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The purpose of this page is not to change your beliefs, but to help you to expand your mind by asking yourself where your beliefs and perceptions might be limiting you.


Look at your current beliefs and your attachment to them, and consider the following:

  • Are you so convinced of a particular belief, that if proof of its inaccuracy appeared before your eyes, you would disregard it or make up an unusual explanation for it?
  • How many of your beliefs were formed because they were taught to you when you were growing up?  (Note that children 6 and under are in a natural hypnotic state and very influenceable.)
  • How important to you is it that your beliefs and positions are accurate?  Why?
  • In what ways do your beliefs limit you?
  • How would you identify yourself?  Does this identity not limit you as well?
  • Does the idea of changing your very way of thinking about some things irritate you or excite you?
  • If you remain closed-minded to other points of view, then how can you grow?
  • If you don’t “know” that everything will be OK, then how can you possibly find peace?

The Science Behind Spirituality

Some scientific studies have been conducted revealing new ideas about relativity.  These studies, called Quantum Physics, have proven the following:

  • The observer of the study has influence over the result of the experiment itself.
  • The consciousness of a species is connected.  Species in one location somehow know how to do learned behavior from the same species in another location.
  • Without relationship, everything dissolves (electrons, locality, time, etc.).  Nothing is solid, and everything is composed of energy.
  • When you do something to one electron, it affects another, indicating that they are not really separate, that all energy is connected, and that we are all one.
  • Your experiences are merely illusion.
This 10-minute video may help to better explain some of these concepts:  Quantum physics says goodbye to reality
The Law of Attraction has recently become a popular belief.  It states that like attracts like—that your thoughts and emotions are a magnet to your experiences.  Albert Einstein was apparently well aware of this concept.  He once stated, “Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it.  Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality.  It can be no other way.  This is not philosophy.  This is physics.”

Concepts to Consider

Nobody has all of the same beliefs, but some of these newer ways of thinking (based on science, enlightened teachers, and different interpretations of quotes from historic religious icons) can lead you to a way of being that will help you to feel empowered, fearless, trusting and peaceful.  You can understand the world in a way that doesn’t scare you at all—a world based on love.  How would your experience change if you believed these concepts to be true?

  • You are never alone, and you are never on your own.  You have support beyond your awareness.
  • There is never a need to feel guilty.  This world was created for your growth and advancement.  It is your playground.  Learn from your mistakes and be grateful for the opportunity to grow yourself.  Your experiences do not matter at all.
  • You cannot hurt anyone, without them attracting or allowing it.  Nor can you be a victim of someone else’s actions, without attracting or allowing it yourself (from the thoughts or feelings of your conscious, subconscious or super-concious mind).
  • The only forgiveness necessary is forgiveness of self, and this is the key to freedom.
  • You are always forgiven by your Creator, and you will experience the same lesson endlessly until you get it right.
  • Judgement is a fear-based emotion, which is the opposite of love.  If you believe that you have a loving, forgiving Creator who has given you free will, then it is against His very nature to judge you.  The “judgement day” referred to in the Bible is simply a determination of where you are spiritually at the time of death, in order to find the most appropriate next step on your path to continuous/endless growth.
  • The world as you know it is a reflection of your own state of being and beliefs.
  • All events are neutral.  It is your perception of them that label them as good or bad and creates your experience from it.
  • If someone or something irritates you, then there is something within you that is causing you to react so strongly.  The trigger of your emotions is not the cause of them.  Therefore, every negative emotion is an opportunity to improve yourself, and thus, a blessing.
  • You are not your body.  You are pure consciousness.  Therefore you cannot be destroyed or limited.
  • Everything is OK the way it is, and everything that is about to happen is OK, too.  In fact, it is by design.

These concepts are here to help you grow yourself by bringing new thought into your awareness, and they may also be helpful to you during the Releasement Process.  Note that I am sensitive to various belief structures, and I like to understand your basic beliefs before a session.  The goal of any session with me is to release buried emotions and attachments, change unwanted subconscious beliefs (such as “I’m not good enough”), and help you feel better mentally and physically by freeing yourself of unwanted energies.



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