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Health problems can be caused by diet, chemicals, buried emotions, or continuous negative thinking (which can also lead to stress).  Sometimes negative emotions are caused by a foreign energy that has attached itself to you.  Even problems resulting from an injury can linger on due to a buried emotion or belief in which you are holding onto.

Mental Causes


We have all heard that laughter, and even smiling, are healthy things to do.  And we have seen the toll that stress or depression can take on us physically.  It’s true that our physical well-being is aligned with our thought process.  Don’t be surprised that you haven’t been able to get past your health problem if you have continued thought patterns that make you feel depressed, hopeless, anxious, scared, angry, jealous, controlling, etc.  Sometimes all you need to do is change your belief system, although for many, this is like asking for the moon.  In order to turn around negative thinking, the first thing you need to do is start being aware of it.  Notice whenever a negative thought comes to mind, or when you see someone else speaking negatively.  Start to view everything in terms of positive and negative, and when you catch yourself thinking negatively, stop the thought in its tracks and turn it around.  Decide to have hope.  Decide that everything will be fine.  And believe it!  With your new positive thought process, you should soon notice a change in what comes to you in terms of health and happiness.  If you are having trouble talking yourself into a more positive perspective, check out the Grow Yourself page for some inspirational concepts, or work with me individually.  Perception is huge!  Learn to change your view.

If you find you are unable to stop the negative patterns, consider that the source of the negative thoughts or emotions may be that of a foreign energy/entity that has attached itself to you, or perhaps it is from a part of you that has disconnected itself due to a childhood or past life trauma.  In these cases you will not be able to address this problem on a conscious level.  In extreme cases you may hear voices/thoughts in your head that put you down or keep you awake at night.  You may even experience paranormal activity in your home.  Your subconscious mind knows all that is going on with you, and I can work with you to address these issues.

Subconscious beliefs could also be at the root of some of your problems, even after you have corrected the corresponding conscious beliefs.  For example, if your subconscious mind believes you are unsupported, you may have lower back pain.  If it believes that money is the root of all evil, you will have trouble becoming financially prosperous.  Many people do not love themselves unconditionally at the subconscious level, yet self-love is the most important step to healing.  Aside from hypnotic suggestions, PSYCH-K® is a quick and easy process I sometimes use outside of hypnosis to check and change subconscious beliefs.  You can also feed yourself hypnotic suggestions as you fall asleep at night, although you may not know the subconscious belief that is causing a particular problem.  I once corrected years of morning indigestion by falling asleep telling myself, “I’m safe.”  It took only one night.  If you do this, keep the statements positive and present tense, and know that the subconscious mind ignores the word “not”, so avoid using it.


When something causes you emotional pain, the healthy thing to do is let it out.  Tell someone how you feel, cry, or express the emotion in some other form.  Accept it and release it.  Do not resist the experience or ignore the emotion.  Many of us feel that we need to hide our feelings—especially men.  Even if you choose to hide them around other people, be sure to express them, or at least face and accept them, when you are alone.  By holding your negative feelings in, you hold that energy inside of you, and energy does not just go away.  It needs to be released or changed into positive energy, or it will continue to do damage to your physical and other energy bodies.  Once these emotions are buried within you, they become more difficult to find and release later in time.  Yet this can and must be done in order for you to free yourself from burdens that have taken a physical toll on your body and your experiences throughout your life.  Also, this fear-based emotion will attract like energies to it; so by holding onto it, you remain susceptible to attracting a foreign attachment to yourself whenever you are in a negative frame of mind.

To learn how to release existing buried emotion or attachments, schedule a hypnotherapy appointment with me, or subscribe to my newsletter (upper right) for future options.

Physical Causes


The majority of people on the planet today believe that they know what foods are healthy for them; but much of their health education is flawed, especially in the US, where the government works closely with lobbyists from the big genetically modified food industry, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the medical industry, the insurance industry and the pharmaceutical industry.  By far, the biggest financial burden on the US government is healthcare; but the above giants in which they are catering to are exactly those that are destroying our health and bankrupting our country.

Yes, fruits and vegetables are good for you, but watch out for pesticides.

Many people are not aware of the importance of keeping a high PH balance.  Being acidic on a daily basis automatically makes us more susceptible to diseases, from colds to cancer.  Buy PH paper from a health store to monitor yourself (approximately $12), and search the internet to find out which foods are Alkaline-forming and which foods are Acidic-forming.

The vast majority dairy comes from cows that have been injected with Monsanto’s artificial Bovine Growth Hormone (rBGH or rBST) in order to double the production of milk.  This hormone was barely tested before FDA approval, and studies have since shown that it is unsafe, and it can cause allergies and cancer.   Dairy is unnecessary, and instead of providing Calcium to the body, it actually extracts the Calcium from your bones, sometimes causing kidney stones.  Get your Calcium from foods such as broccoli and spinach instead.  Raw milk is also a better, natural option where it can be legally sold.  Note that you can buy raw/unpasteurized cheese at some grocery stores.

Partially hydrogenated oils eat away at your arteries, causing high cholesterol, and ultimately heart attacks.  Good cholesterol (HDL) can fight against animal fats, but not these man-made fats.  Partially hydrogenated oils have also been linked to cancer, obesity, asthma, auto-immune disease, and reproductive problems.  Note that fully hydrogenated oils are better than partially hydrogenated oils, as they have no trans fats, but they are still unhealthy.  Beware of processed food.  Also be careful about buying or eating food that you can’t yet read the labels on.  Most edible products sold by children for school or scouts contain these oils.

Genetically modified foods (GM, GE or GMO), which seem to include the majority of foods found at your average grocery store (especially wheat, soy and corn), have been proven to cause infertility and diseased organs in studies on animals in other countries, as well as tumors in rats from GM corn.  GM foods include pesticides in their DNA, which have been found in the placentas of pregnant women.  They cause allergies in much of the human population.  In order to avoid these, always eat organic, as GM labeling still has not been approved.  Also avoid eating the meat of animals that have been feed GM grains.  Note that many restaurants use GM soy in almost every meal they offer, as well as cook fried foods in the same contaminated oils used in all products that they serve.  Also be wary  of “gluten free” promotions that tend to contain GM corn starch.  Do not eat corn starch unless it is organic.

30-40% of the US population has a sensitivity to gluten.  Gluten is mainly found in most grains (especially wheat), soy and sauces.  Gluten makes you crave more of it.  If you have a sensitivity to gluten, you may experience symptoms such as Irritable Bowl Syndrome (IBS), migraines or vertigo.  Researches are fairly convinced that every auto-immune disease is caused by gluten.  It has also been linked to weight gain, epilepsy and autism.  Gluten is a protein that is interpreted as a virus and rejected by people with advanced auto-immune systems.  It causes the villa in the digestive track which absorbs nutrients to be damaged (among the gluten- sensitive) or destroyed (in cases of celiac disease).  There was a time when wheat was made up of only 4% gluten, but it has since been modified to contain 40% gluten to enhance baking, as it has glue-like qualities.  This has caused a rise in gluten-related health problems in the past few decades.  For more information or to get tested for gluten sensitivity via mail-order kit, go to https://www.enterolab.com/default.aspx.  For more information on the problems with wheat, read “Wheat Belly”, by Dr. William Davis, for more information.)

All wheat except organic sourdough — While all wheat has excessive gluten, the probiotics in the fermented sourdough dissolve the gluten.  However, conventional wheat is sprayed heavily with Roundup immediately before harvest…enough to cause glyphosate allergies.  In other words, it’s like eating GMO.

Brominated Vegetable Oil (BVO) is a flame retardant that can be found in soft drinks, Gatorade, baked goods, pasta and walnuts.  It is known to cause fertility problems, cancer, heart disease, kidney disease, and impaired neurological development.  It has been banned in food in more than 100 countries, but not in the US.

Aspartame, which has been renamed to AminoSweet because so many people found out how dangerous Aspartame is, is a zero-carb sweetener that was initially created to be a drug.  It can be found in gum and diet products .  It is genetically modified, and has has been proven to cause neurological illnesses such as alzheimer’s disease.  Use Stevia instead.  Stevia is a natural zero-carb sweetener that comes from the Stevia plant.

High Fructose Corn Syrup is found in most sweets and soft drinks, some processed food, and most catchup.  It is genetically modified, and has been proven to cause diabetes.

Excessive carbohydrates and sugars often cause digestive issues, weight problems, and even overly-active minds.  Especially avoid processed sugar.  Healthier substitutes include, Stevia (zero carbs), cane sugar, coconut (or palm) sugar (which is similar to brown sugar), and honey.

Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) is a flavor enhancer often found in canned soups and Chinese food.  Many Chinese restaurants have stopped using it or are willing to leave it out of your dish upon request.  It contains glutamic acid, which excites the brain and general nervous system.  In high doses, glutamic acid has been shown to cause epileptic seizures.  Although MSG has not been linked to any long-term health problems, many people have temporary adverse reactions to it, such as migraines, joint pain or nausea.  Clearly it is not good for the body.

Avoid all soy products.  Even organic soy can disturb thyroid and endocrine function, cause infertility, and promote breast cancer.  It also prevents the absorption of minerals.  (Source:  Dr. Mercola)

Fluoride in tap water has been linked to heart disease and low IQ.  There is no evidence that ingested Fluoride helps the teeth or gums, yet our drinking water continues to be medicated.  48% of ingested fluoride remains in your liver.  I have yet to find a water filter that removes Fluoride.  Instead, purchase good bottled water, distilled water, alkaline ionized water, or install reverse osmosis water.

Avoid using a microwave.  The biggest problem with microwaves is that it kills 90% of the vitamins in your food, but there are other problems as well.  You can find many informative articles on this subject online.

Most people know in general what they need to do to be healthy in terms of diet, but a significant number of people ignore what they know, and consistently mistreat their bodies.  Why do they do this?  Chances are the reason lies within their thought process or buried deep within.

Prescription Drugs

Avoid prescription drugs!  Many have been known to cause serious illnesses.  They are filled with chemicals.  Just read the descriptions of possible side effects and you will see.  Even antibiotics can cause long-term issues such as candida.  Asthma inhalers worsen asthma long term (or create it in the first place, as it is over-diagnosed).  If you want a supplement to help you with a particular health problem, you can search the internet or blog me.  I have read up on the benefits of many foods and supplements, and I just might know the answer, or I may be able to point you to some articles.  (Note that I am not a physician, and all of my information comes from other sources.)


Please stop vaccinating your children!  This is another government scam!  The advertisements for flu shots are all over the place, and child vaccinations are required to get into schools.  But did you know that vaccinations contain Aluminum, Mercury, MSG and formaldehyde?  The Aluminum and Mercury alone cause neurological problems, including autism and alzheimer’s disease.  Neurologists know this.  Family doctors do not, as they only have 2 weeks of study on the brain.  Flu shots address few forms of the flu strain from 2 years ago.  They are always outdated.  Studies show that children who are vaccinated are 5 times more prone to disease than unvaccinated children.  Specific diseases include neurodermatitis (a skin disease), chronic migraines, hyperactivity, hayfever, throid disease, asthma and bronchitis.  Sometimes vaccines cause even more debilitating diseases or even death.  People with autoimmune issues are especially susceptible.  More information on the dangers of vaccinations can be found at NaturalNews.com.

Electromagnetic Frequency (EMF)

EMF causes the body to feel like it is under attack.  This puts your cells under stress, and they can become deformed.  The biggest contributor is cell phones, and they have a higher impact on kids, as their skulls have not fully developed.  The likelihood of a cell-phone user to get a brain tumor is extremely high compared to a non-user.  EMF can also cause headaches.  It can be found in any electronic appliance, especially portable heaters, laser printers, electric blankets, blow dryers, vacuum cleaners, and microwaves.



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