Category: Entities/Energies

External Energy

Pay attention to the energy in your office, retail stores, grocery stores, etc.  Avoid people and places that energetically bring you down.  You’ll feel it if you are purposefully aware.

Your thoughts

“Don’t Believe Everything you Think” ~Wayne Dyer

Your Body

Your body and its physical experiences is an indication of who you are at this moment in time. This includes past experiences that you are still holding onto, much of which you do not remember. Your body indicates to you which mental issues you need to work on. Recognize your body as a mirror of your mind.

Energy Shift — Meditation or Releasement

One difference between doing a regular meditation and a releasement is that a regular meditation gives you wonderful, positive energy; and a releasement drains you.  Today I released three past life experiences where I lost somebody to death—all different situations and relationships.  I can’t say I’ve ever bent over crying in horror before.  I am completely exhausted, but I’m looking forward to seeing the resulting changes in my daily moods.  One regular meditation causes a temporary, positive energy shift.  One releasement is permanent, positive change.  I recommend both.

Bad Mood

If you find yourself in a bad mood for no apparent reason, you could actually be picking up the emotions of someone else, or you may have picked up a negative spirit attachment.  If you also lack energy, or if it persists, the latter is more likely.

Thought Forms

A positive or negative thought directed at somebody will enter their aura only if they have a sympathetic vibration to the thought form.  Otherwise it bounces off of them and returns to the sender to reap the benefits or the misfortune.

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