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Hay House World Summit

Sign up for the free online Hay House World Summit, featuring 100 speakers for 18 days.  It starts Saturday, May 6.  These speakers are extremely inspirational.  You will be uplifted.

Spiritual Evolution a Necessity

We have reached a point in time where spiritual evolution is REQUIRED for survival—both individually and collectively.

Video: How to get from hell to heaven on Earth

This is a presentation by the Ubuntu movement.  It explains, quite simply, how we are going to transition from a world of corruption and slavery into a utopian way of living.  Please listen when you have time.

Updates On All 3 Health Summits

The discount price of $79 for The Heal Your Gut Summit is good through 11:59 P.M. U.S. eastern time on Wednesday.  Learn the causes and solutions of the vast majority of health problems today:

The Fat Summit started yesterday (Monday, Jan. 25), including cutting edge information about heart disease.  Register for the free online event here:

Or purchase and watch at your own pace:

The Metabolism Summit Starts Monday, February 1.  Find out why your weight problems are not your fault, and what to do about it.  Register for the free online event here:

Or purchase and watch at your own pace:

Two More Days to The Fat Summit

The Fat Summit starts January 25.  Eating more fat has been shown to improve brain function, help prevent dementia and reverse type 2 diabetes. Register for the free week-long summit here:

The Heal Your Gut Summit Links

The Heal Your Gut Summit starts in one week—January 18.  To own the 30+ expert talks at an early discount and watch at your own pace, click here.

To register for the free online event, click here.


Please sign to save a cancer curer

The doctors who are curing cancer are the ones doing alternative treatments.  These doctors who dare to go against the establishment in order to save lives consistently have their medical licenses threatened.  Please sign this petition to save this caring and successful doctor:  Sign the petition on to support Dr. Burzynski here

The Shift

For those of you who want to know more about “the shift” that has already begun, and for those who wish to know what you can do to help heal the planet, I strongly recommend this article or video.  I have great respect for Little Grandmother.

Why “Manage” Emotions?

Many people go to hypnotherapists looking to manage anxiety and stress.  This never made sense to me.  Why are people so convinced that they can only managed their issues as apposed to getting rid of them?  People generally have multiple subconscious causes of anxiety and stress, but given enough time to work on them, they CAN be eliminated.

“Hypoallergenic” Detergent Causes Rashes from GM Corn

Seventh Generation laundry detergent gave me a rash from four ingredients derived from genetically modified corn, yet they claim to be natural and hypoallergenic.  I’m not the only one.  See my full article at

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