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Who Controls Your Life?

Are you directing your own life or does your attention tend to fall into the hands of circumstance or where other people are swaying you to spend your time (e.g. advertisements, TV, movies, news or events that others consider to be important, etc.)?  Do not lose yourself or your life to the demands of another.  This is especially common at this time where manipulation and financial drive are so prevalent.

Self Love

Your higher Self has loved you despite your flaws.  Can you do the same?

Message for Messengers

Those who are so determined to teach often fail to listen, thus depriving themselves of their own lessons, while at the same time, distancing those who are not ready for their information.

Awakening Others

You cannot change minds if you do not change hearts.

End Struggle

Do you ever wish God would just put an end to your continuous struggling?  Where are you creating struggle?  Is it in your belief that it is needed?  Your subconscious feelings of being overwhelmed?  Your failure to find adequate boundaries due to lack of self-love?  Your fear that the universe will not support you if you took uncertain risks?  Are you causing others to struggle?  Are you causing your own body to struggle, due to your food choices?  If you were god over others, would you end struggle?  You are currently god of your physical body (organs, cells, microbiome, nervous system, etc.).  If you end its struggle, it will end some of yours.

No Functional System In Third Density

We can never have a functional system in a 3rd density, path of the self world.  So long as the vast majority of people care more about themselves than the collective, no system can work long-term.  Most people are run by their egos.  We cannot change others.  We can only expand ourselves into a better reality by choosing to love and serve others, as well as ourselves; and by discovering and letting go of our own egoic problems.  The path to a better world is individual.

Want more freedom?

Your mind is the most important thing you can free in this world.  Everything else will follow.

Wanting to Stop Evil

The goal isn’t to stop evil (a desire to control).  It’s to stop attracting it personally.  As more people do this, it loses its power.

Discontent Is Control

If you feel discontent, then you are wanting control.  Release your control of others and of outcomes.

Common Fault of the Loving

Just as those on the path of the self (dark) tend to discount the importance of others, those on the path of service (light) tend to discount the importance of self.  These souls often place more time and importance on what others desire or expect from them, allow themselves to be taken advantaged of, seldom set boundaries, often lack confidence, and sometimes put up with abuse.  Honor and respect both self and others alike.  Those on the dark path tend to understand the significance of self so much better than those on the path of light.  That much they have correctly understood, but they then serve self at the expense of others, which is where they get out of alignment.

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