend certain foods and supplements more often than they prescribe drugs
  • where most drugs have zero side effects
  • where nobody wants your money because money is worth nothing
  • where you never have to place a value on anything
  • where you have more time on your hands to do what you love
  • where you are always taken care of and provided with all that you need
  • where you have ample opportunity to share your gifts

There are several movements involving collaboration that I know will all help in this transition, but the UBUNTU movement is leading the change and includes the vital step of ultimately abolishing money altogether.  It is the one movement I am aware of that has a plan to both work with and undermine the existing, corrupt system; and it needs all of the publicity and support it can get.  Please watch the two videos in the following link if you have not already seen a presentation on this movement.  This speech was recently made in London.

If you find yourself saying, “But that will never work, because…,” remember that small problems are solvable and that we create our reality.  If we desire this and we focus on it, then it will happen.  It is a law of the universe.  Albert Einstein once said, “Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it.  Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality.  It can be no other way.  This is not philosophy.  This is physics.”  Our thoughts and emotions have immense power.  If you think it can’t work because we have too many dark souls here, remember that there is more to this reality and to this earthly shift than you currently understand, and get ready to watch some amazing events take place that will assist us in this transition.  The higher energies and angelic beings are ready to help us now more than ever, but it is up to each of us to choose and to make the change.

It is such a privilege to be living here at this time.  We have ample and unique challenges coming out to help assist us in our growth, as well as the opportunity to shift the consciousness and the human experience to a loving, utopian state.  Your thoughts, feelings, and perceptions from here on out will determine the outcome.  No matter how bad things look, and no matter how hard things get, always choose love and trust, and everything will work out for you.  You can make this an awesome time.  The choice is yours.

Conditional Love and the Need to Please

Every child has a need to be loved, and every child is intuitive.  If a child senses or experiences lack of love or discipline as he discovers himself, he will either become rebellious or he will learn to conform to the conditional love he is receiving, so that he can feel nurtured and protected.

It is for this reason that so many people realize when they are older that they do not even know how to be themselves.  Their personalities seem to change slightly, depending on whom they are speaking with.  They like hanging around people who make them feel like themselves, because without that, they cannot be themselves at all.  They have a need for approval…from everybody.  They must fit in.  Eventually, of course, they discover that they cannot please everyone, since everyone has different requirements of what they believe to be right and acceptable.  They gradually learn to become themselves and find their own voice, despite the opinions of others.  This is the love for self that so many people are still lacking.  To be true to oneself is to be true to everyone and everything.  But there is a cost…

If you stand strong as your true self, some people will not like you.  This is especially true of family members who had only loved you conditionally in the first place.  While some may have learned to embrace you no matter what, others will try to change you back.  They may even despise you as they discover they can no longer control you, and perhaps they never could.  Conditional love is all about control.  And releasing control is the biggest lesson that we are to learn in this reality on this planet (third density and third chakra for those who are familiar with these concepts).  Those who do not learn to let go and allow will have to continue on this particular path of learning for a very long time.  This applies both to the controller and to the one feeling controlled.  If you find you are hitting a wall, it means that in order to proceed any further, you must give up on your perceived direction and turn another way.

If you have been feeling like your past seems like more of a past life, then in a sense, it is.  The energy of the planet has shifted.  While this shift is still incomplete, its new beginning has arrived.  If you feel like your past has no use for you any more, and that the people from your past are on a different path, then it is likely time to say goodbye and start the new experience that is calling you.  All beings on this planet are family.  There is no harm in shifting your focus to the other members that actually want your attention and support.

We are here to unite and grow with those who resinate with us and to allow those still living in a world of limits to continue on in the deceptive dream in which they find so much comfort.  The unstable ground they so confidently walk on will ultimately be their greatest teacher.  Wisdom cannot be taught to those blinded by fear.  So if you are still unsuccessfully trying to lead the blind (or trying to control or to conform), stop.  Stop now.  Often times, love means letting go.  Only then can you spread your newly found wings.  The time to fly has arrived.

Are Others Controlling Your Subconscious Mind?

When you are hypnotized, you choose to allow positive beliefs into your subconscious mind, accepting them as your new reality.  Hypnosis works because you agree to the beliefs.  Nobody can change your beliefs without your acceptance of the change.  If this is the case, then how is brainwashing possible?  Have you been brainwashed?  Yes, you have.  The question is, to what degree, and how much of your mind has surrendered to the manipulation of another?

How Have You Been Brainwashed?

The key to instilling a belief is to get it into the subconscious mind.  The subconscious mind is like a child.  It does not know right or wrong.  It does not analyze.  It can even take a learning experience and create an overly general conclusion in the mind, causing problems in other areas.  Your subconscious mind is usually altered by your own thoughts and emotions, but often you allow the idea of another to get through.  This new belief may or may not be beneficial to you.  Who might want to change your beliefs, and how do they do it?

Advertisers learn to be skilled in brainwashing techniques.  Their goal is to control your purchasing decision; therefore, they must understand the human mind.  Any organization to which you are spending or donating money wants to ensure they keep your business.  The government wants you to be complacent, feel like they are taking care of you, and believe they have your best interest in mind.  Surely they can do no wrong.  Journalists often have the intention of swaying your opinion.  Parents want better control of you, and they want you to share their beliefs, which of course are always right.  Your significant other would also probably like to change at least one thing about you.  And then there is spam….  I once received a spam email forwarded by a Catholic in fear of Muslims taking over.  I only got a couple of minutes in.  It was poetic.  It had music and eye-capturing, moving pictures.  But what I noticed the most was the subtle ticking sound in the background.  Most people wouldn’t pick up on that, but I happen to have an ear for subtle sounds.  Hypnosis is focused attention, so if someone can hypnotize your conscious mind, then he will have better access into your subconscious mind, should he get you to agree to the message.

Another trick is repetition.  The more you hear a phrase you agree with, especially if you attach an emotion to it, the more it becomes embedded into your subconscious mind.  This works great if you are being hypnotized for self-improvement, but not if you are being played.  Have you ever noticed how every time someone in politics mentions, “American pride,” there is a resounding applause and often a standing ovation?  This feels good and increases our desire to support the country.  How many times have you heard, “This is the greatest country in the world”?  Do you believe it?  Did you know that the percentage of prisoners in America outnumbers that of every other country, and that 41 million Americans are on antidepressants?  Given those statistics alone, do you still believe we are the greatest country in the world?  Creating a belief is much easier than undoing one.  Have you ever been pointed to a vaccine study or vaccine insert that indicates vaccines are “safe and effective”?  Neither have I, but surely saying it repeatedly has made it fact to many.

Then there is emotional control.  An advertiser might say, “You need _____” or else use the word “Shocking!”  And how many times have you heard the news media say, “You should be outraged!”  Bringing up a negative emotion has zero benefit for you, but once they have your emotions, you are much easier to manipulate.

I recently saw the movie, “Scientology and the Prison of Belief.”  Those who were most abused wound up begging to stay in their situation.  This also often becomes true with people who have been kidnapped.  There is a combination of reasons for this.  Repetition plays a role; fear of change becomes a factor once the undesired situation has become their reality; and becoming accustomed to the negative energy certainly takes its toll.  If the victims are subject to abuse or torture (including starvation and sleep-deprivation), they are easier to break.  After a while, they might empathize with their captors, feeling compassion for them or identifying with their cause.  But probably the biggest factor is that they have reached a point where they accepted their position, and the subconscious mind concluded that their situation is OK, and it is now their new way of life.  This benefited them because the acceptance allowed them to let go of the fear, but then they lost the need to change their situation.

Abused women are often led to believe that they are too fat, and no one else will love them.  They are made to feel unworthy.  They hear this so many times while dealing with the drama that they eventually believe it and accept the horrific conditions.  Belief is the biggest imprisonment there is.

No One Is Above You

I also recently saw the movie, “Spotlight.”  In it, you see that the Catholic priests always went after kids who were troubled in some way, obviously because they were mentally weak and likely low in self-esteem.  The kids, and often their parents, often looked up to the priests as a symbol of God.  Any time you respect someone as being better than yourself in some way, you give them the opportunity to take advantage of you or to instill their beliefs into your mind.  People also do this with parents, teachers, doctors, bosses, celebrities, presidents and kings.  Keep in mind that these are all roles these people play.  First and foremost, they are human, and NOBODY is better than (nor less than) you.  Respect yourself as much as your so-called superior, and you will have better control of your mind.

Questions to Ask Yourself

  • How easily do you give away your mind to another person’s perceptions or beliefs?
  • Where have you been manipulated by your emotions?
  • Is there someone who’s opinions or desires you value more than your own?
  • How tightly do you hold onto your beliefs?
  • How hard is it for you to undo a belief you once accepted?
  • Where have you passed judgement before listening to both sides of an argument?
  • What beliefs were you taught that had motives behind them?
  • Is there a belief you were taught and held onto that you eventually realized might not be true?
  • Are you staying in a situation that breeds negativity?  If so, what beliefs are keeping you there?
  • Are you settling for less than you desire?
  • Do you have a belief that you would like to change?
  • Is there a belief you have that makes you feel bad?  (If so, it is likely not true.)
  • If you let go of a certain belief, would it make you feel free, relieved or more positive in some other way?
  • Do you believe your options are limited?  If so, will changing a belief give you another option?

Train Your Brain to Avoid Emotional Manipulation

Aside from respecting yourself, it would serve you to stop being an emotional product of the words or situations that are thrown at you.  You can gradually train yourself to allow everything to be as it is without feeling negatively.  In order to do that, pay attention to when you do feel a negative emotion.  Then get yourself to see why you can allow the circumstance to be without feeling emotionally negative about it.  It may help to release a buried emotion if that is what triggered your reaction, but if you talk yourself through this enough, it may release on its own.  Do this regularly and consider every situation you perceive as bad to be a tool you can use to train yourself into a state of total peace.

I have often used the news as my tool for peace.  I tend to follow the corruption going on in the world, and this used to upset me.  Many people see this information as negative and do not want to know about it.  Some even see me as negative just for spreading the word.  But from my perception, if we desire to end suffering and save lives, then we must first inform everyone of the problems that exist so that we can then proceed to a solution with enough people to make a difference.  To ignore such major problems in the world is to ignore the cries of man.  I focus on these things and spread the information for love of others, not to perpetuation negativity.  And instead of letting such information take me to an undesirable place, I have used each negative emotion that has presented itself to me as a tool to learn to stop passing judgement on what is.  I can now remain in my peaceful place, despite the negativity of the news.  Choosing not to get upset about something does not imply that I condone a behavior; it simply allows me to be loving toward humanity and happy at the same time.  And since my emotions are not running me, I am more difficult to manipulate.  I do not concern myself with the reaction of others, because I am not responsible for their emotions.  I simply present the facts without an emotion attached.  If someone gets upset by the news I pass on, then I have given them a wonderful opportunity for self-improvement.  There is nothing like a negative feeling to reveal a subconscious belief that needs undoing.

The Illusionary World of Limits

Imagine a very young child, thus far being taught so little about the world.  Imagine that his parents choose to do more asking than teaching.  Over time, they ask opening questions such as these:

“Tell us about the world.”

“What would make this world a wonderful place for you to live in?”

“What do you see yourself doing in the world, or for the world?”

“What potential do you see for the people in the world, including yourself?”

“What kinds of things or experiences would you like to create?”

“Tell us why everyone is so happy.”

Surely some of the responses would be pretty wild, but such questions would open the door to thoughts of possibilities and creative intent.  Now imagine schools asking the same questions, and focusing more on developing dreams and creating desired changes for the next generation.  Before disclosing how the world is working now, find out where consciousness would like to guide it, and provide hope and empowerment for positive change.

I suppose this happens in small quantities, but more often than not, parents and teachers are determined to teach children what they think they know and what they want the children to believe.  Creativity and possibilities ultimately become limited, especially given that childhood is tightly controlled, and children must attend school for such a long, drawn-out part of their lives.  The system causes us to become blind slaves to the corporations, and at the same time believe that we should feel happy and free, when we know very well that life is somehow not satisfying.  We watch more and more laws being created that limit our freedom, and we feel powerless to make improvements both individually and globally.

What we fail to realize is that this all came about because we FEEL limited and powerless as a result of our brainwashing system.  Our creativity has been stifled, and we haven’t even realized it.  We were taught how things are and how things are supposed to be, as defined by those in charge; but that was all a wild creation that someone else came up with, and that we got sucked into.  Maybe it’s time we stop buying into an old dream that is clearly not serving us and begin to create our own.

People feel powerless and frustrated because they cannot figure out how to fix the form—the physical world in front of them that they see and experience.  But the form is not the problem.  The form is the result we have created from our thoughts and feelings.  It is the energy behind the form that needs adjusting—the belief in possibilities and in our own power to create something new…our creative ideas of how we would like things to be…our sound belief that our well-being is determined solely by our own consciousness, and not by the constraints placed upon us by others…the feeling of empowerment.

Scientific studies of today carefully account for the proven fact that a study has a higher probability of producing the outcome expected by the scientist conducting the test.  If a single scientist is that powerful, how powerful are we as a group?  Naturally, if we are used to seeing things a certain way, we expect them to stay pretty much the same; but we do not have to.  We can choose a higher experience where there is nothing to fear; and everyone is on an even playing field, all doing what we choose and serving each other simply because we desire to know and express love.  This world could be a place of love and sharing, instead of competition and material greed.  We could choose to place zero value on money, and it would thus serve no purpose and remove falsely assumed power.  And all we have to do is expect it, mentally ask for it, demand it, and not settle for less; while at the same time, surrendering to the possibility of something even greater.  First we create it with visual intent, and then we allow time to bring it forward, leaving zero room for doubt.  Do this and then sit back and see just how powerful you are, and how you and others are guided into your new dream.  And if the entire world is not ready for such an awesome new way of living, then at least you will have created the experience in your own smaller world.  It is time to stop believing in the limits we have created in the past.  We have lived in that illusion long enough.  Now it is time to create a much better one.  First know your power and then you will experience it first hand.

What is the point of me?

Everyone at some point in his lifetime begins to wonder about his purpose.  But for many people, this simple question that can guide someone on his path has become more of an obsession or need to know, especially if they are currently feeling unworthy or insignificant, or if they look at their lives and see only the small impact they have thus far made.  Not knowing your purpose or direction can feel very depressing.  Many people today are struggling with such thoughts and emotions, wanting to know why they are even here.  So why are you here?

You are here to experience.

First and foremost, you are here to have fun and to discover what it feels like to succeed, fail, harm, be harmed, love, fear, hate, struggle, etc.  You are here to discover the human experience, along with the benefits and drawbacks of free will and strong emotion.

You are here to create.

You are unlimited in your creative possibilities.  You are here to tap into your creative power and discover yourself at depths unimaginable to the normal human perception.

You are here to know relationship.

It is through relationship that we learn the most.  We learn to serve and to be served.  We discover the best and the worst within ourselves.  Use relationship to help you to comprehend love and to discover your worst of faults in order to better yourself.

You are here to grow.

You are here to learn from your experiences and to grow as a soul.  Learn what works and what doesn’t.  As you grow, you let go of things that once seemed important, and you find your way back to your true self.  Once you have grown tired of playing around within the human experience, whether it be in this lifetime or perhaps the next, then your purpose is to find your way back to total peace by letting go of everything you are still holding onto in this world.  You simply allow and forgive it all.

Although our purposes in life are generally very simple, if ever there was a time for a larger purpose, it is now.  A shift in consciousness is taking place, and individual words and actions are uniting us together for the ultimate goal of helping each other to recognize that the way of being we have come to know on this planet is no longer desired.  Once you are finished playing the game, your primary purpose is to grow yourself into a place of peace.  This alone will do the world a tremendous service, as your positive energy vibration will be felt strongly by others and will influence their energy to match yours.  Your secondary purpose is to play your individual role in the grand awakening that is taking place…to help others grow, as they have helped you.

We are united energetically.  You may feel alone right now, but you are an extremely important piece of the puzzle.  And although it may be very challenging to see a blank future, keep in mind that you are a creator by nature, and your future is created with desire and intent.  If this comes from the core of your being, then you are in the right place.  You do not need to know your specific role at this time.  Knowing the future would spoil the game, so we are not privy to such information.  Simply grow yourself and see what transpires.  Also, listen for the voice within…whether it be in words, inspiration, curiosity, desire, or creation.  Trust the direction of the higher being within you, and your perfect path will gradually unfold.  And if you take a wrong turn?  Don’t worry.  You will keep hitting the same brick wall, or perhaps a different one, until you find yourself in the right direction.  When in doubt, stick to working on yourself until your obvious path appears.  And if you find yourself failing miserably?  So what?  So you experienced and learned a little more.  Good for you!  You cannot do wrong in this game.  You can get further from your self or closer, but ultimately, you will know your true self again.  The only harm in putting off your growth is that you take a little more time to know suffering before you remember and experience the ultimate love.

Engaging In the Christmas Lie

The reason I believed in Santa Claus for as long as I did as a child was because of something unusual that happened one Christmas.  A piece of my toy was missing, and my father “found” it in the fireplace.  Put another way, the real reason I believed in the Christmas deception for so long was because I could have never believed that my parents, of all people, would have told me a lie.  The day I knew the truth, I lost some respect for them.  They clearly did not live up to my authentic standards.

I was also very disheartened to discover that such a mass deception existed throughout society.  How could so many people believe this was OK?  How could so many parents tell a fib to their children, claiming it as fact, and not feel any kind of guilt?

The wrongness of this was so clear with my innocent eyes.  I suppose like everyone else, time and repetition has made me immune.  I can only guess that people find this acceptable because they trust the opinions of the masses more than that of their own conscience.  Although this particular scenario is minor, if my assumption is correct, this is a much bigger deal than it appears.  This way of thinking has led to group evil and accepted mass murder.  Everything begins with belief, and many of the problems in this world are a result of people mentally placing responsibility with those they believe probably know best; and thus, declaring themselves innocent of their own choices.

Contrary to popular belief, a white lie is still a lie, and a very poor excuse for one.  It is one thing to word things in a way that will be less hurtful, but the truth combined with a little pain is ALWAYS better than any lie.  (That is, except in extremely rare circumstances, such as when a person is mentally incapable of responding to the truth without causing harm.)

I suppose this experience should have better prepared me for the deceptive world in which I was born into…a world in which advanced science is suppressed, history is altered, news media legally passes false facts as truth, wars are created from greed and mass deception, food and medicine are poisonous, and people are forced to work longer hours for less money and still persuaded to believe they are free.

Did you know it is almost certain that Jesus was not born in the winter months?  Instead, Christmas was placed on a pagan holiday in order to persuade the pagan Romans to convert to Christianity.  Did you know that Macy’s started the idea that everyone should buy their kids presents for Christmas?  It is amazing how traditions get started, and also how attached people become to them.

Perhaps some parents buy into the Christmas lie because they want their children to have that innocent belief in magic and miracles.  But doesn’t a tale about magic discredit the actual experiences that occur in life that are beyond our known understanding of physics?  Such experiences might include synchronicity’s, paranormal activity, manifestations, angelic intervention, and the miracles performed by Jesus that he told us we have the ability to repeat.  Do we really want children to believe false miracles they will soon discover were never real, at the expense of truth, trust, hope, and faith in unlimited possibilities?

If we are going to advance as a society, isn’t it time that parents stop lying to their children and start conveying every tale as the tale that it is; or at the very least, allow them to decide for themselves whether or not to buy into the legend?  I look forward to the day when people, and especially children, advance spiritually enough to know ESP as a first language, and thus, can never be deceived.  Someday no lie will hold water.  I believe that time is coming soon.

Triggers of Your Unexplained Thoughts and Emotions

Has there ever been a time when you were alone and words came out of your mouth without you even realizing that you were speaking until after the fact?  Have you been surprised at what you said?  Do you sometimes have a negative thought pop into your head out of the blue?  Have you suddenly felt a strong negative emotion, such as anxiety or depression, for no apparent reason?  I have always said that these are buried, subconscious thoughts and emotions.  But what triggers them when there seems to be no explanation?  Some people, especially empaths, believe they are picking up these experiences from other people.  They consequently respond by using various methods for psychic protection.  So which is it?  Your subconscious emotion or someone else’s conscious one?

In most cases there is a logical reason when buried beliefs and emotions choose to surface, but often that is not the case.  We are constantly given opportunities to correct such issues, and the specific problem or learning experience that continues to present itself is generally the most important thing we are to be correcting at the time for our highest good.  In those cases, it is simply the Self calling your attention to the next problem.

But as many of us have come to realize, we are all connected—one consciousness; and we can pick up on the thought or feeling of another or of a collective group.  We all have some level of empathic abilities, especially among people to whom we are close; although for some people, these incidences are much more profound.  Subconsciously hearing someone else’s thought or sensing his emotion may or may not trigger a strong negative emotion in the empath that senses it.  The reason we sometimes feel such a strong negative response from what appears to be an outside or unknown source is that, in such cases, we have a buried emotion that relates to another person’s current thoughts or feelings.  This is called a sympathetic vibration.  Just as plucking a guitar string causes the neighboring strings to vibrate at a sympathetic frequency, our emotions can feel an energetic vibration and respond accordingly.  Thus, it is not the other person’s emotion we feel at all.  It is our own buried emotion that is reacting to the reminder.  That said, a person can detect another person’s thoughts and feelings without being negatively affected.  If he has zero buried emotions that resonate with the other person’s situation, then he would not feel any need for protection.  On a side note, even if someone was deliberately trying to harm him at a psychic level, he would not be harmed if he were in a positive place.

The next time you feel an unexplained emotion that you have not been having recently, ask the people closest to you or in proximity if they are feeling the same emotion.  Also, go read the news.  If a massive disaster just happened, many people could be feeling the same emotion.  If a disaster occurred that seems to have nothing to do with your surprise emotion, it is possible that it might still be your trigger.  For instance, the location of the disaster might trigger a past life part of you that lived there, even though it is experiencing a completely different emotion.

No matter what triggers your thoughts and emotions, remember that if you are thinking or feeling negatively, then something is hurting within you, and you need to address it within yourself.  Also, if you feel excessively emotional about a particular situation, such as a loss, then the experience is triggering subconscious memories for you.  Do not think there is something wrong with you.  If you are not emotionally handling a situation reasonably well under the circumstance, rest assured, you have a good reason.  The reason lies within.  The solution is to address the hidden, hurting part of you, find forgiveness and let it go.

Have You Made Your Choice?

Many people believe that the so-called “end of times” are upon us.  Some see it as judgement day.  Others see it as a spiritual awakening.  Some believe physical planetary changes are upon us.  Even if you do not believe such changes are here, I think everyone is noticing a split in the mentality of the people on this planet.  If you find yourself at one end of the extremes, you are especially noticing how difficult it has become to communicate with various people.

It seems to be a common belief that because the majority of people are generally good-natured that most people will wind up on the higher path and experience a better future reality.  I’m not so sure about that.  Just looking at the types of movies that are still coming out that people are obviously enjoying, I tend to think that most people are currently choosing to keep the status quo…the status quo being continuous struggle and drama—what some of us might describe as Hell.

For many years now, I have been monitoring myself in order to get to a better place inside.  I have become so used to doing this that more recently I have started to notice various choices that others are making on a daily basis that indicate which end of the scale they are currently choosing.  You could simply say that choices for love will take you to the better future experience, but a great many people think they are making loving choices when they are not, especially when they have grown up in an environment where love was conditional.  For instance, one might try to control another’s choice because he believes he knows best.  Yet, love allows freedom and mistakes, whereas limitation attempts to block the soul journey.

I would think that the list of possible choices being presented to each of us, giving us the opportunity to choose or create a more loving reality, is endless; but let me state a few that I have observed in others that have told me what choice they are currently making with each decision:

  • to feel victimized or to know their own power
  • whether or not to speak their truth
  • whether or not to get sucked into another’s drama
  • to be willing to listen to a new concept or hold tight to former beliefs
  • whether or not to view and love themselves and others equally
  • to control the choice of another or allow him his free will
  • to attempt to control their own path as apposed to following the one presented to them
  • whether or not to respect themselves and others enough to be 100% authentic
  • to hold onto someone or something or to let them go
  • whether or not to react negatively to another’s unloving choice or action
  • to reject their experience or another’s as wrong or unfortunate, or to see it as perfect
  • whether or not to see those that bring out the worst in them as the perfect blessing to help them discover themselves

I have also noticed that when someone does not make the loving choice, the same opportunity shows up in a more challenging form…over and over again, until the lesson has been learned.  Each one of us is declaring to the universe where we are in each given moment and whether or not we are ready for a grander experience.  People choosing “no” are being kicked while they are down.  People choosing “yes” are experiencing new challenges and quickly advancing from within.  I have caught myself getting excited to see someone finally choosing the higher path.  Therein lies my judgement.  A “no” choice is a perfect free-will path.  One path is not better than the other.  It just is.  Imagine the joy that can come from loving every choice of every soul.  Every decision for love opens us up to immense love and joy from within.  Why not choose love?

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