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Eliminating Darkness

The best way to remove external darkness is to remove internal darkness.  As we each stop attracting it, the energies will cause it to simply fall away.  While it is here, it serves a valid purpose of revealing our own darkness and propelling our soul growth.

Let Go of Your Need to Serve

I live for ah-ha moments. While most of the population experiences resistance and mentally defends their current belief systems when they hear or think a new thought, I literally feel a high when I realize my existing belief was off, and I have grown one step closer to the divine mind. Because I have had the desire to know where I have been wrong and have been so open to the higher teachings, I get ah-ha moments frequently. I am now going to share my latest one with you…

The need to serve is still a need. And in order to advance ourselves, we must let go of need. Like many others, I have wanted to do my part to help people, to spread the truth, and to improve the world. We want to be on the path of service, after all, do we not? Well, Spirit has corrected me on my definition of service.

In order to have the desire to help resolve the problems of the world (to end suffering, improve experience, or any other reason) one must see problems in the world to begin with. This world is designed in such a way that the energies are constantly responding to provide everyone with exactly what they are putting out. It is already perfectly designed to fulfill every desire and every need. It does not need fixing. Each individual has the capability of changing his mind and his thoughts in order to improve his experience. While some people may doubt that this is actually so, I have been witnessing this for a long time in my personal life as I continue to release countless buried emotions and subsequently receive all of the answers to which I have been seeking. While some manifestations take time to get to me, I often receive a response to my requests (both intentional and miscreated) within 1-3 days. While I was initially skeptical of the Law of Attraction, I have reached a point in my experience where for me, there is no fact more sound than this.

In addition, in order to fulfill such a need for service, other souls must choose to have needs that you can fill in order to satisfy your desire. Therefore, by wanting to help people and address the problems of the world, you are actually co-creating the suffering in the first place. Wow! What a concept! As with most of my messages from Spirit, this teaching was confirmed for me shortly afterward by another source. The Abraham channelings by Ester Hicks made exactly the same point.

No one needs help. Everyone gets what they ask for, whether it be something that they like or dislike. What they ask for will always be fulfilled by someone or something. While you can certainly assist someone, your assistance is never required in order for another person to receive what it is they are asking for. That said, you can sometimes make it easier for the universe to fulfill a request.

Here is a related message I received prior to this:

There are no mistakes.
There are no problems.
There is no best or worst.
There is no right or wrong.
There is only creation
There are no mistakes.
—preferred and not preferred
…all expansion.
Do not pass judgement on creation. Love all types.

So what, then, is service about? True service is to fulfill your own deepest passion and allow those who choose to benefit from it. Therefore, when you serve, you are primarily serving yourself, but to the benefit of others. The path of the self, on the other hand, is service to self to the detriment of others. And no, others do not even have to be part of your current passion for your soul to serve in its creative desires. Remember, no one needs help. We do not need to save the world. How is that for a burden off of your shoulders?

Now you might be thinking about the collective direction of the world. You still have to share this planet with everyone…at least for now. From the looks of things, this world is still headed in a very negative direction. If un-preferred experiences continue to be attracted (e.g. more war, financial collapse, food shortages, crime, slavery, etc.), won’t you have to suffer at the hands of what others are attracting to the planet?

As I stated previously, the one thing in this world that I know to be sound is the Law of Attraction, and you cannot experience something that you have not attracted. You have probably noticed that the consciousness of people on the planet has been splitting. Those who are choosing to grow themselves are finding it hard to even communicate with those who are determined to keep the status quo. And there is so much that we cannot see. Our souls will eventually have to split into different experiences, different timelines, and/or different dimensions; and we may not even notice. Not only have such events been prophesied, but science is beginning to show us that the planet is advancing to a higher dimension and a higher density. Specifically, muons (which are similar to electrons) are about to become more compacted; thus moving faster, and resulting in a higher vibrational frequency. But is this necessarily a one-way shift? Perhaps the multiple dimensions of the solar system, corresponding to the colors of the chakras, will continue to co-exist simultaneously, and we are simply coming upon a point of transition, where different souls can simply veer into their chosen frequency. We are certainly at the end of a cycle, as we watch the activities of the sun (sun spots and solar flares). We are also seeing changes in the continuously increasing Schumann Resonance. It used to remain steady at a frequency of 7.83 Hz. While this has been increasing for several years; this year, for the first time, it has spiked at a frequency greater than 36 Hz. The poles have also started to shift, along with weather patterns. And each season seems to come earlier than the one prior. Obviously, we are in a process of great change.

You are never a victim of a collective creation. Whatever you are personally asking for, both consciously and subconsciously, will determine your future. It always does. So allow the rest of the world to do as it chooses. And if it chooses to completely destroy itself, so be it. It is just one experience in unlimited creation, and you do not necessarily have to partake.

Now ask yourself… What is your deepest passion, and how would you like to express it? There can be no better way to serve than to share your love, joy and creativity with others, as you desire, simply because it makes you feel good.

When the Truth Unfolds

In order to discover the truth, you must first have the desire to know where you are wrong.

How to Improve Everything

The most important thing you can do to improve your life and the world is to imagine how you would feel if all of your desires came true, and then keep feeling that way until they manifest.

Terminal Illness

Some people, when diagnosed with a terminal illness, choose to spend their final days with loved ones.  Others know there is always a cure, and they do whatever it takes to find it.  Generally speaking, the intention determines the outcome.

The Illusionary World of Limits

Imagine a very young child, thus far being taught so little about the world.  Imagine that his parents choose to do more asking than teaching.  Over time, they ask opening questions such as these:

“Tell us about the world.”

“What would make this world a wonderful place for you to live in?”

“What do you see yourself doing in the world, or for the world?”

“What potential do you see for the people in the world, including yourself?”

“What kinds of things or experiences would you like to create?”

“Tell us why everyone is so happy.”

Surely some of the responses would be pretty wild, but such questions would open the door to thoughts of possibilities and creative intent.  Now imagine schools asking the same questions, and focusing more on developing dreams and creating desired changes for the next generation.  Before disclosing how the world is working now, find out where consciousness would like to guide it, and provide hope and empowerment for positive change.

I suppose this happens in small quantities, but more often than not, parents and teachers are determined to teach children what they think they know and what they want the children to believe.  Creativity and possibilities ultimately become limited, especially given that childhood is tightly controlled, and children must attend school for such a long, drawn-out part of their lives.  The system causes us to become blind slaves to the corporations, and at the same time believe that we should feel happy and free, when we know very well that life is somehow not satisfying.  We watch more and more laws being created that limit our freedom, and we feel powerless to make improvements both individually and globally.

What we fail to realize is that this all came about because we FEEL limited and powerless as a result of our brainwashing system.  Our creativity has been stifled, and we haven’t even realized it.  We were taught how things are and how things are supposed to be, as defined by those in charge; but that was all a wild creation that someone else came up with, and that we got sucked into.  Maybe it’s time we stop buying into an old dream that is clearly not serving us and begin to create our own.

People feel powerless and frustrated because they cannot figure out how to fix the form—the physical world in front of them that they see and experience.  But the form is not the problem.  The form is the result we have created from our thoughts and feelings.  It is the energy behind the form that needs adjusting—the belief in possibilities and in our own power to create something new…our creative ideas of how we would like things to be…our sound belief that our well-being is determined solely by our own consciousness, and not by the constraints placed upon us by others…the feeling of empowerment.

Scientific studies of today carefully account for the proven fact that a study has a higher probability of producing the outcome expected by the scientist conducting the test.  If a single scientist is that powerful, how powerful are we as a group?  Naturally, if we are used to seeing things a certain way, we expect them to stay pretty much the same; but we do not have to.  We can choose a higher experience where there is nothing to fear; and everyone is on an even playing field, all doing what we choose and serving each other simply because we desire to know and express love.  This world could be a place of love and sharing, instead of competition and material greed.  We could choose to place zero value on money, and it would thus serve no purpose and remove falsely assumed power.  And all we have to do is expect it, mentally ask for it, demand it, and not settle for less; while at the same time, surrendering to the possibility of something even greater.  First we create it with visual intent, and then we allow time to bring it forward, leaving zero room for doubt.  Do this and then sit back and see just how powerful you are, and how you and others are guided into your new dream.  And if the entire world is not ready for such an awesome new way of living, then at least you will have created the experience in your own smaller world.  It is time to stop believing in the limits we have created in the past.  We have lived in that illusion long enough.  Now it is time to create a much better one.  First know your power and then you will experience it first hand.

The Most Important Affirmation

If you change your core belief system to “know” that all of your basic needs are always met, then you will eliminate all fear…and all of your basic needs will always be met.

Your Focus Is a Strong Creator

Focus not on where you are heading, but on where you choose to be.  In addition, focus not on where the world is heading, but on how you would like it to be.

Money and the Law of Attraction

Is the Law of Attraction working for you in terms of money?  Contrary to popular belief, conscious and subconscious thoughts about money are only part of the causes of your financial situation.  Do you see yourself as having value?  Do you see yourself as fortunate?  Deserving?  Worthy?  Significant?  Poor views of self-worth are likely the biggest cause of lack in this world.  Your value lies not in your accomplishments, but in your capability as a soul, which is unlimited.

Always a Choice

In tough times, a person can choose to feel helpless or powerful.  That choice will determine his direction, future and well-being.  Most people tend to feel helpless in these situations, not realizing that they are making a choice to relinquish their power.

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