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Eliminating Darkness

The best way to remove external darkness is to remove internal darkness.  As we each stop attracting it, the energies will cause it to simply fall away.  While it is here, it serves a valid purpose of revealing our own darkness and propelling our soul growth.

Having Plenty of Time

Time is relative.  The primary reason we lack time is because our core beliefs tell us that is possible.  Let go of the belief in time limitation, along with the feeling of being overwhelmed, and you will always have enough time.

How to Respond to a Problem

Every problem is a door.  Be grateful for being notified of the spiritual block that caused it, and use it to re-create yourself.

Why You Have Social Anxiety

While autoimmune disorders make some people more susceptible to feeling their buried emotions than healthy people, we all have them.  We bury emotions that we cannot handle or accept at the time that we get them.  These can be large or small traumas.  You have had past lives where you have been beaten, bullied, raped, robbed, imprisoned, physically restrained, chased, deceived, judged, choked, stabbed, shot, lynched, burned (perhaps at the stake),  and maybe even forced through electric shock “therapy.”  Of course you have social anxiety!  Your subconscious mind has seen that people are cruel and cannot be trusted.  Take the time to mentally face and resolve these issues.  Tell your subconscious mind to always stay calm and know intuitively who you can trust and how best to respond instead of putting up fear-based defenses.  You will gradually feel better.

Kicking Yourself

You do not fail yourself by making a mistake, but by your inability to be compassionate and understanding toward yourself because of it.  Kicking yourself is a failure to love.  This is where the harm is caused…where the buried emotion is created.  Embrace your mistakes as beneficial learning experiences that help you to grow, and embrace yourself with the loving compassion that you deserve.

Triggers of Your Unexplained Thoughts and Emotions

Has there ever been a time when you were alone and words came out of your mouth without you even realizing that you were speaking until after the fact?  Have you been surprised at what you said?  Do you sometimes have a negative thought pop into your head out of the blue?  Have you suddenly felt a strong negative emotion, such as anxiety or depression, for no apparent reason?  I have always said that these are buried, subconscious thoughts and emotions.  But what triggers them when there seems to be no explanation?  Some people, especially empaths, believe they are picking up these experiences from other people.  They consequently respond by using various methods for psychic protection.  So which is it?  Your subconscious emotion or someone else’s conscious one?

In most cases there is a logical reason when buried beliefs and emotions choose to surface, but often that is not the case.  We are constantly given opportunities to correct such issues, and the specific problem or learning experience that continues to present itself is generally the most important thing we are to be correcting at the time for our highest good.  In those cases, it is simply the Self calling your attention to the next problem.

But as many of us have come to realize, we are all connected—one consciousness; and we can pick up on the thought or feeling of another or of a collective group.  We all have some level of empathic abilities, especially among people to whom we are close; although for some people, these incidences are much more profound.  Subconsciously hearing someone else’s thought or sensing his emotion may or may not trigger a strong negative emotion in the empath that senses it.  The reason we sometimes feel such a strong negative response from what appears to be an outside or unknown source is that, in such cases, we have a buried emotion that relates to another person’s current thoughts or feelings.  This is called a sympathetic vibration.  Just as plucking a guitar string causes the neighboring strings to vibrate at a sympathetic frequency, our emotions can feel an energetic vibration and respond accordingly.  Thus, it is not the other person’s emotion we feel at all.  It is our own buried emotion that is reacting to the reminder.  That said, a person can detect another person’s thoughts and feelings without being negatively affected.  If he has zero buried emotions that resonate with the other person’s situation, then he would not feel any need for protection.  On a side note, even if someone was deliberately trying to harm him at a psychic level, he would not be harmed if he were in a positive place.

The next time you feel an unexplained emotion that you have not been having recently, ask the people closest to you or in proximity if they are feeling the same emotion.  Also, go read the news.  If a massive disaster just happened, many people could be feeling the same emotion.  If a disaster occurred that seems to have nothing to do with your surprise emotion, it is possible that it might still be your trigger.  For instance, the location of the disaster might trigger a past life part of you that lived there, even though it is experiencing a completely different emotion.

No matter what triggers your thoughts and emotions, remember that if you are thinking or feeling negatively, then something is hurting within you, and you need to address it within yourself.  Also, if you feel excessively emotional about a particular situation, such as a loss, then the experience is triggering subconscious memories for you.  Do not think there is something wrong with you.  If you are not emotionally handling a situation reasonably well under the circumstance, rest assured, you have a good reason.  The reason lies within.  The solution is to address the hidden, hurting part of you, find forgiveness and let it go.

Persistent Negative Thoughts and Emotions

Don’t get frustrated if you keep releasing the same negative thought or emotion and it keeps coming back to haunt you.  We usually have many causes for the same thought or emotion.  Although it may seem that you are not getting anywhere, you are actually addressing your current most significant issue.  Once it is fully addressed, you may discover that another problem falls away with it.  You really are progressing.

The Beauty of Conflict

The other night I heard yelling outside of my window that went on for 20-30 minutes.  I was very surprised to hear the commotion in my otherwise quiet neighborhood.  Eventually I looked out the window in order to make sure it was not something that required my attention, and I saw that my neighbor’s young adult son was screaming at her.

Throughout the entire ordeal, I never heard her yell back.  I don’t know whether she was in a good place, in shock, embarrassed, or what.  I suppose most of the neighbors probably saw it as a terrible act and judged the situation in a negative way.  I observed my own reaction, seeing it for the beautiful experience that it was.  I heard only one sentence out of the yelling, and it was quite clear to me that emotions that had been buried for a long time had finally come to surface.  His true feelings were coming out.  He was finally being honest and taking back his power.  It was unimportant whether or not it was an appropriate time and place.  Something bigger was happening.  Right then and there, he was getting his inner-most feelings out, deciding he was worth more than he previously gave himself credit for, mentally obtained his worth, and finally began a completely honest relationship with his mother.  It was beautiful, and I hope that his mother was able to see that.  Despite the difficult breakthrough, perhaps they can finally have a more honest, open, loving and respectful relationship with each other.  Perhaps she learned something; perhaps she didn’t.  But you cannot choose to respect someone as he is until he is bold enough to empower himself and let you know just what that is.

That evening I witnessed a young man growing into himself…letting go of the fears that kept him from truly knowing himself and obtaining his true potential as a unique soul.  He had come to terms with who he was, and he wasn’t going to let anyone hold him back.  It was beautiful.  It was clear to me that their relationship caused him to flower.  Perhaps he had previously viewed her as his adversary, when in reality, she was his perfect tool.  Whatever it was that she did “wrong” helped to bring him to respect and empower himself.

What if all of our experiences were literally designed and created by our own souls from beyond this human existence?  What if every experience that we perceive as good or bad was requested and decided upon by our greater selves, with the higher self knowing that the disasters, the conflicts and the inflicters would help to bring out the best of us?  What if we knew, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that each of our souls chose our every experience for our benefit?  Wouldn’t it suddenly become easier to just relax and accept all things?

Observe Your Brain

Just as your brain tells you to lift your finger prior to realizing it is being burned, your subconscious mind may induce fear or other emotions up to three seconds prior to consciously witnessing the cause.  Recognize and release the buried emotional cause where such an alarm is not serving you.

The Fear of Knowing

I once wrote an article about conquering fear of the unknown.  But I’ve recently come to understand that many people have a fear of knowing.  This is a strange concept for me, as I have always had a desire to know the truth about everything that may affect me.

Fear of knowing the truth can apply to religion, organizations, industries, social structures, individuals, science, history, family history, disease, death, corruption, etc.  Is there anything that you are afraid to learn or would rather not know about?

Most people are especially fearful of veering outside of their religion into another or even into new thoughts that contradict some of their current beliefs, apparently due to their religious teachings and their fear of being tempted into the “wrong” belief system.  For me, even where I don’t think I will buy into a particular belief system, I have found various religious teachings and their sources quite fascinating.  I mostly enjoy where science and history reveal and explain to us mystical teachings of any faith, or which is beyond any current understanding.  I also enjoy piecing together various religious and esoteric concepts and discovering how they actually fit together and come alive when combined, where they were lacking as individual sources.  I have discovered that embracing religious diversity has just as much benefit as embracing diversity in terms of race, region, sexual orientation, etc.  If you shut anyone or any new concept out, you disempower yourself.  You lose information that could have served you.  Any change in perception is growth, no matter what the truth is.  And new information tends to alter perceptions.

I love new information.  Information is light.  Information is knowledge.  Information brings us out of the shadows…out of the dark.  Darkness hides information.  It reveals partial truths.  It is manipulative and deceptive.  It scares us from reaching past our chosen limits and discovering what we have always wanted to know.  Many people are still in this dark place…in fear of knowing…in fear of losing whatever sources they have grown to become dependent upon…longing to continue their taught beliefs and refusing to expand upon them where they are unclear…in fear of discovering historic evidence or scientific advancements that might suggest their beliefs are inaccurate…in fear of finding out that what they have come to accept as their reality and their truth isn’t exactly as they imagined.

How can this be?  Why would people not want to know the truth if it might be a little outside of their current understanding?  Why would anyone want to stay in the dark?

Aside from the scare-tactics of religious organizations that are afraid of losing their followers (not to discredit their specific beliefs); many people…perhaps a majority of them, have completely identified themselves with their beliefs (religious or otherwise).  If a man has identified himself with any particular belief, and then he discovers the belief to be inaccurate; in his mind, he has lost his very identity.  Imagine if everything you thought you understood…the foundation of your very existence…anything that you have based your entire life, morals, decisions, practices and way of being upon…all vanished due to the new understanding of a misconception.  It completely changes who you are, doesn’t it?  It takes you out of your comfort zone.  Yet, what are the chances that all of your beliefs are accurate?  Probably a very tiny fraction above zero percent.  Also, one single belief change is generally not as drastic as I just described.  There are some teachings that point out that the key to knowing is to recognize that you don’t know.  I personally suggest being open-minded, willing to learn, and ready to adapt.  The choice of limitation is always based on fear, and I’m pretty sure that is against all religious teachings, including those who seem to fuel it.

If you find that some new information upsets you, then acknowledge that you have found a personal flaw.  If you are reacting in a negative way, then you are either consciously or subconsciously deciding that the information and the facts behind it have no right to exist.  This is either creating or bringing up a personal block within you.  Resistance doesn’t change anything.  It merely separates you further from the core of your being.  Peace comes when you accept all that is.

Since my current goal in life is to personally release, and teach others how to release, subconscious fear-based emotions in order to advance physically, mentally and spiritually; I feel that I need to point out this fear of knowing.  Most people who are in this place probably don’t even realize it.  Any issue that a person has had ever since they can remember is always difficult to see as an issue.  Sometimes it needs to be pointed out bluntly.

Information has no limits, and it has no threats.  If you want to expand yourself…to become more than you currently feel that you are, then choose to know.

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