Category: Releasement

Responding to Negative Emotions

Don’t like your negative feeling?  Try loving it.  If you can love the idea that you’ve gotten yourself to feel frustrated (or whatever negative emotion you’ve managed to create), you will diffuse the emotion.  You can either “love through” the negativity by approaching the same issue with a loving perception and feel the positive and negative emotions meet head to head, or else love the experience of the negativity itself (perhaps even laugh at yourself).  Either way you will dissolve the unwanted feeling.

Energy Shift — Meditation or Releasement

One difference between doing a regular meditation and a releasement is that a regular meditation gives you wonderful, positive energy; and a releasement drains you.  Today I released three past life experiences where I lost somebody to death—all different situations and relationships.  I can’t say I’ve ever bent over crying in horror before.  I am completely exhausted, but I’m looking forward to seeing the resulting changes in my daily moods.  One regular meditation causes a temporary, positive energy shift.  One releasement is permanent, positive change.  I recommend both.

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